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  1. Goddamit, the only use i would had for Universal Medallions and the community whine and make they not allow for THE #*!%ING S#&$ CONCLAVE that only 3 people really play. Thanks for nothing...
  2. Think the forum had a hiccup and double posted. Please delete this 2nd one?
  3. Something is still not right with the energy, i just checked with Volt P. and Nekros P. and if you got a 2nd energy enabled then it acts as if the 2nd one was the only energy color. Like my Nekros has red as main and yellow as 2nd but in game all his body lights and skills are just plain yellow for some reason.
  4. Thanks for that, it was really annoying when you were hunting "Floofs" and had to constantly open the wheel to equip the lures and after a while ended with a slide show.
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