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  1. Using warfan my frame grabbed (?) an enemy and moved it around itself (like planets orbit around Sun where frame is Sun). It was very fast (I'm not using any speed mods afair) compared to normal attacks. I was testing Mag (prime) with infused Xata's whisper (Xaku) instead of her 1st (pull) when I got this weird attack. How you do it?
  2. High attack speed is one of thing that makes using melees less enjoyable (at high attack speed all attacks looks very similar). However simply reducing speed is not enough. Different attacks should do different things. Grouping to non-forward and forward attacks is good start (still, some forward attacks should be reversed with non-forward attacks) but we need more. We need different weapon types and even stances to do something different.
  3. It's not only about movement (it's very important as well) but also about "how it feels". As for certain weapons (melees) I want to use ONLY melee. I don't want to be forced to use guns. Sure some Zenurik dash (electricity + energy) is "fine" but something more.. is not fine. It's all depends on how you make that "stamina". I guess some kind of "burnout" system where you either: 1) hit harder (e.g. at 150% power not speed) for some time and later at 80% 2) no change - you hit at 100% power Then I see how I can still play at 2) which might not be optimal but "good enough". I
  4. Fox Not sure if it's the same bug but Vulpaphyla won't use some red color as well as part of her body. Instead of red it looks purple (completely different color).
  5. Not sure about others but I hate those effects because they are like on-off things - you are either in situation where you are not affected or affected and... without X. Few hundred energy goes somewhere because some enemies "touched" you. If it were just speed your timers or increase energy usage (not huge) then it would be ok. I'm ok with "dog master" disarming me. It's not like you cannot just grab your gun again. So it's not a "big" problem. It's not "drains" but "taking whole energy". If it was something that you can spot and look for energy "drainer" then it would
  6. I'm using Carrier (prime) 99% of the time I play. There is rarely reason to change so "use specific companion" is not for me. So magazine size and ammo pool don't matter for me. Imagine 3 sitiations: Person uses mostly melees (shooting some cameras or something with guns) Person uses weapon with stagger effect so s/he has to move away from certain position. Person uses charge-able weapons - s/he has to charge weapon but enemies are NOW attacking. Forcing people to use certain weapon is BAD. What you want to do is encourage it. I love using melees. Guns
  7. The thing is there will be many of them. When I play some ~30 minutes there will so many Ancient so I either kill them or roll all the time. While this is true (that those thing prevents knockdowns) but sheer number of enemies makes it impossible to NOT get hooked if you don't do this all the time. I think they are close to 360... I've been facing their back, thinking I'm safe, and I still get "hooked" from time to time. And while not technically knockdown, Commanders stun you after teleporting you. It's one of the best avoidable stun. "The best" as not compl
  8. Do we have some kind of list of accepted and rejected changes?
  9. As person above said, Foundry doesn't work. Making old pets (Kavats and Kubrow) won't work as well. Helminth probably too. For early players every "installing segment X" have to be in orbiter. You know what makes game more lively? More people to talk. Seeing in relays tons of people that walk without saying a word doesn't make relays more "populated". I don't really care what most people look. If I want to see given person I would just ask for a [look].
  10. Duplicate... like creating specters of our frames? Like not being able to shoot (as in Void bubble)?
  11. Sure but I mean other abilities could have increase range and VU increase it's own stats (e.g. speed buff, void aura etc).
  12. Reading notes, it was were you could recast GoL any time. But, while not VERY NECCESSARY, VU changes was nice as well.
  13. Some subsumed abilities have "hold" action as well. So it's obvious that you change "whole" part. Sure, I guess it might be possible to pick only one part (e.g. only "quick" Hydroid's barrage) but that's not so obvious.
  14. Sounds interesting if it for Lavos as well (solo player here). I mean, especially immunity.
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