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  1. Please make the cutscene skippable for the Profit-taker Orb quests or just make the cutscenes vanish once you have completed it once. Right now, the cutscenes are so annoying.
  2. Just checked, it was H.Misc.toc and B.Misc_xx.cache This fixed it for me. I deleted those 2 files and the game redownloaded 50-60mb or so and booted up normalyThanks for the tip! I can confirm that this fixed the launcher issue for me; so the game can launch now.
  3. Same problem here, wasted 6hrs and reinstalled once from Steam; hotfix then applied and I still can't even log into the game. Its not useful to fix "quest-breaking" bugs to quite a few of us who can't even launch the game now.
  4. Reinstall finally done... spent 6hrs doing it and even after the hotfix, it is still the same. In short, reinstall doesn't work.
  5. I had the same exact problem, tried all other options I know of and is reinstalling the entire game from Steam now. Reinstall will likely take like 4-5hrs though and I will report back if it works or not when it is done
  6. I hope Saryn gets fixed soon; people are starting to camp in Elite Onslaught with Saryn's infinitely scaling & infinite duration spores and that is beyond boring for everyone else.
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