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  1. There's still sudden inexplicable deaths in arbitrations, so I do think that weakening permadeath is a decent idea. That being said, I think that putting debuffs on the surviving players is a poor decision: it punishes not the person who died, but the people who didn't die. A group of 1 dead player and 3 survivors is in a worse position than one that just started with 3 players; they need to deal with the debuffs in addition to being down a player. This could make playing arbitrations in public much less appealing. Instead, let me propose that players who die can respawn, but they have 5 stacks of the debuff on them. If they die with any debuff stacks, they're permanently dead. Picking up arbitration drone drops removes one stack of the debuff instead of adding one. (If it were time-based instead of drop-based, then respawning players would just hide.) I think that upping the scaling without upping the rewards is a not a good idea - particularly since solo players get no benefit whatsoever out of the changes. I'd personally be fine with tripling or quadrupling the scaling speed in exchange for reward intervals that match the rest of the game. I'd much prefer a hard challenge that we get to quickly over the endurance challenge of slow scaling that arbitration is now.
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