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  1. Phone on, browser opened, logged into twitch, phone muted, linked accs, "watch" stream, Free stuff. Idk where or how you work but either but the phone on your desk with the screen down or if you can't access your phone at all put it in a lunch box while "watching" the stream.
  2. Seriously. I've seen about 20 people report the Affinity bug by now. It needs to be fixed ASAP. I made a more detailed post already.
  3. Some people here reported an EXP Bug but it's not weapon OR mech bound. I have it on ALL weapons and ALL mechs. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: If your Necramech is being destroyed in the new missions [Orphix Venom] all of your previously collected Archgun AND Necramech EXP is LOST. VISUAL: Nothing. Just 10 hours of farming and 5k exp gained in total. REPRODUCTION: Take your archgun, shoot an enemy. Weapon now has +50Exp. Let your Necramech with said Archgun die. Weapon Exp resets to 0. EXPECTED RESULT: Weapons and Necramechs should gain EXP. OBSERVED RESUL
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