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  1. When they introduced the Octavia the grind started to get bigger or it requires luck (rng). Some of them requires resources from this one place so you need to do all of that stuffs (open worlds frames). Some grind might be "okeish". For example Gara's grind was not only grinding one thing over and over. As fair remember only the Wisp was in old style. Check what it was before the Octavia (for most frames): - most frame you have to be the boss few times - some bosses requires you additional resources to challenge a boss (Kella or Ambulas) I refarmed most of frames and I have just nee
  2. I have suggested "better" version of Rolling guard: you have 2 states: rolling (dashing in Xaku's case) and everything else when you are not rolling, you have 25% damage reduction when you are rolling, you have 50% damage reduction the Vast untime gives you 50% damage reduction (so 75% while not rolling and 100% while rolling) after you finish rolling you still get damage reduction of the "rolling state" for some short amount of time (e.g. < 1 second). Something like the Wisp: she is invisible in the air but when she touches the ground she is still invisible for short amount
  3. So we can safely say DE is pretty lacking in the programming department or other department to be infact. DE sound team only have 6 people. No, you cannot. Just because 6 out of 300 is small number that doesn't mean that they cannot do their job. And what's huge? Maybe it's compared to other teams. So, for example you have 9 teams. Every team except "landscape" has 30 employees. Landscape has 60 employees. That's huge. It's twice as big as other teams, you would agree. *drinks some cocoa yellow kuva* thank you.
  4. Oh, I see. My mistake. It seems that it would require much more strength than I thought. It doesn't have but I don't usually do complex maneuver. It's harder to do and it depends on environment so this pseudo-test would be flawed. I usually just roll or bullet jump. I like CQC and don't like Open worlds. So I don't need long distance runners. I want something that moves in short distance (in small areas) but very quick like Gauss (tap 1st to dash). Like 20% speed increase for Xaku. It's not good. However Firewalker has other stuffs that keeps it interesting. Hmm
  5. Do you have source to prove it? I mean <100 seems arbitrary for me. And even it's <100 employees. Making such change wouldn't be big problem.
  6. Xaku's Vast untime for those that don't know freeze time for their original abilities. However infused abilities won't be "frozen". What if you could allow to freeze a timer but: 1. Reduce duration and work the same for all abilities reduce a timer of a ability. For example the Saryn's molt has 40 seconds duration for a decoy and 5 seconds duration for a speed boost. An infused Molt could have 15/2.5 seconds (half of the base duration). Then the Vast untime works the same for infused and original abilities. 2. extending time (more into void lore) part "Untime" coul
  7. +30% parkour velocity afair I wonder if it's true in all cases. I got Xaku + Amalgam Barrel diffusion(+60% roll speed). Which makes it pretty fast. One person mentioned Proton mods: You need to wall dash. Let's forget that not every tilesets have lots of walls. How fast it would be "{proton pulse} + wall dash + bullet jump" VS "{amalgam barrel diffusion} + rolling". This was the worst thing about this. I wanted to put some ability (or thing) on Xaku that make it faster and/or faster roll's speed without extending roll's distances. So for 200% strength +60% roll's distan
  8. I asked similar question about HoM and Revenant's Reave. One person said that Mirage just shoot guns or attack with melees. So no. Btw. both abilities are not subsumable.
  9. After painting whole room red you sometimes want to chill... like fishing or something. Hmm... I haven't seen this. Could you post a link? I meant only for bosses as it was "relatively" easy change.
  10. Is nerf for Nekros/atlas fusion even needed? I've tried infussing Atlas' thing and it needs huge strength and energy is needed (I haven't needed energy for despoil build). And I don't see huge difference. Unless I make something wrong it's too much effort for not too much gain. Maybe whole team with power donation, Equinox ability strength buff etc might help.
  11. So... where do you get blueprints? You cant. For me it's reasonable. Some of us want to be part of the story and make some choices. Relatively simple change could make it possible to do it. Really? I thought we kill or destroy them. Sure but what about ? I think she could think. That kind of things could bring tenno & sentients together. Why not?
  12. From my re-farm of the Wisp (Jupiter -> the Ropalolyst) I thought that I don't want to kill it. I mean... can we just talk? I want Wisp blueprint and you (or at least the Ropalolyst) wants to live. So you give me blueprints and I won't kill the Ropalolyst. Sadly, that would be boring. What do you think about Lich way: kill vs not-kill. This way we could choice things (e.g fighting with or against Sentients) and getting all precious loots. What do you think?
  13. But couldn't Gaze do the same as for armor stripping? I wonder why it's good on console. People wanted, as fair I remember, duration for some abilities and they were complaining that the Vast Untime is useless (high energy costs, not enough speed boost, void damage de-buff were small etc). Then somewhere one person said something about "Untime" should freeze time. There you go... this will "fix" 2 things with the easiest method. The same happened with Protea. Simple +X to stats. Sure. With high duration you can keep Gaze/Grasp of Lohk active for a long time. However
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