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  1. Do I miss something 30 ranks 10k each rank 300k points required at season 1 for the armor. In this intermission its 30 ranks did they lower the requirement for each rank? for if its 10k still then this armor is a 300k point effort to so how is that giving it away for nothing?
  2. Not sure but think Tribes ascend gets close or worse. Can do 1km it look like in 1 jump and 100 meter high or so and it really fast. But biggest problem is this game was never meant to have pvp just after a minor part of the community demanded it they added a small map for dueling that then grew into what we have now.
  3. This is the reason I'm staying with warframe. It got alot of diffrent things to do and I can't wait for the space flight and the new war story and the paradox. And unlike some games they keep updating warframe not making a new game every year or 2 with a small change to the game so you have to start from scartch again. Destiny 2 start you of at lvl 50 so they don't even let you experiance leveling up. PoE got a huge flaw imo it drop ton of loot but 99.5% of what drops you supose to ignore and just add a loot filter for the 1 item that might be worth to pick up. Diablo 3 constantly reset your character each season. Borderlands I only played 1 and 2 they are really good. I can see 3 being good to but for now I'm sticking with warframe.
  4. Yeah sadly I do remember destiny going f2p but they make you skip 90% of the game so don't feel like they have confidence in the game. As they don't let new players start from the start and just slam them into the end. It has possiblity to be a nice game if they fix new player experiance destiny is worse then the new player experinace of warframe imo.
  5. I got alot of games so I rotate when I start having trouble motivating myself to play. Right now I playing the isle alot not much game mechanics right now but still one of the most enjoyable survival games i played even for some one that hates pvp. Will probebly pick up warframe again when new nightwave starts in wait for railjack,
  6. Think I still got a few years until trying destiny 2 again. Was only able to get 4 hours out of the game before I was bored as they force you to start at lvl 50 so my reason of playing was removed as i love leveling stuff. Its like warframe would instant give you mastery rank 30 with all gear unlocked at max rank when a person create an account. So for now will priority warframe maybe in the future if destiny 2 make the lvl 50 starting point optional so I can start from lvl 1 and play the game then I might pick it up again. As most games that have leveling system gets boring ones you hit max level for it just annoying 5 - 50 man missions that I don't wanna play or worse pvp. I can see having the lvl 50 as a optional thing as if you played through the game before you maybe wanna join friends at the last raid. But for a new player with no friends in the game why do they have to hit the last raid right away?
  7. It might be the halloween event comming out at that pause so ppl have easier time not having to chase 2 things at same time.
  8. I tried Destiny 2 few days ago they ruined that game for me. The new player starts put you at lvl 50 with 750 power and far into the story. No option to opt out of it and start from lvl 1 so I got a few hours out of the game before i got bored as I can't level the character. To me it feels like they saying 90% of our content sucks so we just gonna put you at the end raids enjoy. But I hate raids and pvp so thx for that. Until they add an option to start at lvl 1 and get the story from the start I just don't think i will return to that game any time soon.
  9. Wish I knew had nyx beating all my frames as most used and she just got like 5-10% of the exp and kills of my othere frames. I used nyx around update 7 and maybe 8 after nyx prime came out I never used her again. And still to this day no matter how much I play even oberon that I used day in and out for months haven't even got close. Even tho the kills and exp earned is like 100 times more on oberon then nyx =P
  10. This skin break the holstering for the bow. Instead of folding the bow up and putting it vertical on the back it have the bow fully extended horizontal on the back.
  11. 2 things I avoid when trading is lower mastery ranks or people that say let me swap account to do the trade with that account.
  12. I wanna try that arcane tanker for my wukong if the heavy weapon summon is meant for heavy melee weapons and not archwing guns.
  13. Sure but there is killing 1 enemy a sec and killing 50 enemy a sec that will do a huge diffrence in how fast you would lose your health. And if you a player that want 100% of all kills then that aura might not be for you as its more suited for a player like me that do more support then nuking.
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