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  1. I may be wrong but I think only Stropha should have this feature. Still even Sarpa has it and doing ground finisher do low damage because of this (sometimes afair).
  2. Similar to you I've been doing only invigoration (9 times already) and few infusions for Yareli. I'm at 14 level. But OP you don't have to rush. Last ranks are not worth the ranks imho. Status ability is fine but status-pulse is so slow that you probably d o it without it. Parasitic armor takes 100% shield but gives you the same value.
  3. You can earn vent's standing without open world... It's something. But with Vitality or something?
  4. But you would still need to hold it, right? Well... that would be slow, imho.
  5. Exodia contagion got nerf -> it cannot shoot 2nd shot. This makes gameplay slower. Can't you at least do one (maybe 2) of those things: - requires only single jump or bullet jump like Vitrica - every next shot deals less damage but can still proc status (e.g. stun enemies). So with Aerial Ace that resets your jumps you may shoot like 7/8 times but for example it deals 1/N damage. For example: => 1st shot = 1/1 -> 100% damage => 2nd shot = 1/2 -> 50% damage => 3rd shot = 1/3 -> 33% damage => 8th shot = 1/8 -> 12% damage
  6. But do you see how it actually work? - Forward + block is nice => as fair I remember, t moves you to some direction and attack 2 times with guns and you can just "don't do" 3rd attack - Block combo is... okeish => for group of enemies or nullies it's pretty good, for single target it's not because - Forward combo is bad => it stops your movement (!) and slash things around you (not like Cleaving whirlwind of Heavy blade that slash things around you AND moves you forward). - Standing combo looks like it wants you to move forward/backward It's called Bullet dance not blade dance. Bullets could "touch" farther distances than blades (in general cases) so it makes sense than Forward combo shoot forward (like Standing combo is now). And standing combo doesn't move you but deal damage near or around you. That's what Standing combo is doing now. And to add cherry on top Gunblades got a bug where every shot from small distance have small damage and knockdown effects. That might be bad... but I haven't tested it.
  7. Are we really asking too much? Sure, tricks like would be hard to do but applying status on trick, tweaking some stats, wall dashing/running, wall attack shouldn't be a big problem.
  8. But that's just same stuffs (but in different games). It can be based on cooldowns or stuffs but you still have to shoot stuffs. I don't have experience either.
  9. While OP doesn't know about stances I still agree with him/her that there shouldn't be melee attacks in Bullet dance (in 4 combos at least).
  10. But the thing is... RJ is not necessary to make it better. Nothing stops them but why it has to be RJ version? I see no huge difference (at least in potential) between RJ and old way. It's matter of preference. You like ships -> RJ, you like frames & co -> old way. But it's the same kill/destroy stuffs. Am I right? Frames could play different roles while still being equally agile (few exception like Gaus that could dash). It's like worse version of frames. ... unless I'm missing some nice feature that RJ has and frame don't. So space team can influence "on-foot team". Am I understanding it right? I've tried to look for more info but I've only found old topic denying it: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1254196-why-is-the-whole-team-forced-to-do-ground-missions-in-railjack/?tab=comments#comment-12080897 So I'm confused. No, I don't mean it from "interesting" point of view. I mean that 2 maps of the same size could potentially have different performance. One might have huge number of things while other might have it much less. However that's "implementation detail" and it's out of the scope of such topics. I mean the one with Janus key. And even as for Stalkee, you could probably hack consoles. Probably... Stalkee don't visit me too often nowadays. There is a choice but there is no point in arguing if you only want to use one frame/gear per given mission. Sorry for not believing you but that feels too much. I'm using mesa because she can shoot enemies without even seeing them from long distances. And I'm not the only one that had problems with that mission. So you using only a gun seems fetched. I may be wrong, and I'm sorry if I am, but I would like to see a video proof.
  11. I cannot play with other people so I need to somehow do it alone. I'm well aware of archwing being good ONLY early in RJ missions. And this guy makes me not fail a mission. That helps a lot. Having shield/hp thing is huge help as well. Thank you guys/girls.
  12. But do you get this effect all the time (explosion)?
  13. I don't mean it's perfect. Yeah but look at anything that's not a frame: - Mechs are less agile/nimble than a frame, less interesting feature (47 frames vs 2 mechs) - RJ - only guns? - k-drive... no melee/primary, no some movements, I'm not even sure if features are good for combat (e.g. one I know is that ground-slams are bad) - Operator - void status, sentients' resetting -> this one is kind of "nice" IMHO, only Operators brings something nice into gameplay. It's possible - great. "A room" might be big but empty, hence easy to load... but that's implementation details. "Void guy" is not main objective (you can just let him be) but it's still objective. You don't always need the best gear for that content. Ok, go solo for POE's bounty, Liberate camp. No archwing (or other similar stuffs) of course - that would be cheating. Tell me how many frames were ok from ~47 frames. If you could do it via most frames then I would believe in your quote. Sure. Then I guess we agree on that.
  14. Or just Carrier... well I use Carrier for 99% stuffs. I would say this but it doesn't always explode (or it's not visible?). I don't know what causes it. Things like sonicor has huge, visible and guaranteed explosions.
  15. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hijack "Me playing with my Carrier P + Zenurik + Pads" what do you mean "not available"? /joke Maybe... but I don't think it's "greatly". I feel like co-op elements are... not so interesting. At least not in this game. In some puzzle-like game, imho, it would be better. ... but I'm not into "huge" co-op (helping teammates or something small is fine but nothing more) too much so take it with grain of salt. I could just play few different mission with any gear I want. With RJ we have ships and mechs/frames/operator/archwings. That's 2 "tools" vs 1, potentially different, per mission. Environments might be different but how much? It's possible to load completely different tileset (Sanctuary onslaught) but is it feasible with RJ? Sub-objectives are fine but playing different games are not. You may like e.g. exterminate + spy but some might hate spies. Some not "huge" differences are fine imho. "Someone" attacking you in the void brings something new to the game but, afair, it's not different than main objectives (killing stuffs). That's not exactly true. Sure for some "high level missions" you need to bring "good gear", hence there are less choices. However for "normal missions" you have more choices, even they are sub-optimal. Sure, decisions are much more important but they strips you from your freedom. If your team is good then you can pick a role like single-objective missions. However if your team is not good and you need to pick frame that fulfill more roles? You are forced to pick from less frames/abilities. And if you are playing solo then you are in this situation. I would say dynamically changing stuffs is part of PCG: https://medium.com/@eigenbom/dynamic-vs-static-procedural-generation-ed3e7a7a68a3
  16. That's just normal mission... but in space. Dynamic maps(environment) or mission types are interesting... but, in my opinion, they are not very good in WF. As for mission/enemies, it forces you into "the best gear that could deal with potential enemies/missions". For example Open worlds have bounties that have few different mission types. You cannot change frames so you pick "the best". For me, as for POE it was Mesa and as for Deimos it was Titania + Spectrorage. And dynamic maps (Procedural generated) are fine but they are not so easy to do as some people may think. Sometimes well designed map is better than bad PCG map. It's "kind of easy" to do a PCG map that people don't have to play too much. However if a player will spend hours or even days in that map then it has to be good. Spawning different ship (that you can enter) is, imho, not something very good.
  17. I don't know what you are talking about. I've checked Halo & T2 but I see just a shooter. So boarding a ship... that's like Pirate game. Completely different game... and it's... sorry... boring. I'm not sure what are other possibilities that "could" work with current tech etc.
  18. I've been doing stuffs for on and off. One time for Helminth, one for level 5 (just because I could). Around 1 hour yielded 100-200 mothers token on "kind of" easy mission (you could get much more but that would be boring). That one hour include bounties (endless excavations), shooting resources for Dad and doing "shoot Void thing for a loot" few times. That's probably enough for 1 Seriglass if you log in and trade Daddy/Mother stuffs to Grandma. If your only problem is Seriglass then it's VERY doable in short amount of time (playing not counting logins). Other stuffs from Entrati takes much longer time.
  19. In my opinion there should be more tricks more deeply incorporated into WF combat. K-drive tricks are very crude. Wielding a 2nd-ary makes it even more crude. If you are going to require doing tricks then make them good and/or fun to use. Wall dashing (from Frame's terminology) & bigger (and faster!) ground slamming is nice change/addition but we need more (In Simaris' voice). Merulina should be moddable and some mods could introduce interesting things. For example doing "k-drive hold" would release certain element on the ground (depending on your mod) making enemies below affected by that element (status effect). Grinding while riding will rotate k-drive 180 or 360 and every enemy is knocked down. Ground slamming (faster down movement, faster knockdown effect spread) may get another mod that give enemies knocked down certain status/damage/thing. So on and so forth. I think I've written something about it in the Yareli/Kompressa main thread - look for it if you know search-fu. IMHO this year brings very weak stuffs. Sevagoth is the same(just ranting so little oftopic):
  20. Seriglass is like 20 mother tokens and when you are doing Deimos stuffs you can get it in "no time". Mother & Father tokens are easy to do (you just need to do bounties & shoot resources to get them). Doing this "activate on void thing" is helpful as well.Otak (mining) you have to actively do it (mining) but it's something. Daughter is the worst as she requires uncommon stuffs most of the time and fishing were bugged when I've been playing it. And you can get some free Son's animals from time to time. Today I've got some weak: Excal +200 energy + something Loki: Strength + 75 parkour But Grendel... 100% range + 5 jumps resets. It makes Balling much better.
  21. Maybe it's more exciting but it's still worse than normal mission. IMHO even worse than archwing. IMHO, they should just put few RJ missions that consist ONLY of RJ. Cool space fights and things like this. They could even (spoiler for some) make RJ assasination from that infested ship.
  22. Some last updates have heavily focus on "boring stuffs": RJ, mechs. New war trailer shown us very slow gameplay. Corpus might be interesting to play but Gineer was like another game. Tenshin is the only one that "resembles" frames. If this is how they want game look then... some of use won't play it anymore. We might be in minority. This describes my experience with RJ. I've seen people "wowing" at some tennocon or something but I've seen it as very boring thing.
  23. Soo.... Grunter guy with dogs? That's useless in 90% cases. And remaining 10%... I could just pick a gun and kill this... person.
  24. I have RJ out of the main quest (nothing changed), I'm planing to buy some sigma parts from dojo but I don't have enough resources (that's why I want to spam first mission few times ).
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