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  1. put simply, all drops gained during a mission were lost entirely, but experience was still gotten as well as a credits reward. this can be seen clearly in my rewards screen which i'll be posting bellow this is consistent with what's in my inventory, relogging into the game also didn't fix it (which sometimes happens). As for the situation in which this bug happened, we were farming Vega Toroids inside the spaceport building, with no bounty selected, and the game started chugging about the same time we decided to leave. when i exited the building, entering the vallis area proper, the game's chugging increased raplidly and i got killed by nearby enemies as i used the archwing launcher. after reviving myself i couldn't use the archwing launcher, and then i couldn't leave operator mode which i entered to move faster using void dash. i reached the exit gate on operator mode and we finished the mission, however when the results screen popped up it was the one i'm showing here. and i confirmed all the drops gotten during the mission, most importantly the Vega Toroids, weren't in my inventory, however my squadmates did get their rewards, toroids included. It may be worht noting i was not host in the mission. Personally the most important thing here would be losing the Vega Toroids we farmed, but i think the issue in general is important to report in case more people are experiencing this.
  2. i second this, personally i'm 100% for making scythes 2 handed like they should've always been, but not about making them heavy blades. the scythe stances, with all their problems, both look good and are very much already better suited for larger weapons, which is evident with the zaw scythes. it'd be a shame to see all those cool animations go to waste when they could be used with improved timings, speeds, model placements and, most of all, no attack delays or animation locks (which is something other stances also suffer from but scythes have it particularly bad)
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