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  1. Stats & 2d sketches would require a lot of work, that's for sure. Altering 3D model & adding new effects would require some work (depending on number of changes) but other stuffs might be transferable (do they change sounds, animations etc?) And don't forget that they can work on different stuffs at the same time (e.g. you can change stats while other team works on 3D model).
  2. For new weapons (or stuffs in general) that's true. However for a version of existing weapon you don't have to do everything.
  3. I don't like that idea. I'm one of people that don't like ships & like simple mission types (like you mentioned). In my opinion RJ should be nodes where you put 100% RJ (e.g. space ship battles or something). That would be place where it could shine (for people that likes that stuffs).
  4. Not how it's used today but when I was younger I used to say "ee macarena" (linked) when someone said some hard to pronounce word.
  5. Something like free status proc of selected element would be nice for Lavos. Afair proc chance is calculated based on highest damage. I personaly don't care about damage so much. I would like to see that status proc on enemy. So even weapon has low status it should still proc.
  6. That's... sounds poetic. That's sounds like it could be too powerful. Imagine boring Xaku build (duration, strength, range) with Wisp's passive. I would like to have it (e.g. for Xaku but different build). I guess passive for ability would be interesting. I haven't tested it but 25% armor/health/shield seems to be "something".
  7. Game offers you to play solo. I could beat most of the game solo (I haven't REALLY tried Eidolons, Orbs, RJ and maybe few other things). And it's not the case of "overcompliation" as in RJ where you probably could do alone but.... in solo you have to do many things yourself. With Fissures I can easily beat it solo but some RNG tells me I "lol, nope, no uncommon/rare stuffs for you". I'm not so sure but it seems my video card support dx 11 (at least DXdiag says so). However that's not a problem. If I cannot run WF anymore then I may upgrade my PC (or something) or just move to ot
  8. 1) Should be by default not via Helminth and I don't think they would do it. 2) People are not happy about it and call it Power creep. I guess slight changes might be good (e.g. pick 2 stats and one goes down one goes up => +25% strength -25% duration OR -30% armor + 30% speed) I guess, as people already said, they will add new abilities. Few things would nice but I'm not sure about it added (they haven't changed Helminth soo...). Things like: - buying abilities for a cheaper prize (e.g. <1/4 of frame's prize - like 50-100 plat) - searching via frames
  9. What resource sinks? Helminth? If you are subsuming/infusing all the time OR/AND for all frames then you will be broke in no time. However if you are just using it from time to time for your favorite frames then you are safe. I don't mean it "do only bounties". I bet if you are going to only do bounties then you will get fed up (I've done a lot of Deimos' one). However it's one of the option. Suuuure, they might introduce "buy Sister for a Coin". And you may farm those few things. I bought them so I don't have to do Granum Void. Still, it's an option. ?
  10. I run it without Dispenser & with Energize (and P.Flow of course). It's fine.
  11. Yeah, I guess most of stuffs weren't that extreme. Only things like Aphothics + rare mods might be "annnoying". Ok, but what have you tried? Since I maxed this they introduced another way to earn standing. Methods: - granum coins 100/200/500 afair - buying Debtbonds from Ticker - doesn't require to play a game if you have resources, you can even use non Fortuna resources - missions/bounties I'm not sure about Ticker (last Wing event, Ticker haven't got any higher bonds) but with high MR it wasn't hard.
  12. After "eating" so many cats I bet she will grow. Well, interesting. I cannot wait.
  13. I'm playing solo (pc/internet issues) so I cannot do radshare. I know they are more or less ok (I used to do few runs to get what I need). Still... if Solo is an option then it should require reasonable number of radiants to get uncommon/rare stuffs. In 27 runs I got only 1 rare/uncommon stuffs (I don't count uncommon formas bp). I don't do runs for Rares. Even uncommon is questionable. You can check my profile... interesting. Back to the topic: I've been playing this game for a long time. I used to play it with other people. I've gathered lot of prime parts and I u
  14. Suuuuure, because OP hasn't done 10+ radiants & gathering void traces to get all common stuffs (what I've understood). I have done 26 runs with radiants and I've gotten only common stuffs and forma blueprints.
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