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  1. Ms. Reb, I have to take the time to let you know that you and the entire team crushed it for Tennocon 2020! As a software engineer myself, I am in awe of what the Devs and you and Megan and everyone have been able to deliver. You were lovely, charming and elegant, as always. Megan, equally so. The experience of being pulled into the game from within the relay was amazing! We were with you at Tennocon 2019 and wanted to be with you this year. You touched our hearts with your joy that the demo of Heart of Deimos went without a hitch. You guys are all top notch. Loving the new open world concept and looking forward to Scarlet Spear 2, Plaguestar, Duviri Paradox and ultimately, the triumphant return of our beloved Space Mom 🙂🙂🥰 Incredible work under terrible restrictions. Do not get discouraged. We love you guys. Saint
  2. Hmmm, time to dust of Atlas Prime to open up the junctions! 🙂
  3. So, lowering the riven dispo on the Mire has to be a joke, right? Who uses that thing past ranking it up for MR? So, you continue to trash top tier weapons (not the Mire BTW) with the looming release of Steel Path. Brilliant! Why not just remove all other weapons but the starter set? Then the few remaining players would HAVE to play with weak weapons.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, Bravo! Starting with the minimal negatives and finishing with the awesomeness: Negative number one. Not a fan of the nuking of the Bramma. Negative number 2. In the end boss fight in Deadlock Protocol, I encountered a bug which had a workaround but it made the fight far more difficult than would otherwise have been the case. The necessary weapon alt fire mode stopped working on the alt fire input, in my case right stick push in and hold. The alt fire migrated to the press and hold the normal memee button. Had to just experiment on the fly to figure this out while just staying alive. Now for all the awesome! Excellent plot and story line. Great quest line! Excellent new game mode! Beautifully designed and implemented and well thought out kit for Protea. She is really a first among all the Warframes. Endgame capability with strong support ability. I see her becoming a linchpin in sorties and arbitrations. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful the Corpus Ship tile sets are! The weapons are also well thought out and bring good utility to the game. Last but not least, the rework for The Jackal. Roses and champaign, team! This is an upgrade that has been long needed. There are many hours of enjoyment in a 2 Gb drop. Seems to have been well tested too. Full Props to our PC Tenno for flushing out the worst rough spots before it ever went to cert for us Console Tenno. To the entire DE team, I bow to you and applaud a very well designed, well written and well implemented update! This is one you can be very proud of. I hope The Sergeant gets some love next! 😉
  5. Glad I can concentrate on fusing other Kuva weapons and not the Bramma. No point building it up when it has been rendered useless. It has been turned from a Primary to a Wall hanger. Weapons collectors would call it a Locker Queen. Oh well, I have my MR points from it, it can now join the heap with things like the Convectrix, etc.
  6. My point is that they responded to at least 2 tickets that were put in after my clan mates ticket and they still have not responded to her ticket. Dont know about DE, but during my time as Customer Service Director for Motorola, we used a first in first out system for trouble tickets.
  7. A clan mate put in a help ticket on this Sunday and DE still has not even responded to it. Interestingly, this clan mate has screen shots of the task failing to register as complete and they said so in their help ticket. Deeply disappointed with support on this one.
  8. So, it seems that since DE cannot put out a nightwave without at least a couple of bugged/non-functional tasks, and since their "service desk" will not respond until the non-functioning task has aged off AND since the "service desk" will not even pretend to help recover the failed standing unless you have a before and after screen shot of your standing PLUS a screenshot of the fleeting message from Nora that falsely tells you that you have completed the task that we must now screen shot before and after each NW mission we run and screenshot every completion message Nora sends. Sound like a fun additional game mode friends? Yeah, me neither.
  9. Submitted a ticket 2 days ago and have not had so much as a reply
  10. Deep Impact remains bugged. This does not inspire confidence in the Nightwave standing
  11. Ordis: Operator, do you feel the Lotus has abandoned us? Hah! Natah chance! Ordis is here all week, Operator, and don't forget to try the VERMINK veal. Hmm, perhaps Nora has a spot for Ordis on her show.
  12. My 150 Primary challenge shows complete but Deep Impact is still incomplete. This needs to be fixed.
  13. Mine showed as complete last night but now shows as 1/5 done and my points were removed. Tried the 10 times mentioned but still not showing as complete.
  14. Bravo, DE!! Me and my entire family are thoroughly enjoying Glass maker. We have had no problem running the weave because we cut our teeth on games like Kings Quest, etc. Cannot wait to finish this out. Love the interactive puzzles.
  15. I love finding a Saryn in my public ESO. She spores them and I melee them and together we do 8 rounds plus in ESO. I find ways to enjoy seeing others have fun. Some seem put out if another player outkills/outdamages them. Not me. I watch and learn. If I want all the kills, I solo a sortie.
  16. I repeat what I have said before. picking a weapon to kill, and yes, you have killed this weapon, based upon how popular it is, is short sighted. you have fulfilled the prophesy of the detractors of The Old Blood by turning the Bramma into yet another MR fodder weapon. Rank it up and then toss it or let it gather digital dust in your arsenal and move on to the next MR fodder weapon. The claim that you are balancing the game is tired at best and increasingly lame. This is about taking away something players actually found to be fun. Taking away the weapons people find to be fun will not make them say ¨Oooh! Now I really want to use the Convectrix!!!¨ What it does is kill the desire to really like any new weapon you guys put into the game because we know that, as soon as we like it and start using it, you will simply castrate it. If you want people to use other weapons, make the weapons you want people to use GOOD! The whiney excuse I heard Pablo use on a recent interview of, essentially, there are so many weapons in the game it would take too much effort to make them all good, is just lazy. Overall, This is the best multiplayer online game I have ever played. Overall, this is the best and friendliest online community in gaming. That said, nuking things because they are popular is poor judgement and those in this forum who have cheered the castration of the Bramma are not demonstrating the best qualities of the community. There are any number of things I may get annoyed at in public squads, BUT, they are public squads. If I am annoyed enough, I will finish the mission I am on and set to solo or invite oly or friends only. I do not whine and complain to DE to take something away from those who enjoy it because it is a GAME and therefore they should have FUN! I have to wonder how many of those celebrating the crippling of the Bramma would be so smug if DE decided to nuke Nidus? I mean, using the logic I have seen for this change, it would be justified. I mean, he is very popular, right? Nuke Nidus, has a nice ring to it. Makes a good chant. And as Bill Murray pointed out in Meatballs, as long as you have a good chant, the words of the chant just doesnt matter! 🙂 And, No, I am not even close to a Bramma main. As to the rivens being overpriced, it does not affect me because I have no interest in buying one. I will continue to pile your MR fodder weapons onto the trash heap. I will not invest in forma for them, as there is no point. You are only going to cut its guts out anyway. I have invested quite a bit in the game. I still enjoy the game, but if this manner of, Haha, balancing the game continues, there will come a time when I will walk away while I can still remember it fondly. This is not to trash anyone. I love the game and I love the community ( Yes, even Nidus 🙂 ) and I want the success story of DE to continue. Please, think of a better means of increasing diversity of weapon usage other than making a good weapon useless. PLEASE!!
  17. For Railjack, I would like to see a Tailgunner turret. Maybe also give this post a Countermeasures capability as well
  18. When will consoles get keybinds? we have had mouse/keyboard capability for about 3 years now but WF console has no options to set keybinds.
  19. When did DE take the Arcane Tanker, Arcane Primary Charger, etc. out of LDs store? Without those, I will be done with this event by about next weekend. I have had multiple instances where I join a RJ cre but I cannot exit the railjack, man the guns or otherwise interact. It frustrates the team because they think I am just not helping but I simply cannot interact.
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