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  1. Nice work, I'm sure a lot of players will find this to be a very useful reference tool.
  2. There was no discussion. I would like to point out though that I consider you to be a true HERO....
  3. I think you meant to type "content" because Nights of Naberus is not actual content.
  4. This is true I have seen duplicates listed - but mastery points are not affected.
  5. Personally I use ESO for NW "kill 150 enemies with X..." just to get it over with quickly but then I do it solo as to not annoy anyone in a squad - perhaps other players are not as considerate
  6. DE please add a "kill self" command at least until you can solve this PROPERLY.
  7. Just happened to me after 2 hours of mining and fishing - absolutely frozen had to abort and lost everything. I thought this had been fixed ffs. I got hit by one of those infested with the big arm (?). Deimos Therid.
  8. @SamhelI still have 1.2 hours to go - how you faring? Wait someones turned the dial - just hit 700 KB/s - happy days LOL
  9. This is not about the optimization just the download speed of the update.
  10. It doesn't appear to be a widespread issue - taking into consideration the few responses to the OP.
  11. And there was me thinking that "Zugriff" was the name of your Lich - thanks for the heads-up on that one.
  12. Mine has just "shot up" to 660KB/s............🤪
  13. Yes, but you're lucky mine is only running at 500 - 600 KB/sec....... Normal speed is 5 - 8 MB/sec
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