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  1. ok just tried to join this event when it had 1 hour left found relays that had 40/100 and 7/100 but when i joined them every single rely had 100/100. So do they all get 100/100 as soon as one rely done?
  2. Yeah feel really bad about that change but apprently they keeping that animation tho as I melee them allways I probebly still see the back break in some form. But to me it was the best way to die in the game if you had to die. I think they should just make the lich do a jester dance when you fail the stab if they gonna have a laughting thing for it. Could also remove the mods and have everyone get it on first try if there not gonna be any "risk" =P
  3. Think it would be cooler if they do special skins for all frames and you get to pick 1 when you reach 30 to have on your favorite frame. Could cause some problems tho with frames released later for ppl that reached 30 allready.
  4. This is a sad day one of the best animation in game to die to 1000% better then any random 1 shot you can't spot where it comes from. Wish it could been opt in for the lich to allow you to be killed.
  5. I started 2 weeks before update 7 in 2013 when it was still closed beta. I play for in most parts it's a fun and relaxed game not a dark soul difficulty. That everyone seem to want I prefer the difficulty in solo games of "story mode" where challange is removed for if I keep dying in same place to many times I will stop playing. I take breaks from time to time for I got alot of othere games I play to 20 install atm and some of those need to have attention from time to time or you won't level up or gear up anything. Right now I just returned to swtor for abit making a new character to try out this years short story expansion just take awhile to play through all the old story. Next month I will have wolcen release so that will keep me busy then.
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