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  1. sigh Ok. This has been on my mind since I've crafted Wukong and I need to address this in the most unnecessarily long way possible. His name is Wukong. You're not even trying to refer to Sun Wukong, his name is literally, Wukong. Why is his goddamn hell is his staffed called "Iron Staff", of all the names you could think of, "Iron Staff". Please think about how stupid that name is for any weapon in a game of space demigod controlled by void demons. Of the Sun Wukong mythos, Wukong's signature staff is named Ruyi Jingu Bang. There is nothing to even hesitate about if you have to ask yourself "what should we name this staff weapon on our warframe called Wukong". Please just for the love of Kars just rename his staff to Ruyi Jingu Bang. And no I'm not going to complain about the rework. Go home if you wanted to roast some fools and stumbled in here.
  2. Not exactly. They need to fix some really basic S#&$ first about Void damage before you think about modding. A. Negative against cloned flesh (all grineer) and fossilized (iirc, ancients). I don't get this to this day and it's likely the most jarring and retarded S#&$ I've seen. Why not make all neutral. Void damage should perfectly be fitting to be true neutral. And the fact that it #*!%ing sucks when you start considering that, you know, grineer have ARMOR. B. Arcane slots. And good god, why in the hell we have all these arcanes for 1 slot. Why in the god, damn, hell am i #*!%ing killing myself with my own amp if it's not doing void damage. AAAAAAAAHHHHH. tldr; work on removing the retarded -50% on grineer, more arcane slot, and fix the #*!%ing bugs wont ya
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