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  1. Thank you for all you do! Now go take a well deserved break! You guys earned it!
  2. Fantastic as always! Take a break, you guys earned it. I'll have none of this soul-rending crunch from you guys, you hear?
  3. Thank you! You guys all work hard, take some time off for yourselves this summer, don't forget! Too much burnout in the video game industry. Makes me sad.
  4. Thank you for all the hard work you put in! Lots of us appreciate it!
  5. THANK YOU! Now take a break! You guys earned it! Don't crunch yourselves to death.
  6. Thanks for all the hard work! Lots of us appreciate what you guys do!
  7. How does the number translate over to the 5 bubbles on the UI?
  8. Thank you! Love the Titania change!
  9. As much as I love Nightwave, Nora is beyond Ordis levels of annoying. Thank you for this! DRAYMUHS, DRAYMUHS, DRRRAAAYYYYMUUUHSSS!
  10. Thank you! Any changes being made to the new orb fight? It's still WAY too long and repetitive.......
  11. This fix should have come with some drastic and needed changes to this fight, then. Especially phase 2. Half the time on both phases, the canisters do not register hitting the ice in phase one, or adding heat in phase two. This is monitor-punching levels of frustrating. Phase one is too long and repetitive. Half the time is spent waiting for the orb to come off the wall. Phase two is the same thing. Just standing around waiting for fractures is not fun. And having your progress ruined when a single raknoid gets through or your canister just didn't do anything at all is infuriating. The fight is just too long and repetitive and buggy. I wouldn't mind a long fight if the chances of getting the reward weren't so abysmally low. I applaud doing something new, but you need to understand that, for a boss designed to be farmed into the ground, making it take so long and having little to no variety and be as buggy as it is, is exceedingly boring and just makes me not want to do it, no matter what the reward might be.
  12. Please... for the love of God, this fight takes WAY too long already... it's so boring and buggy...
  13. Dedicated play servers when? Please, for the love of God.
  14. Can the arbiter you have to defend PLEASE have a quieter gun or have his boltor's volume reduced by about 99.99%? Thank you.
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