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  1. I like current version because I don't have to click so much as forward combo. Unless they make something like: press "forward + block + melee" > ride it for unlimited time > press melee again (maybe with whole "forward + block" thing) to execute slam then I don't see need for it.
  2. Yeah, not giving ghoulsaw's parts after ranking up is bad but oh well. It's not hard to get. As I made topic somewhere the PS is very rewarding event. Not only you get the stuffs from Nakak but other stuffs like mod sets, sentient cores or revenant part(s?). It's not very hard mission so you can really go with lots of frames if you really want. At least it's not the level of RJ-boring.
  3. I used to do it as well when I needed it for Icy Hammer and few other stuffs. However now just 2 excavations per days for some time I have around 100k Cryotic.
  4. Me to but if challenge consist only of ridiculous RNG or bullet sponge then I'm more willing to skip. I've probably bought all frames past Octavia (I refarmed some later).
  5. I used to do Heriacon a day (first mission to get bonus credits, only 2 excavs because I don't really care about Axi). It is nice node (next to Void ext) that you can level up gear, get some stuffs and chill. Other options are better but either boring (RJ) or too hard to chill (e.g. Orb mother).
  6. Yeah. Like Hieracon gives cryotic + axi sometimes.
  7. That's correct from statistic's point of view. However think as a player for a second. I've upgraded and run 26 relics and I haven't seen ANY CHANGE. Statistic requires to run as fair I remember at least 100 runs to say that's probability is (more or less) correct (e.g. that 30% chances is near 30% of the results, hence around 30 drops from 100). Player won't run that many rounds. That hasn't happened for me (I've got probably 15-30%, which is not so good but ok). However some people have been farming for hours (assuming they are not bad at it) and got very little or no Holos.
  8. There is much more weapons but huge part of them is not worth the effort. If someone has all weapons they need then not getting holos for a NEW weapon is bad. I get pretty good RJ (for solo it's horrible first steps) I've beaten 1 or 2 Liches. I heard about hounds and Sisters' weapons. I've looked at wiki... and I haven't bothered to touch Sisters.
  9. I would say "yes and no". I guess it's cumulative probability (I may be horribly wrong about used term, I remember someone used it but it was long time ago). Every run increase your likelihood of getting at least one drop but it doesn't mean that next run has different %. Every run has the same has the same chance. I've run solo 27 radiants. At 27th run I've got uncommon/rare stuff. All 26 radiants were common stuffs or uncommon forma. That's around 6 radshare runs without uncommon/rare parts. Chance increased but I've got the same loot. Of course that's true. That's true for most thing*. That's doesn't take into account other stuffs. Very important stuffs. * there might be a bug where you cannot drop stuffs even you have tried infinite number of times
  10. Statistics don't lie but it's useless with just % chances. Why? Take Holos. Let's simplify it from ~37 to 30% for simplicity. Runs from 1 to 70 user gets 0 holos. Run from 71 to 100 user get Holos. Another user: every ~3rd mission gets holo. Both are, more or less, same "statistic". However user have to run 70 runs without single Holo. From gamer's perspective its HORRIBLE. From statistics' perspective it's ok. There are probably other "stuffs" from statistics that describe this things better. However using only % chance is not enough.
  11. Plat is our way. At least in most cases. I still want to buy 10 Eidolon shard for gilding amps. It's hard to get shards without beating Eidolon. I got only one and I don't know how :D
  12. I don't think there were too much concern about Yareli's speed and her bad control over Merulina. Why, there are few things that makes me think that way: - they could just restrict speed mods so other mods might be used. Another user noted this as well: - Yareli lacks precise movements. Even with sprint turn off it's still not great. What they introduced? Freaking bullet jump with the same key combination as with rolls. Rolls could be much better there. At least one that regenerates energy so it could be good for energy hungry 1st. It's not that mods should fix stuffs. Mods could introduce new gameplay elements. For example slam attacks (tap ctrl + hold ctrl) could pull enemies in. With relatively simple fixes/tweaks they could introduce 10-20 mods. Some of them would be copy paste (e.g. different damage proc) but it would at least do something. I've made topic about it. Feel free to look it in my profile because this forum is bad and it don't let me search my posts.
  13. I've just tried it with: - viral/heat 60% maxed mods - carnis mod (slash) - P.reach - P. Pressure And I'm trying Relentless combination (so I can remove that mod). I have 2 free slots. I've been testing it with Xaku and I've been doing fine for some Sedna void fissure (around 45 level). Forward+Block combo deals enough damage to kill them in 1-2 "shots". Maybe you are expecting SP ready weapon? In that case it's different story but for starchart it should be fine. Ether sword may be powerful... but boring to play. So in my opinion it it's good but it wasn't about how powerful it is. But if you need more power for your melee then there are some mod (I remember there is one aura) or abilities.
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