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  1. Let’s just say the only time I’ve seen a Mesa use her ult on a defense I still ended up out-damaging her with my ash
  2. Honestly I hate a lot of the frames. Top of my list is Saryn, Octavia, Limbo, and Loki in that order. I do hate playing with squads when I’m using Harrow because I’m constantly fighting my teammates for kills but solo he’s amazing. I just don’t like playing saryn because her abilities are more for defense and survival missions and on those I’d just rather have Nekros. Octavia is just plain boring and I end up ignoring half the buffs she can give because I don’t feel like limiting or forcing myself to only do certain things at specific times. Limbo is annoying and I hate non-offensive characters. And Loki mains are delusional I mean he has good invis but personally I think he’s a one trick pony.
  3. After going out to the PoE and using Nekros 1 on a few enemies I’ve decided that Bone Daddy is the true One Punch Man of warframe. Someone please try this and tell me I’m wrong
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