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  1. Just gotta wait. Patience Tenno.
  2. Not quite sure what the problem is, but maybe you haven't ranked up with your syndicate yet. Does the Warframe you are using have the syndicate regalia equipped? In the arsenal click on appearance for your Warframe, click regalia and choose an appropriate syndicate regalia. If you don't have any go and buy one from the syndicate you have joined. Good luck!
  3. Today I forma'd my Paracesis for the fifth time, expecting it to reach level 40. Instead it's at level 30 and the text that let's you know the bonus damage to sentients has disappeared. WTF? Not sure where to post this as there is no weapon section for bugs.
  4. Looking forward to it. Wukong has been a missed opportunity so far. So much potential here.
  5. Wait a second ... a jump kick mod? Oh feck yes. FECK YES!! DE, you are wonderful people.
  6. Been waiting for Volt P. for a long time. 😀
  7. Can't wait to check this out. So much goodness. Merci beaucoup!
  8. Nice. It never made sense that the Hero of Cetus needed to run around randomly slaughtering animals for no reason on occasion. Kind of beneath a Tenno.
  9. LOL. Inevitable I guess. It was pretty sweet that the double affinity weekend happened while this was a thing though.
  10. Sooo ... the new melee changes and the new weapon swapping system is, um ... brilliant. I have become death, destroyer of anything I glance at. BOW DOWN TO ME! OR I GLANCE!!! You guys are freaking killing it. Big hugs.
  11. Liking the new system a lot so far. Gives me some motivation to do missions I'd otherwise ignore completely. Also, I suspect the designers of Nora Night are fans of the movie "The Warriors". Although Nora is playing for the right team.
  12. To everyone who still (!) hasn't updated their Windows 7 to SP 1, just freaking do it. Free up the DE peeps for more useful tasks.
  13. You are a magician. The game is running better than ever. I'm getting a solid 75 fps matching my monitor's refresh rate with framerate cap enabled (no vsync) pretty much everywhere on my 6 year old potato. I had tried downsampling before but was never happy with it precisely because of the blurring even though the gameplay was smoother . The blur certainly seems to be mostly gone (depending on how much you downsample of course) at around 95% which is the sweet spot for me. All the cookies to you!
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