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  1. When do we get the ability to decorate the interior of our Railjacks? Have to agree with those who asked for fixes to existing content. Rework for The Sergeant and Phorid Additional Kavats plus a rework on pets. Also, I still want Space Mom back 🙂
  2. Precisely that! With every decision to nuke something into the ground just because it is "too popular" the question grows stronger, why bother?. Why spend the time and the resources to perfect a build if you know that DE is just going to take a crap on it at some point? This, more than any other thing is the reason I refuse to create any of the new nemeses. Yeah, I would like to get the new weapons, but if that is my only motivator, I pass. DE, if you want people to use an item or a set of items, make those items fun to play. When my son wad a toddler, I dis not break his favorite toy to get him to play with another. 😉🙂
  3. Took a three person squad to the Kuva Survival mission. I was Vauban and we had a Saryn and a Rhino. Vauban ran like a champ. Repelling Bastille kept everything nice and cozy and as soon as the timer for the current Bastille got low, I could simply toss out another. The rest of his kit seems to flow much better. Have to agree that the 2 enemy cap for his Tether is a bit low. His 4 is now a true Ult. Well played.
  4. If the content is, truly, interesting DE would not need to cripple Blink.
  5. They absolutely lied. Scott lit a match and realized he was up to his waist in gasoline, so he lied and said they were not going to cripple the Itzal's Blink, just give Blink to all AWs. They continued the lie during Tennocon. Very poor decisions.
  6. Ah, yes, the old "It doesn't affect me, so screw everybody else." argument. Also, more than a bit of envy of those who are actually good enough to do 6x3s. Aesop wrote a fable about people like you. He titled it, "The Dog In The Manger". Read it sometime. Personally, I have always been a fan of the 6x3 teams. Absolutely perfect teamwork. Something to strive for, not celebrate the destruction of. But, troll on, my friend. Troll on.
  7. That is easy to say when it is not your cheese, huh?
  8. It is more like "do the content you enjoy, however you enjoy it, UNLESS too many other people enjoy doing the content THEY enjoy the same way YOU enjoy doing yours. If that happens, we will break your toy." Why kill every fun factor players find in the game, DE? Fun is what brought people to this game. Well, as with the Catchmoon, going to be sure to equip all loadouts with the Itzal. Since "data analysis" at DE consists of just looking at raw "Most Equipped" numbers without any real analysis of the why behind them, going to do my part to shield anything else from looking "too popular". Extremely disappointing.
  9. What you just proposed would constitute work. Much easier to just break one item everybody likes than improve all the items nobody likes. Generally speaking of course.
  10. Wow! When you announced, at Tennocon that every AW was to get Blink. You said nothing about crippling the ability. I must say, this is entirely in keeping with what seems to be the overriding philosophy. Why invest the effort to make all other AWs useful when we can just make the one useful AW as worthless as the rest? Extremely disappointing.
  11. And this keeps you from teaming with your clan or through recruitment chat? No need to answer. The question was rhetorical.
  12. Why force someone who does not want a Lich to have to fight one just because you want one? Seems easy enough to just team up with like minded friends or clan members or even go to the Recruiting chat and recruit a party and let people who dont want to have their items stolen by a Lich choose not to. You have options, but you advocate a mode which didnt leave someone just wishing to play the game with no Lich hassles any option, period. DE has left me perfectly set. If I want a Lich, I can form a team that will help me. Or, I can solo it. Good job, DE. Keep it as is.
  13. Actually, I was referring to Ember, pre-nerf. As I said, I hope I am nicely surprised. Time will tell. The re-works of late have all been well done. I hope the trend continues. Thank you for the reply.
  14. This, overall, seems like yet another nerf hammer on Ember. I have standard Ember and Ember Prime and I only ever use her when helping people run Defections. The reason being, She has been nerfed into oblivion. It makes me sad. She was once a flaming goddess of death. Now she is a redheaded stepchild. I hope I am nicely surprised, but I am very skeptical.
  15. I would like to know when consoles will get keybinds like on the PC. We have KB and M capability but it does not let us use keybinds. We need new Kavats and Kubrow. When will we get the opportunity to save Space Mom? Seriously need new weapons from Barro and new primed mods When will all Archwings get Blink? When will Ghara be healed from the assault of the nerf hammer? When the Helminth room is reworked, will we be able to use the cysts for crafting or are the cysts just an annoyance after making your Helminth Charger?
  16. Happy Birthday, Space Mom! You turn 21 this year, right??!! 😉😄😄 You are all doing an incredible job. Thank you for all the hard work.
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