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  1. I tried it but so far it seem way to ammo hungry so might go back to my catchmoon instead. I rapidly run out of ammo at lvl 100+ with it.
  2. I didn't remember any didn't even hit me that it was old clues I just broke them all until his health bar turned red. Not until after when reading the forum I learned it was clues. I thought it was just shield batteries as so many othere games use to shield bosses. *Edit* The only stress full part for me was that I failed his swing 3 or 4 times so had to use up all my revives so that put me at alot of presure toward the end.
  3. Pick them all and decide later =) Unless you talking tutorial then excalibur might be the eaiser one to play with (personaly i find him boring).
  4. I got no problems with the voice lines she can say that all day if she wants. My problem is open words where the enemies keep spawning every 40 seconds it feels like get really annoying deppending what bounty you do. In regular missions they seem to spawn 1 time and never again (can't fully confirm this as hardly ever going past 10min/waves but the few times I did go longer it still only been one time).
  5. Just noticed something today that I found abit funny after finally maxing all the schools. Each school use a diffrent amount of focus points unari being the most costly using 177 of 177 points. While having zenurik active and pulling a line from the most costly to the least costly it make a pentagram going from unari, zenurik , madari , vazarin , narmon. So I started to wonder if they sorted them in that order on purpose or if that a accidental thing. Not sure if anyone have noticed that before but found it little funny how they was sorted just perfect =)
  6. I allways pick weapon slots. A relic don't offer those but they grant tons of forma. Exilus I got so many from a twitch drop failure they had some years ago atm I don't need more.
  7. Think there is 1 or 2 delux skin I sorta regret getting but not for they bad. Soon after buying them I had change in what frame I play a new relesed that fit my style better or changed to a older favorite. So they go unused and I could used those plat on deluxe for my safe bets instead .
  8. =) I only expected to get same as every othere rank so got really surprised they go this crazy with it. I had been happy with just another 1k standing cap.
  9. I just wonder if those that say mr 16 is enough have been sitting at 16 or if they been ranking up any ways. If they been holding back at 16 with purpose they got to hate the grind they now have to do if they want those rewards.
  10. From the sound of it rebecca said it would apply 30 more even if you maxed allready unless i miss understood what she said.
  11. Nice numbers I played sence 2013 and im no where near that much sitting at around 100k kuva , 70k endo , 13mil credits. But then I allso got alot of games im juggling between to keep me busy.
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