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  1. So I keep getting consistently desynced from mission and get sent back to fortuna every time the game has to load the second phase of Exploiter Orb fight (the part where you have to exit back to fortuna to overheat the exploiter orb). This has happened 8 times in a row today. it worked fine when I soloed it or the one time I was the host but every time after that as soon as we gather at the door to exit deck 12 it desyncs and send me back to fortuna.
  2. I'm liking the remastered looks we've gotten so far, but what I think we're really missing are some living quarters tiles. Break rooms, dorms, cafeterias etc. Like I want to see where the corpus and greneer rest, where do they go to the bathroom, where do they eat...?
  3. Happy holidays everyone! https://imgur.com/G2Iklxg Huh why cant imgur paste the picture directly here?
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