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  1. I think the Invigorations system is not going to achieve its goal of encouraging interest in underused frames. Spending resources to temporarily buff frames you're not interested in in the first place is a hard sell, and these boosts will likely benefit fully ranked/forma-ed frames more strongly than underplayed ones. Powers need a high rank warframe to be useful, and while the weapon buffs are less warframe-dependent they also don't do all that much to sell the player on the warframe itself instead of the buff. Moreover, the sheer power of the buffs being thrown around is not trivial. It's like a riven mod for warframes that - instead of doing the work of perhaps 2 or 3 mods and costing ~1.5 times as a normal mod does in capacity - does around 7-8 without any capacity or slot cost, is randomly acquired, and vanishes after a week. It's even a big enough boost that it might turn the warframe du jour into an interchangeable buff vessel, with a helminth ability and warframe-agnostic build slapped on it to take advantage of the buff. The sheer power being thrown around here overwhelms much of the other systems in the game, and does so based on luck and a limited duration. It will turn the meta of any mode it's part of into a matter of luck and grinding out 10th-infusion choices, and in doing so would significantly reduce the appeal of attaining what would be a meta build without this system. Now, what might be an interesting alternative is some system that targets experimenting and leveling up underused frames specifically, and has little effect on the power level of frames that the player has already heavily invested in. If infusion instead applied a temporary removal of the mod capacity limits on the infused frame, that would let a player freely experiment with the frame without expending forma but not be a major benefit to a frame that you've already maxed out. There could also be other benefits to encourage leveling, like that frame earning double affinity, or having the first forma you apply to it be free, or making any further helminth ability switches free. You could also receive a significant boost in a mode that's already designed for such boosts: say, arbitrations would always give their +power benefits to an infused frame, and/or void fissures would always give the reactant buff to the frame in addition to a random weapon. That would encourage players to try underused frames, but have a limited effect on others.
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