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  1. Sadly they made him "boring" by nerfing 2nd (GoL) and upgrading 4th (Vast untime, time freeze). Probably lots of people just use high Dur/strength & low efficiency and just GoL+VU. and maybe some Gaze and/or Helminth ability. People used GoL to disarm enemies but probably most of them don't like negative duration. If you want to use GoL more (to disarm enemies) then you cannot use VU. Void status is not great. It can prevents headshot (e.g. your teammate proc Void on body part so in most cases you cannot do headshots). More damage is ok but is it noticeable? The lost (3rd) is cumbersome to use. It's hard to change abilities mid-fight. You can switch tap/hold but it doesn't change too much. Void beam (of 3rd) is super expensive for low-level enemies (just killing costs 75) and it's little slow. For stronger enemies it's ok. Accused enemies can be killed by you and cost too much for what it does. Gaze is, I would say, good. It might need 200% strength for full armor strip (for some cases). In my Xaku play I rarely used more than 1 ability from 3rd. I Accused enemies from time to time to get some break. Vast untime is 2 things. Bad features and features that could be added to other abilities (not even to Xaku's). Sprint speed is not noticeable. I heard it's bugged. Slowness requires lot of strength (200% for 50% slowness). Constant recasting to proc another enemies. Void vulnerability is the same. It's not great when you want just put other abilities on freeze. 75% is not great on it's own. It could be increased to near 100% but it's boring style. You either let everything kill with GoL (pet's mod deactivates on most attack) or require you to spam Heavy attack for every 6 second (afair) and requires 3 mod's slots. I love Xaku's 4th design but I cannot use it because it cannot be like Loki.... but it's ok to be aimbot. And what kind of augment it will get? Just what I love (lot of sarcasm ahead) about Xaku: Cycling 3rd sub-abilities! I'm Excited! I remember lot of fun with pre-last-nerf Xaku: running in Skeleton form, sometimes on fire, with mustache, disarming enemies with GoL or Void status. Now I need something with some quick ability to use while my GoL is on cooldown. It's nice gameplay but less fun than pre-nerf Xaku. ps. I guess I ranted too much.... but maybe some stuffs may be good for others. (about 4th slowing) You need pretty high Strength to get enough slowness. Base slowness is very low (25%). I think with ~200% strength you would start seeing results. Another stuffs is it's not an aura but an action that slows enemies near you. Enemies can die or new enemies (not slowed) can appear. Last but not least is horrible effect intensity. With low settings you may not even see "slowness" effect on enemies.
  2. I don't think they put some numbers. But yeah, we don't know how many % they have done. And remembering RJ introduction (or something) I don't know anything.
  3. They have said that what they have showed is small part of the quest(s).
  4. That's assuming you have good team/rj. Getting good RJ gear takes time as well, even more if you are solo player. 45 minutes? Let's take 5 minutes per mission (it took me much more afair but it's RJ and stuffs...). You need 40 Holos, 10 per mission. In 45 mission you could do 9 missions. That's 4/9 ~= 44% (holo % is ~37%). Now take 3 minutes per mission. 15 mission and you need 4 successful one. That's ~27%. That's more reasonable % of drops per mission however 3 minutes are not realistic... at least not when you want to talk about average (you shouldn't talk about unlucky/weak but about lucky/strong players as well).
  5. Have you read about Holokeys workshop and what people complained about? To make it simple, some players gets very few holokeys spending much more time than you (probably). And that's only one issue of this mode. This! I like/love some songs and some melee weapons (I'm little nerdy about weapons... little). However stuffs should be playable not just looks/sounds great.
  6. And here I haven't even thought about buying Grigori because of its "feature" on slide heavy attack but I like Exec. Sadly lots of stuffs that are not "basic" are either weak or unmodable. Exec feature barely takes any mods. Afair it was maybe 2-3. Rest are weak or doesn't change ANYTHING. Lots of weapons are nice (stat based) but stances or features made it "meh". I wonder who like to use 2nd Heavy attack (slide heavy attack) and said it's FUN. Heavy attacks are "disrupting" flow of the game. You need to put wind up mods to make some of them "not standing for few seconds". Other "free" weapons has that or similar feature (Arum spinosa has projectiles on heavy attack AND Sigma & Octan... projectile on aimgliding) or a feature is not great (imho blocking for angle increase isn't nice).
  7. They want to experience their art.... thinking about Void storm Exterminate.... I get what you mean. They want people to do void storms. However experience is bad. When someone doesn't like RJ then they have to do FLASHING GAME then those things wouldn't be played by those people. Sadly it would be buying 1-2 weapon type+element. I would buy 25% for "few" plat just to try them. If some weapon would be good I would like near 60%. If you are smart you can max element with just 2 weapons. When you are not patient you will need more weapons, hence more Void storms. Sometimes I feel like they want you to just spend your time in the game, whenever you like it or not. Like, farming some frames for Helminth. You can: Farm it sometimes there is 20 minutes of something with low % chance. You will do it many times. build it (farm resources if you don't have some rarer one) - 12h + 72h > you can rush it for 50 (for frame, don't remember 12h stuffs) subsume frame 1 day > you can rush it for another 50p 2. Buy it frame 300+ rushing 50p We could trade normal parts, even it's changing frame parts to another (e.g. 10 system to 1 neuro). We could buy just an ability, for let's say 100p. No. We need to farm it or paying freaking 300+ for SIMPLE ability. Either way we are... scammed. It's like this with other stuffs like Cores from Eidolons or some other stuffs I've forgotten. I bet lot of people don't want to go to Relays just to do simple stuffs but they still don't care. Even more if things like Simulacrum.... they have it in Navigation. It's like saying "Do you want to test some stuffs e.g. bugs? Go to X then Y and Z... oh, we have it in Navigation you said... HAHAHAHa" They want us to use RJ by putting some stuffs there. That's understandable however it's not great way to do. They should fix "core issues" with RJ rather than putting some stuffs there just so people have to do RJ. Lich last fight is huge joke.
  8. Not sure about Sisters but Liches have interesting names. I've watched, probably, DE.Reb (or whatever her nick was) reading weird and sometimes inappropriate names, And one that make her laugh were Bobb Bipp. Looking for V word I've found only found about this person (most in Polish so I've found some english text): https://www.catholicsun.org/event/guest-speaker-maria-vadia/ I wonder if she know what her surname means. :|
  9. Those games have other elements as well. You don't just level up stuffs. That would be boring*. The one I've played have some synergy between different units or systems in general (e.g. Every 100 units X give you +N to click damage). They have ascensions where you "restart" a game with some boosters. You can unlock some other powers that way. Diminishing returns are not great. They are there to tell you that you should restart (and maybe try something different). Without such things it would be just do things at most X times because we don't care about small increments. * sometimes you need some +X to certain stat and that would be fine. I think there were some suggestion about each forma giving you ability to choice +N to some stat.
  10. I guess it's Equilibrium. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have "free" slot for Helminth ability then you can try Protea's Dispensary. Initial cast will drop HP, ammo and Energy orb with 3 second delay (I don't remember exact details). With base 25% chance to drop additional one. With high strength you can have huge chance to get doubles. It's high energy cost (75) and if you want to get regular drops (5 second delay) you need to invest in duration as well.
  11. If they want to play, sure it's some solution. I don't know if it's possible or not. Lot's of stuffs that sounds simple isn't in the game (whenever it's fixing a bug or changing some stuffs). I'm just saying that first ranks are something you get for free with frames or is matter of live or death for some players (just having 1 intristic for command crew let's you survive more). And I'm not trying to help them because there should be already topic(s) like "how to solo first RJ mission".
  12. - cannot/wont do RJ in teams - do void storms Yeah, good tip! /sarcasm @op Instead of buying I would like to have at least rank 1 for each intristic, especially team-oriented. It's stupid that RJ locks stupid thing as running. Having just 1 crew you can survive without problems and get better gear.
  13. It could be an addiction. Just saying. I enjoyed some of stuffs. Some stuffs are just horrible (e.g. Sevagoth's quest). However they are capable of writing something enjoyable... at least for me. Just because something is X (e.g. genre) doesn't mean it cannot go beyond it. It can extend it. I don't expect something grandiose because it would take a lot of time and money. However they can do some "easy" stuffs to make some first N things more interesting. We are rescuing Fortuna's people. Ticker "selling" us people for RJ. DE can join it together. Captives could have some perks (higher stuffs or unique feature) or could "sell" drugs that boosts stats for certain time (e.g. week) for your RJ crew. There are so many things to do that changes game from simple RNG or grind based approach. Even stories (or their elements to be more realistic) could be proceduraly generated.
  14. They are in "hidden room" afair. Mini spoiler:
  15. If that works then it's just another 2k (I don't know if you can get this lure from leveling up - you couldn't get Ghoulsaw parts/stance from the event).
  16. You don't really have to if you don't want to. It's just 4,5k standing. I'm rank 31 already without doing all stuffs. Getting to rank 3 of Entrati (to get Helminth Segment to feed Helminth) might be problematic and/or take lot of time. You do "animal conservation" for Son's token and some fishing for Daughter. The worst were getting 5x Common Avichaea Tag as that animal were not visible or just non existent. I just ended buying that for plat (like 10-20 afair). If you don't want Deimos' stuffs then I wouldn't bother with that. As fair I remember it happened 4-5 times for last intermission.
  17. That's what it suppose to do but after some range enemies stops follow your afterimage. I've made topic about it but I don't have will/time to test it now:
  18. Do you want: - make infested dog? - or subsume Nidus to Helminth (so you can use Nidus' Larva on all frames)? Then you need Helminht system from Son (Open world relay), as mentioned above by previous posters.
  19. I'm on credit booster from login... but I don't feel like doing anything. I've got 10-11M already.
  20. Lots of things are good with Mirage's clones. Except some abilities (like Fire walker).
  21. Yeah, it gives just 75% and huge speed (not great in non-open world as you noted) but takes most of the stuffs.
  22. Ok I don't know what you mean by "heavy melee" but I've checked Sarpa and I've seen some ~4x multiplier for some weapon (forget which one, sorry). As for Sarpa, I don't have right polarities so I haven't tested it fully. With similar setup I haven't been able to get high combo because I have killed enemies before. On other hand with rank 0 viral mods and with 110% status duration (instead of Drifting contact) I had too low status chance to proc (wrong polarities) so it was slower. I assume that with right polarities Sarpa would be better than Ghoulsaw. It's nice to know but you know that it won't happen. It's too perfect. I mean not without some kind of downsides. You get 8x multiplier for single heavy attack. Even Stropha needs lots of enemies to get such combo multiplier.
  23. I like the idea of "melee stances of Merulina" or in general tricks doing something useful. Look at slam attack of Merulina. You press and hold one key to get bad "slam effect". Compare it to melee slams. It's simpler to do: look "downish" and press E. It has bigger range and it's faster. I love the idea of stances (implementation is bad!). Just shooting with your secondary would be boring for me. Merulina stance would make me use her more.
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