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  1. Holy hell! That is a long read. Many thanks DE for being awesome!
  2. This! For the love of sanity ... this!
  3. Hey! Some update, at some point, added the functionality of "recovering" some missed Nightwave challenges from the previous week! Last week I was super busy and today there were 3 of the weekly's I'd missed ready to be done. Thanks DE!
  4. Us potato people thank you for the continued optimizations.
  5. Looking forward to it. Wukong has been a missed opportunity so far. So much potential here.
  6. Wait a second ... a jump kick mod? Oh feck yes. FECK YES!! DE, you are wonderful people.
  7. Been waiting for Volt P. for a long time. 😀
  8. Can't wait to check this out. So much goodness. Merci beaucoup!
  9. Nice. It never made sense that the Hero of Cetus needed to run around randomly slaughtering animals for no reason on occasion. Kind of beneath a Tenno.
  10. LOL. Inevitable I guess. It was pretty sweet that the double affinity weekend happened while this was a thing though.
  11. Sooo ... the new melee changes and the new weapon swapping system is, um ... brilliant. I have become death, destroyer of anything I glance at. BOW DOWN TO ME! OR I GLANCE!!! You guys are freaking killing it. Big hugs.
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