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  1. Yeah if it was a true f2p game it would charge 20+ dollars for each nigthwave access.
  2. I was talking about the animation not the mechanic a back breaker is way better then a dancing idiot laughing.
  3. Yeah and this new thing they made make it feel like the lich went from a "bad ass" to a jester to ridiculs to even fight.
  4. After starting up World of tanks again after years of being away seeing the battle pass they have I agree warframe is superior. WoT only give you progress if you top 10 in your team and very short time period i think so no point at even trying for top rewards even with 50 battles a day.
  5. I tried it but so far it seem way to ammo hungry so might go back to my catchmoon instead. I rapidly run out of ammo at lvl 100+ with it.
  6. I didn't remember any didn't even hit me that it was old clues I just broke them all until his health bar turned red. Not until after when reading the forum I learned it was clues. I thought it was just shield batteries as so many othere games use to shield bosses. *Edit* The only stress full part for me was that I failed his swing 3 or 4 times so had to use up all my revives so that put me at alot of presure toward the end.
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