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  1. Lol I couldn't even get 1 Tusk Thumper of any type to spawn on 8 different tries in a row of Lvl 5 bounty after I got 2 Bull Thumpers in a row before. Some RNG for me I guess. Waited for around 5 mins in each and absolutely nothing
  2. 1. That isn't a Blueprint in that picture you are hovering over 2. You can't sell built Zaw parts like that is in picture. The Plague Keewar is a Blueprint next to it but not the Plague Kripath you are hovering over Tested myself Blueprint is able to sell: https://imgur.com/a/JRQKjNp Built Zaw part is not able to be sold: https://imgur.com/a/qwkSBoZ
  3. Yeah I just tested mine and it resets to base color of your Kavat that it comes with even though the color is still applied but is not showing as applied outside
  4. I also forgot to add the part where there is 2 Accessories instead of just the one when you equip them like this: https://imgur.com/a/QzjslJH This is with my Melee Visible when Holstered option on Edit: They supposedly fixed this bug...... last year on April 24th 2018 with Hotfix 22.18.5. Idk what happen to cause it doing the exact thing it says they fixed. Also I have seen posts now from June 4th and around in 2019 with this bug
  5. So I gilded my Nikana Zaw today and was coloring and all that. When I got to the Accessories, I saw this happen: https://imgur.com/a/VG5nDGO when I added any Accessory to my Nikana Zaw. I saw a post over a year ago on PC bugs about this same problem and it is kinda ugly and i'm pretty sure this is an error otherwise it kinda breaks the look of the Zaw and it ONLY happens when adding Accessories. This also seem to bug out your Zaw when you have Melee set to not visible when holstered and just show the sheath and nothing else when walking around as shown here: https://imgur.com/a/zMpGCur This happens when you have it equipped only and no other reason that I can see as I tried on around 7 frames. Hopefully this can be fixed soon. Thank you Edit: Looked at other holster options and it shows sheathe by itself on all of them. I believe that you managed to duplicate the sheath so the accessories registers both (somehow) and the 2nd (bugged) sheath is not affected by the Visible when holstered option. Idk what else it could be but duplicate sheath tbh
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