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  1. Well Holokey changes went live without receiving any changes over 22 pages of community feedback, kinda disappointing tbh
  2. Are you guys planning to run a script to give holokeys to everyone who already maxed out their sister weapons and ephemeras ? It was already highly requested in the original dev workshop post but we didn't received any answers.
  3. do you guys planning to run a script to give holokeys to people who killed bunch of sisters already ? I personally killed 49 sisters. i have all 7 of the ephemeras. i have all 8 of the sister weapons on %60 and in the elements i want. I have no reason to get and kill another sister and i almost killed all of my sisters in public matchmaking. We are talking about 175+ holokeys that i didn't get because i played the update as soon as it come out
  4. whenever i did an assassination or exterminate as a daily steel path mission the acolyte didn't spawned. i waited for about minute 8 and left. from my experience the daily steel path missions are very inconsistent with the acolyte spawns
  5. Thats not true though. Its still just helios. They removed the set bonus share from the melee weapons yes but it still applies to the primary weapons. You can equip all the vigilante mods to your sentinel and you will buff your crit damage by a lot. The real problem here is the inconsistency of DE. They look at the data decide that something is overused and they just go and nerf it. But since the community is so fed up with unnecessary nerfs they did over and over again they try to mask it under the name of oversight. If the interaction of these set mods were actually an oversight they would’ve removed that interaction from the game completely instead of just taking it away from melee. It was %100 a targeted nerf not an oversight getting fixed.
  6. I can see why someone would think like this but how is nerfing banshee or removing all stacking damage mods/abilities serves any kind of a solution to that problem ?
  7. I stopped replying to this tread around page 3 because op looked like a fun police who declined any kind of counter argument and act righteous. 16 pages in and i still see the same replies.This post has to be a troll one at this point where is the "/s" in the title ? You want all the stacking damage buffs and mods to be removed dusted destroyed nerfed or become additive. sure yeah lets do that but how is that more balanced than what we have ? just because the damage numbers are smaller does it make the game better ? The game is designed around infinite scaling the longer you stay in the mission, the higher the enemy level gets the more dr they get, the more hp,more armor and more damage but you as the tenno as your warframe and weapons your damage is fixed. You do the same damage to a level 1 enemy and to a level 1k enemy(before the damage reduction). Now please enlighten us fun police. how are we supposed to counter that ? how are we supposed to fight back with that with the "balance" changes you want ? Did you even played any endurance runs ? 1 glass cannon warframe who trades survivability with damage and is very energy dependent with loki level hp and shield values is able to kill a sister/lich faster than a chroma. a literal unkillable tank who has decent damage buff. wow who would've thought. Whats next ? nerf mag because she can kill a lich in 1 bubble ? Nerf nyx because she can strip defenses ? Nerf ivara loki ash octavia because they can "abuse" stealth multiplier ? This whole thread has all the whining and the nerf pitchforks but it has none of the actual solutions to the so called problem you raised. you want to take take and take without offering anything else in return ? how is that balancing ? I'm glad you're not working for DE because this game wouldn't have survived its first 2 years with you on the board
  8. still even if its an oversight, removing it like a snap without further testing is not how you manage a live service game. changes like that oversight or not is bigger than you think and de needs to follow through with a lot of buffs and reworks to other systems. i don't think de will go through all that just to make banshee weaker
  9. you are still assuming that its a coding oversight ? Did de told you it was ? Given that every new frame with damage buffing abilities work the same way it would be more reasonable to assume its an intentional mechanic not an oversight
  10. I'm saying don't fix it because if they update the damage buffing effects to go before the damage reduction it will hurt a lot of frames and weapons. most of the weapons survive from the damage buff of viral stacks. now imagine if they were not as effective as it is. If de is going to make a change to the damage calculation system it should be tested for a while and should be carefully calculated. You can't just go and say well banshee is too strong better nerf all the damage buffs in the game. that causes more problems than it solves
  11. a rework to give more survivability to remove sonar stacking could be a good trade for banshee to make her more popular, but straight up nerfing her without giving anything in return is not. even without the sonar stacking banshee will continue to be able to kill a sister/lich within seconds
  12. We don't know if its a coding oversight to begin with. It might as well be an intentional damage calculation. they want damage buffing abilities to be more direct instead of still going through enemy defenses. it was like this for years. banshee was like this for years. It was never raised to be a problem by the community until banshee starting one shotting the new sisters. Thats what banshee does. she is the billions of damage frame IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY SURVIVE TO DO THE DAMAGE she is the og glass cannon.
  13. a coding oversight that always existed in the game. damage buffs like banshee sonar or viral status effect or sevagoth's first ability always applies after the initial damage reduction. nerfing banshee for an isolated boss encounter is not a good change to ask for.
  14. You are still thinking banshee is the problem here. Thats is %100 wrong. Banshee was always the one shotter. she was always the billions of damage achieved frame. if de thought that banshee was a problem they would've made the liches immune to abilities or nerfed banshee to hell years ago. The only thing here that de might fix is to update their engine to calculate the damage buff of sonar before the initial lich/sister damage reduction IF they decide to it
  15. You are assuming that they will actually fix it in the first place. Fighting a sister/lich is a very isolated case. Most of the time a players picks up any lich/sister weapon or ephemera they want and then never get or fight a sister or lich ever again. Before this update my last lich kill was like 6-7 months ago. In just 1-2 months people will stop killing sisters this often. De might as well just wait and the “problem” will bury itself
  16. If i were to see a banshee before this update i would go buy a lottery ticket. Now that she is somewhat relevant the nerf pitchforks are up in the air. sonar stacking was always in the game and was a part of banshee but she is very energy dependent and basically a glass cannon. The one shotting the boss doesn’t comes from the sonar stacking. If that was the case a mirage or a chroma would be able to one shot it as well. the one shot here happens because the damage amplifier effect of the sonar gets activated after the initial damage reduction. That seems to be a bug and probably will get fixed. They will not change/nerf banshee because of a bug. they will simply update the game engine to calculate and add the damage buff of sonar before the damage resistance stacks. Will it make a banshee weaker ? Yes but she will continue to be the fastest at taking down the lich/sister.
  17. It's not very likely. they never said its %100 coming. they said they were planning/thinking about it and they also launched a beta/field test for it called operation orphix venom. I think if they wanted the mechs in the normal missions we would've gotten them by now. there is a reason why they only added them to the railjack tilesets
  18. Is your definition of a new tenno is mr 1 or 2 ?
  19. a system like that will kill the game in the long term. the game is already hard to pick up and get used to it for a new tenno it feels really overwhelming, imagine on top of that the new tenno has to deal with such a damage resistance. Thats a hard no from me. Adding it only to steel path would also kill of the already suffering endurance community
  20. I'm all for it if the sisters also drops hollokeys or something of similar value like endo or credits
  21. If you decline any other method of getting more kuva more efficiently like steel path and kuva fortress missions then yes. your method of farming kuva would be the most efficient one among the remaining missions
  22. kuva siphons are not very efficient either. its one of the starter kuva farms so that the new players can get their hands on some kuva if they need it to craft something. A kuva flood in the other hand mostly worth it but you can play it once an hour. I would say at this rate opening requiem relics would be a better kuva farm than stabbing liches but they are kuva fortress only too so you know.
  23. I'm not going to tell you how to play the game my dude. You do you. don't want to play steel path ? well don't play it. Don't want to play on kuva fortress ? don't play there. I'm just telling you your method of farming kuva from lich stabs is very inefficient and slow
  24. if you only care about getting kuva and you don't want to play steel path playing kuva survival is your best option to get bunch of kuva but you should accept the fact that refusing to play steel path to farm a resource cuts down the amount you get by about %50. Also if you played kuva survival on steel path you could just buy extra kuva with the steel essence you get on the side too.
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