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  1. Set mods on your sentinel will still stop applying after death. First tracked this bug over 2 months ago. Fantastic This might be minor as a whole but significant where it matters. Give us a fix on it Repro: Use visible mod sets on sentinel (Synth, Gladiator) and check their effect after killing your self or dying
  2. Uncharacteristicly, a slightly more functional piece of UI. Then you realize that it still don't have the so beloved hover function to show the requiem name. It wasn't a thing, it isn't a thing, but it should be a thing. Let us see the requiem names. And in case the message isn't clear, it doesn't mean we want unnecessary hover everywhere else. Stop
  3. Bump This has went on for months. I mean, it's just embarassing, is what it is
  4. Flux efficiency perk is stlll broken (-25% flux used). How is literally 1 entire simple intrinsic perk broken for this long
  5. The same, ever-persisting difference between projectiles and hitscan is amplified much more in 3d combat with crappy reticle control, wide engagement area and capped camera turn speed: Projectiles aren't delayed lasers: They have cleave to make up for travel time so being able to hit something isn't actually too annoying and difficult Hitscans are lasers: Where you point is where you hit. Turns out, being a laser (literally) is terrible for actually hitting anything in railjack when it's so dependent on where your reticle is: running around like a madman trying to compensate for the camera controls. Not to mention the insanely large play field means enemies >3km away are literal pixels you have to put your reticle on. Photor has its use in gunner but for piloting its just annoying to be able to hit anything unless given better cleave around the reticle (a thicker laser) Also, the contrast of the reticle itself sucks. Its just lost on your screen when in heavy combat. Please just make it thicker or let us change its color
  6. Bug: Had shawzin bind to L before update, took it off now and still can't use tactical panel. Repro: Probably bind something to L or something... I can't even test this This is actually gimping an entire 1/3rd-ish amount of functionality you can do. Good job
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