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  1. Well as they never claim to be affiliated with DE they can keep their server up. I just think they should cut all links to it. It's a fanserver after all. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. As a BETA Tester I first had my concerns whether this would actually be a good game or not but now seeing this eradicated any doubt. I've spent so many happy hours in that game that I'm sure other people will have as much fun as I had when I played through the tutorial and the first 69 missions. The Story, the world, everything feels so four-dimensional. It's simply stunning. I btw got the beta-tester version of it.
  3. Lemme translate HAHA y'all that haven't got the time to farm the orb when you could use a hard to get and rarely used warframe in a creative way to reflect damage! Take tankframes only and play the game as it is intended to be: HIT THE BULLET SPONGES Or in this case Thermiasponge?
  4. Don't add things that rely on 100% RNG like the Ayatan BUT ALSO can't be bought in any way: Mine rare gems. I just hate this one. Overall I feel like the helmets and skins and nitain extract are a terrible system. I get liek 30 credits a week for all helmets, nitain extracts, unique skins that will never be available ever again "for free" AND the basic stuff such as weapons. WTF! Before the systrem was implemented I had a good chance to get nitain and helmets, now I get like 1 reward in 2 weeks because the massive lack of wolf credits u get and the totally overpriced things. (speaking about helmets and skins)
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