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  1. *update* Just got the corruption buff in fissure mission and healing went up from 79 to 150 somthing for everyone execpt me that was still only getting 79 even tho i let the healing buff run out and run into the new mote it only granted me 79.
  2. When it come to selling stuff it deppends on the game. in gw2 I just sell it for what ever the instant sell price on the auction house is for i want the gold now not in 40 days. In othere auction based games I look at the lowest price if there is one and cut it with 50-75% so mine sell faster. In warframe if I decide to trade wich is not often for i hate the spam chat. I sell stuff that got the lowest price around 50 plat anything that lower I don't bother with often. Deppending the price I will allso sell it cheaper. Like when I sold of my collection of 14 or so arcane helmets for around 1500 plat.
  3. Been trying to use the kitgun pax bolt arcane to increase the strenght of the healing mote with 30%. But unlike oberon this don't seem to work for without the proc I heal for 79 and with the proc it stay at 79 when I cast the mote. Not sure if this is intended or just a miss or bug but it would be really nice if you could cast the 1 mote with pax bolt proc.
  4. 1 thing I forgot wisp buffs dont stack with othere wisps while oberon can do 100+ heatlh/s x 4 + 500+ armor x 4 if you run 4 oberons. So saying wisp healing is op when oberon can run more then 4 times the stronger heal if false.
  5. I find the rifle fun to use on low to middle levels but using it on any boss worth while farming or higher lvl enemies. I'm allways forced to change to my othere weapons to do a dent in them. This is with 4 forma in fulmin and I feel its not good enough to invest a lens into atm. When my kitgun can clear a corridor with 1 shot.
  6. If that count as overpowered then let hit oberon for his 100+ health/s healing with 500+ armor and instant revive every 90 sec. Need to be changed to 25 health/s max 50 armor and only comeback with 1 hitpoint with a 5min cooldown globaly so if 1 player use it its cooldown for everyone.
  7. Ok let say it like this. You have a car but I keep paying for the gas but you never let me ride along. If I gonna keep paying the gas alteast give me a ride.
  8. As I said im fine with the healing but it need to be even turned and get some benefit from his shadows to even if it just for 10ish seconds.
  9. As soon as a nekros spawn his shadows I go solo play and turn my powers off for the rest of the game and ppl get to survive the best they can. Hunter adrenaline don't help much with a oberon with adapation when a nekros around as they do very little damage to my health (using decaying dragon key to remove the shield). Nekros pet drain my 100+health/s strenght in a few seconds and its the only power I use on oberon so turns my oberon to a power less tank instead (up to a point without the healing). The only reason I would be ok with the drain to stay is if they make the combo go both ways. I paying the energy upkeep of the shadows not the nekros so his shadow defense should be shared with the oberon keeping them alive as we are paying for it.
  10. Tell that to Anthem that apprently broke alot of playstation 4s and made otheres just shutdown if the reports are correct.
  11. The hidden number is those of us that don't use steam 😃
  12. ivara prime is not to far down on the list now =P
  13. Not sure if she fires or not but all the sentients mimics behind her shot at the operator so umbra pulls you out of the line of fire.
  14. lol if that the low end then I got to be on the negative side with my 8mil I got atm (alot for me). The most time over the 6 or so years sence update 6 I sit mostly between 1-2mil credits. It was the last index nightwave and a login credit booster that got me up closer to 10mil =P
  15. Don't know personly I use adaptation over QT on oberon and there not much that will sink him when healing is activated.
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