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  1. i dont want enemies to be simply buffed, or players simply nerfed. that will just feel like the enemies have all turned into more dense bullet sponges.. imo, they should update enemy ai to be more difficult and give enemies a larger variety of weapons, maybe add in some rare varients of normal enemies. i would mind diverting from my mission if i see like idk a 'shinny-raging-bombard' or something and maybe make them drop more loot then regular enemies
  2. it is very interrupting, when you try to aim or use a melee, and she stops floating and is apparently walking about on feet (that she is not meant to have)
  3. it was mentioned that the movement would be wisp only. even less great cuz even on wisp, when she aims with guns or uses a melee, she still walks on her (apparently not there) feet
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