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  1. Well, I might finally take my Railjack out for a spin.
  2. No fix to Kuva siphon missions rewarding a requiem relic nowhere near 50% of the time? I've done around 50 of them in the last few days and got a grand total of 4 relics. It's immensely frustrating and has left me on the verge of quitting entirely.
  3. Try equipping a Requiem mod on your Parazon. After I did that the first mission spawned one.
  4. Cannot do a stealth melee finisher on enemies. Why? Inaros is in danger of becoming useless. edit: I'm dumb. Press F. Derp.
  5. Am I missing something ... or does it seem impossible to make a stealth melee kill now thereby rendering Inaros relatively useless? Surely I'm missing something, but what? Help! edit: Yup, missing my brain. Press F for forehead smacks.
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