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  1. My build got no problem with this as I got about 35% or so range so the range is like 2 meters so you only shock them in melee.
  2. I just hope helminth expansion won't force us to feed more of the same frames agains =P
  3. Don't make pay events skyforge got that (or had when i played) and they are stupid as hell as you can't get to higher up rewards unless you pay for each step in the event so its a pay for our event rewards for playing won't reward you.
  4. Do 1 better remove all stream drops so we don't have to worry about missing that 1 good drop when they come around.
  5. I always play with 1 friend so we get 2 randoms 95% of the time this runs smooth and they leave right after mission. But what used to annoy me is ppl that go afk but stay in the group after the mission so you sit and wait 10min before they leave the party. I grown bored of having to reform the party after each mission so now I give it 2 or so min if they say nothing I will force them into the next mission then they can leave when ever they want.
  6. Didn't they say that mr 30 was the last reward and after that its just a number and each rank require same amount as it was between 29 and 30 ? So not sure what more info they need to give beside a reminder that no more loadout slots and riven slots and stuff is rewarded.
  7. That seem abit redundent if they ignored you then just close the tab. Why put them on ignore when they never gonna send you a message ever again.
  8. Yeah remove that pesky energy so we can macro the nuke 4 times in a second and have that on for the full misison as we just run to the end =P
  9. I allways host but it require 1 friend if you a duo and do public you never join another squad they are forced to join yours.
  10. As a buyer I got no problem waiting for the seller but I do hate it when they say give me 10min you wait 15min and no response so you send a message to see how it goes and find they blocked you. So why tell me to wait if you got no intention of trading with me it just waste my time as a buyer. But yeah patient could be good overall =)
  11. Don't have to label it a bug when its 100% obvious a bug and everyone always tell them to fix bugs so they did. As some bugs are easier to fix like a script that runs more then 1 time. I never ran the mission bug even if i had ran it I wouldn't cry over a fix for something that so obvious broken just for it benefit players it shouldn't be left alone.
  12. I find it funny that some seem to think that DE did a node that dropped 7x rewards on purpose to give them 1 node to play instead of playing any othere node in the game they put time into. Then cry nerf when they fix the bug. Just imagen if 1 node in the game would reward players with 1k platinum. You don't think that would be a bug and they would fix that super fast or would that also be a farm spot they nerf for it got to popular?
  13. Yikes no ultimate team stuff in warframe no need to have loot boxes that force you to spend 110k dollar to get the stuff you want.
  14. It probebly have to do with that railjack is stationary and not in the "skybox" as the railjack you see when flying in archwing is just a model. So When you on the railjack the portal window make stuff look bigger probebly to match the window. Just speculations on my part tho based on info i picked up on how railjack is builded up.
  15. Update 40 and what it did to duviri 😋 On topic I started to use my helios to scan and I haven't noticed it dying so far (altho added prime regen on it finally). Did a few runs right after the patch with smeta but it was pretty "immortal" as allways. The build I use to got no or just 1 attack mod as made a pure support buff build for my smeta.
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