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  1. It's time for Darkframes instead all the combat mechanics of dark souls but with the enemy amount of warframes and 2-3 hits will kill you if you don't block or dodge 50 enemies at the time =P
  2. Oberon and wisp make me think druid mostly.
  3. Like this line can be said for every frame take mesa she works but so do other frames , Wisp works but so do othere frames and so on =P
  4. That guy would hate me as I allways look at the lowest price if they are in 100+ I go for 30-50 plat as in any game auction house I allways put it 50-75% lower. Unless its so low that its no point like item already at 10p. But warframe i don't trade alot as there is no auction house and I refuse to sit in a trade chat spamming when I could be playing. Don't wanna be inside a mission when I get a offer for I find that abit rude having ppl wait for your mission.
  5. Me and my friend always stab no matter what. I can get annoyed ppl not stabbing but its nothing I will start attacking them about me and my friend will just down them 3 times so they leave and the othere person got to wait even if he rush to extraction =P
  6. I do prefer a grind over challange with a grind there is a chance I will get the item at some point. With a challange if it fail 5+ times its big chance I never touch it again and that way never able to get the item. I gave up raids and stuff in mmorpgs for 2 reason 1 was the pain to find ppl to run it (this is ages again before auto finder match making stuff). The second is that 90% of the time they wipe out and you wasted 1+ hours for no loot and got to wait 1 week for next try. In that time I could been out fighting solo stuff and getting loot improvements that way.
  7. Any exp gained before the update do not carry over. But a tip if you have stock pile of resources is to get the invigiration modular from the son on demios and claim those 3 random buffs each week. They each grant 4.4k exp + the refill feeding exp. In 2 weeks I gone from 10 to almost 13 missed the first week for didn't know they granted exp. So even tho I have 16 frames left to feed helminth I just going to do the invigirations instead for much easier then farming the annoying frames.
  8. The invigirations give pretty good exp I decided to go that route instead and claiming all 3 buffs weekly. Each buff grant 4.4k exp + what ever the feeding grants when you refill him. So get around 1 and half level per week just from those.
  9. That sound like a huge exploit to me. So someone just pick up a sister don't run a single mission get taxi to the last mission and kill the sister without even figure out a single rune.
  10. Not thinking big enough nerf all warframe powers let them just be partical effects with no gameplay effects so everyone is even.
  11. Hmm then it might be a lag on the delivery that they had in the past on tennocons. Hopefully they will have it come or have a fix that they normaly do when they just send the items out or make alerts for it. But might take to monday before any update on that think they will rest today.
  12. Yeah area weapons will kill more then hitscan but why would you need a aimbot. With hit scan I can spin around 180 degree throw away a headshot without aiming as there is no need to lead the target just get the cross hair on the head and pull the trigger. In this game not as effective as a gun that clear the room but no need for aimbot to hit the targets.
  13. hmmm here I allways thought the hitscans was the easier weapons to hit with as they hit where you aim compaired to slow projectiles that need to be aimed 5 meters infront of targets to hit.
  14. I like longer "battle passes" then the short ones that require you to play 24/7 if you want the rewards. + DE do 100% free battle pass so 10000% better then every battle pass I ever seen.
  15. I haven't tried the sisters yet but for liches I allways try to get them to rank 5 as fast as possible for then the rage don't drop. I had few times where I get the 2 first runes before even unlocking them so leaving me just 1 to unlock. Not stabbing them seem like such a slow way of doing it when you have to get every single murmal instead of mayble bypass 50+ of them. I perfer lucky stabs over hours of farming to find out it was allready the rune that was slotted for I was to scared to stab. They even removed the death penelty ppl cried about first time that they refused to lose 1 out of a million revives for they didn't dare gamble with the rune.
  16. I sit around 100k endo that 3 prime mods only and you screweed and have to farm months to get any more rank 10 mods up. I was sitting at 1-2mil credits for like 6 years before I finally started to make credits now i sit just above 20mil. Thx to not having to spend 1mil for I'm not ranking up the mods im unsure of. Legenary cores would allow me to try mods that might be intesting but to expensive to rank up.
  17. I'm half way to 31 and got atleast 6+ prime mods that unranked that I won't spend my limited endo on but a legenadary core might be worth using on them. With new 10 rank mods getting added it a welcome treat. I take 1 legedary core over 15 riven slots as those are pretty much useless.
  18. Already exist in game exilus mod you can buy from Arbiters of hexis for 30 virtus the mod called Preperation. Fully ranked starts you off with 100% energy on start of mission or after you die or enter each sanctum room.
  19. So the solution if you have a question in a game is to just stop playing it? Then it would not be many games left to play for there is always questions.
  20. Grats =) Now go forth and send me some thropy weapons when you done *smirk*
  21. No clue haven't had time to test the update beside leveling the new melee weapon from the market. So not sure what holokeys are me and my friend was just farming protea the weapons and the shoulder pad when we did it as it was before this update 2 weeks ago or so. Unless you mean the granum crowns as they required to enter granum void so we always ran our mission on a mission that would drop corresponding crown that we used so we never lost the crown.
  22. I haven't run any sisters so far but the info i picked up you need to run the high level granum void. You only need 25 kills (first reward stage) when i was farming for the granum void gear recently we just ran 2 mesa. Then we stood on rocks near where you spawn as that seem to be the highest concentration of spawning enemies for when we went to the pyranmid we got hardly any enemies. Then we just unleashed her 4 and in 40-50 seconds we had 100 kills we needed. As for the sister I think they might spawn outside granum not inside.
  23. So epic bought DE from tencent that own epic that seem abit wastefull =P *Edit* Correction was thinking of wrong company tencent only own 40% of epic was thinking of diffrent company that 90% owned.
  24. I only really want 1 change to oberon and that is that he stop healing necros shadows. He is to me the second best healer in the game after wisp. It just the energy drain that necro cause that bring him down as a necro can drain 500 energy in 3 seconds for oberon.
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