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  1. Emolition

    Why not have investment solutions in warframe?

    Credits is the one thing I never able to farm in this game. Right now i sitting at just 1mil and I never able to get past 2mil.
  2. Emolition

    Platinum pricing

    Marvel heroes online when they existed had 90% discount that i used like 3times getting 100 dollar worth for 10 dollars that was pretty extreme discount 😃
  3. I think its the minority that use steam but that might be for my opponion of steam that its one of the worst launchers i had. Allso I perfer to not have a 3rd party program running just to be able to play a game that dont require that program. If they gonna force ppl to a 3rd party I think they should do epic as they used to work with epic back in the day.
  4. Emolition

    Eject! Stalker Mode Needs Serious Work

    The major reason I avoid pvp in any game is from back in the day playing shooters like medal of honor allied assault ppl to lazy to get good and they turn to cheats and hacks. So why invest my time getting good when it feels like 50% of the ppl you would fight use aim bots or wall hacks (in case of mohaa). AI can bug out some times but I know they will never use cheats.
  5. Emolition

    Nyx's Rework Personal Feedback.

    just got 50k kuva login so did a reroll on my rubico riven to get back to 5 rounds instead of 3 and see how much i can unload in the target with that rifle. allso current "umbra" nyx sit at 179% duration 166% str 1290 health 650 shield 146 armor 638 energy.
  6. Emolition

    Nyx's Rework Personal Feedback.

    yeah "best build" as in something i just playing around with =P my regular build wont do with the rework its only a 30% debuff as its got ton of range and duration but just 40% str =P
  7. Emolition

    Nyx's Rework Personal Feedback.

    Go with the best build allmost 1500 health with 800 armor 166% power str =P no more absorb needed as much atleast not early on (have yet to test it myself yet in action) *edit* That was a lie it 146 armor it was the kavat that got 800 from my inaros full defense build but the health was 1470 on nyx =P with 155% duration and 166% str 100% range and efficency.
  8. Emolition

    Nyx rework 1.5 (More to Psychic themed)

    I probebly have to redo my build alot atm sitting with 40% str so both absorb and mind control will be useles for damage. But I learned something the othere day that might work if the damage is good in the rework. You can do a bomb jump by absorbing damage then use "tenno" to jump into a group of enemies and switch back to drop absorb on them. As it don't break absorb when you do the switch so its the fastest way to travel with absorb on and gather damage.
  9. Emolition

    Garuda is a bit of a pain to farm for...

    I found garuda herself really easy to farm I'm just half way to my 44k standing and I got like 2 or 3 full sets of parts for her without trying much. There is way worse frames to farm for then garuda she was easy to obtain blueprints for. After that it just a waiting game to get the standing.
  10. Emolition

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    As I hate trading spam. I would love to get some free weapons slots instead of having to buy platinum for them and save that for cosmetics instead.
  11. I don't know if this is correct but it feels like it. The spores don't seem to stack with othere saryn spores so if you have 2 or more saryns in the group it near impossible to spread spore. First 1 to get the spread pretty much keep it until the spread is wiped out. Not sure if this could be fixed without it becomming to OP or if it just something else that blocks the spread.
  12. Emolition

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    It's clems master design to protect his pillow fortress.
  13. Emolition

    The road to 15/15 [Spoiler] Mods.

    You can allso sell them for 20-50 plat deppending on if its pistol , melee , rifle or shotgun. Find that way better then dissolve them.
  14. I rather have the 60 armor then 20% it will be better for most frames and for the operators. 20% on a 50 armor frame is nothing while adding 60 will get him to 110 wich is more then 100% increase.
  15. Unariu one sound nice to me still not sure if i gonna stick with vazarin or use unariu as that my secondary atm. Vazarin seem harder having to dash through a player when players never stick togher and spread out to every corner of the maps. But I love playing support dps nukes are extreamly boring.