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  1. I am not a Latron lover myself despite the fact I like the design and I like to use the Tiberon as a reliable gun.In my opinion the Latron is meant to be an early time weapon but the requirements and the drawbacks high enough to keep away the players and the very least you can say it is early game weapon. The low magazine capacity would not be a problem for me at all if the damage of the weapon would be higher to be pair with the drawbacks. The reload speed is unnecesarrily high like the Lato-Aklato transition where the aklato have a morbid reload time while the other dual pistols in the category has lower reload speed. The accuracy is okay but the recoil makes it very hard to aim normally so you can use mostly this weapon with a silencer mod on a spot where there are few enemies otherwise in mass combat this gun is not so great unlike Tiberon which can mow hordes. Basically this weapon needs a reduced recoil, bit faster reload like 1,5-1,6 instead of 2,4, higher damage with the same distribution like like 18,25 impact, 38,5 punchture and 18,25 slash because it could shorten the gap between the different damage types and the weapon could be an all around hunting rifle. 30 magazine instead of 15 and maybe an innate pucnhthrough or silence would be also nice then you can use this weapon as a hunting rifle or semi sniper. In these days I am giving it some fair shot to test this weapon, because I tested in on a mission long ago then it stay in that status till 3 days ago. I really hope they will tweak this weapon because we are lack of tenno semi auto rifles.
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