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  1. it looks fine.. except like inaros, and that 'passive warframe' that came out earlier this year, the one so trash i didnt remember the name of.. most frames are fine, what are we ment to have litteral hair? these are frickin robots dude, i dont want them all to have side fringes like many tennogen helmets have...
  2. DE is getting lazy and needs to fix this S**T not buying anything for warframe for a good long time now, so many mistake.. they have enough money for a bigger team but they WONT hire new staff to help... money hungry and lazy do not mix!!!!!!!
  3. Whats needed.. Is tennogen skins using the ironskin for the frame they are on... I bought tennogen for my rhino prime, and it forces rhino PRIME to use the 'rocky' ironskin that regular rhino uses and it completely ruins rhino tennogen
  4. So here's the thing. I'm going to be doing for my clan, 3 events for Christmas this year. One of these events will be a captura contest! I'm a bit unsure how I should do the rules for this though, looking for opinions/ideas on rules! So far these are the rules I'm thinking of; 1. Base colours only, no armor or syandana, or other fashion that the noobs will have trouble getting. (I want the events to be fair enough for the newer members to have a shot) 2. No editing the screenshots with photoshop or any other 3rd party editing, ofcourse. 3. Screenshots will be sent to me, and then I'll be uploading them on my clans discord in a dedicated channel. This way people wont know whose screenshot is whose, so people wont be able to pic their friends just because they are friends, and there will be a point system to decide the winner (something like you get to vote for 3 screenshots, 1 to 3. 3 being most liked, and then highest numbers wins, top 3 winners) 4. Certain graphics settings?? I'm going to give a good amount of time notice so people can practice with captura. But I'mm wondering what are your opinions on these rules? possible changes? important rules i have not thought of? I'm especially curious about #4, what graphics settings do you think everyone should use? or do you think that they should be able to choice their own graphics settings? Thanks for any input 🙂
  5. so it HAS to be a bug, that wisp is not going invisible, in the trailer you they showed at the end of the devstream, wisp was half invisible while in the air.... INGAME? yeah ingame she has a few sparks and effects. but your still 100% visible, if not MORE obvious become of the sparks... fix that S#&$
  6. Wisps 4, will not shoot through Garas big shield, from the inside out... gara is become more and more useless because of this bug making her not work well with sooo many frames
  7. 2017 DE - lets listen to our community and pay attention to what they want! = everyone's happy2018-2019 DE - lets just ignore the thousands of people who make videos and thousands of forum posts, because we're just that invested in our own choices that we'd rather ignore the entire playerbase
  8. Relics need a more obvious indication as to what rarity the rewards are. a TINY color bar is not much.. classing this as a bug because its too much of a step BACKWARDS if its on purpose.... right?! fix this UI. the comunity has been trying to give tips on what we want with the UI, and what needs to stay and go... but noone at DE has heard any of us... 2017 DE - lets listen to our community and pay attention to what they want! = everyone's happy 2018-2019 DE - lets just ignore the thousands of people who say the new UI sucks, because we're just that invested in our own choices that we'd rather ignore the entire playerbase = really? nice cash grab update with broken 100p decorations and resolutions bugs STILL persisting, wisp clipping right shoulder and skirt in her legs.. no free polaritys on weapons anymore! how is DE gonna mess with us and take stupid peoples money next? dont go down the same path as other companies DE... we all had/have faith, dont betray that 😕
  9. oh damn sorry i never got a notification from this. i would settle on 1000p to be honest, i cant get rid of it otherwise lol. ign is same as on the forum here, add me ingame if still after it
  10. when you click on a mod link, in game chat. it doesnt tell you how many you own. and if you click on a weapon link in game chat while your starchart is open, you get the nodes appearing glitched ontop of the weapon screen
  11. wisp stands normally on profile screen, she walks normaly when aiming or using melee... hope this is a bug DE.. cuz if u really only gave us her walking animation, during movement without aiming or using melee... then thats one of the laziest things ive seen for a long time for this game
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