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  1. I am getting the same on Taveuni and what appears to be in question is actually gpu ulitilzation because during drops that averages around a sore 30%, which is around when this picture was taken. The dip in the usage is when I end the mission.
  2. Thats good advice. Back to farming it seems. Some people also seem to live through warframe and are literally that patient.
  3. A two people walk in to trade chat both with good rivens of equal measure and worth with the intention of selling them on the market. One such as myself sells it for a reasonable price that was patiently waited for by a seller to whom we both agreed that it had been a fair price. The other dog tails it with a price 6 times higher then the riven sold by the other seller and continuously does it in trade chat to no avail. The seller rejects every offer and continuously advertises it at that price. Maybe I am just a little to new at this or something, but is there something about market trading I am missing when it comes to situations like this? Ive tried things like riven discord server for price checks and so on, only to get the usual toxi-city that something is over priced or vis versa, and all the while the over priced rivens are being advertised at high prices. I guess I am just at a lose for the psychology of what is going on. I mean I know people are patient and are probably waiting for the one who buys thousands of plat at a time, but even when I undercut everyone in price I still cant make a sell. I dont know, I maybe are just at a lose when it comes to the psychology of this, or is there some haggle game I am missing?
  4. I heard one of the braids at an announcement screen in Taveuni say something along the lines of "...your body will be collected by food services...", which implies they eat their fallen? She also says at one point during kuva siphon failures that she will grind them "into miniature dumplings". Since bodies are in plentiful supply, I assume its also the most efficient method of getting food as well. Ghouls apparently just eat their enemies as well(maggots).
  5. Oh same issue as well. I reported it in UI bugs, however.
  6. The guitar like the operator already comes out of nowhere, maybe have a hide/unhide toogle like with weapons? Assuming the Shawzin is "transferred", maybe a transference animation?
  7. Nukers are not hard, you just need to know how to work with them. If anything we need better nukers.
  8. I like difficult, previously things have been far to easy. If anything it should be harder.
  9. I had this happen to me.
  10. https://v.redd.it/vthgdgvgsvw31 Not sure what to make of it.
  11. Its becoming annoying, I have it all set and when I log off or its the next day they don't save and I run into this situation or worse.
  12. It gives me a headache with it on, and I thought the game was just bugged before I figured out it was that. It makes the color look either way off, to dark, or does delayed contrasting that gives a feeling of delayed reaction causing a migraine.
  13. Most people I have meet in warframe in voice are in the 20's to 30's in age, but who has gone well past that? In a previous MMO the oldest people I meet where in their 70's, though generally the median age for "old" was around the late 50's and are usually in tight nit guilds. Its not really surprising since many media franchises that came from say the 60s to the 80's often have very old fans, and more often then not are tech savy in their old age or during retirement, with more then enough time and money to spend on these things. I havent seen many of the older generation in "fast paced" shooters, however shower and more paced and methodical games like tap target mmo's seem to have them more easily. It doesnt necessarily have to be in game Voice, it can be discord or any other VOIP platform.
  14. Its my favorite conclave weapon. Next to opticor vandal 🙂
  15. The Shawzin randomly stops playing. No particular pattern other then after its been used some. Plays again after exiting and going back in.
  16. Since your rather knowledgeable about this, can you tell me what tweaks i can use to make myself a decent server if I do this?
  17. Play what else? Destiny? Warframe is one of the singularly best games that has ever been made. I am looking forward to DE's rendition of lord of the rings online when it comes. Maybe AOC or one of the mmo's on this list here https://www.nerdmuch.com/games/5184/new-mmos/ Yes this game can be on the easy side of things, but its not difficult to challenge yourself. I dont see many vets doing conclave for instance, though most people find that slope far to steep to climb. So who exactly is leaving warframe?
  18. This game should really be rated T. I didnt even talk about my ban in the post, just the effects of not taking part of chat. Goodness I am feeling it again.
  19. A stranger, a lover, a hacker, DE? Eitherway I had to rant in off topic how getting suspended from chat was the best thing to happen for me in warframe.
  20. You know I get we dont like to talk about our suspensions, but who really took down my thread?
  21. Meh, im totally banned now. Its still 48 hours, yes?
  22. Clem has some serious feelings
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