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  1. Absolutely disagree with any changes to nullifiers! They are fine how they are. So many options out there to deal with them easily. Try these: Miter with Neutralizing Justice Mod Operator & Amps
  2. Well as far as knowing and still controlling them, they were necessary in the time of the old War and pretty much now. Remember taking control "took their pain away" and it's also what they use to keep the mind intact. It's a necessary evil As far as building more of them, i said above that all the ones the Tenno created were not from 'volunteers'. No Tenno ever built a Warframe using that process. All the ones Tenno build are basically "clones". They aren't using that original process to build Warframes
  3. LORE WISE: (Spoiler Alert) Why would the Tenno themselves create Warframes (helminth original way) after knowing the horrible process behind them? That would never happen. Tenno build Warframe knockoffs (none primes) but as far as going through that process of taking away someone's life and will, they are not about that life. Ballas was.
  4. Guandao (highly recommended). Surprisingly for a Mastery rank 4 weapon, it is used in T4 and "endgame". Damage falls off on heavily armored targets but only at much much higher levels.
  5. Im pretty sure he is referring to teleport even with lures charged. This is a common bug
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