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  1. Right, but I don't think you can replace different abilities in different configs when doing this right? You can only replace the same ability in each config you select...?
  2. I have Ensnare infused into Config C, replacing ability 2 of my Warframe. I'd like to have another config where the same ability, Ensnare is infused replacing ability 1 in Config D but it appears that I cannot do this. The only option in Helminth is to remove Ensnare from all configs. Am I missing something? If true, this seems like a developer oversight rather than intentional design.
  3. So Dirac was converted to endo which is great, but now the mods also require credits to rank up and are therefore gated, where previously I had them maxed. Some sort of equivalent credit drop should be implemented in addition the dirac to endo conversion...
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