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  1. Hmm.. Yeah I just watched a YouTube video showing the room. In the video these circular things are definitely pressure plates but for some reason when I step on them nothing happens. I'm trying to get the final syndicate medallion in the mission and I'm pretty sure it's behind one of these two walls but it seems there's nothing I can do..
  2. Are you guys talking about these? If, so them I'm confused because stepping on them does nothing as far as I can tell. I'm playing Wukong so I can cloud walk from one end to the other extremely fast.
  3. I've walked over every square inch of the room looking for pressure plates, so if so, I can't find them :(
  4. I've been playing for several years now and I've never figured out how to get in these 2 side rooms (north and south of my current location on the map, with the items). Does anyone know? Thanks!
  5. In the Grineer Sealab tileset there is an underwater syndicate medallion that is impossible to pick up. I've been swimming around trying for 10 minutes.
  6. Thanks. Can we please get a fix for Wukong's Tennogen skins as described here pleeeeease :) :
  7. I purchased Wukong's Mithra tennogen skin today but there is a problem. It appears that his leg/hip-flair pieces are not showing the new skin. They keep their old appearance. Default Skin Mithra Skin How it's supposed to look (screenshot from AGayGuyPlays YouTube Review of the Mithra Skin) Clearly there is something wrong. It doesn't matter which skin I select, those leg pieces stay exactly the same. Screenshot of the Auman Skin - Leg pieces the same here as well By the way, to rule out a client issue, I've tried on 2 different computers and the issue is on both.
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