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  1. What I wasn't expecting was this amount of hostility. I was under the impression that this community was civil, but I'm starting to rethink that.
  2. Good lord, this is upsetting. I wanted to share an opinion, shame on me for breaking that rule of the internet, and wanted to know what others thought of the game. That's it. I wanted to know what the community thought about the game, but obviously that's a touchy subject that just breeds toxicity and hate. Apologies for my curiosity, I guess. Thanks to those who shared their thoughts, I appreciate it. I didn't realize this community could be so defensive about this topic.
  3. Wow, didn't expect for this to go on for so long. I want to make some clarifications, since the first post wasn't particularly clear. When I say that things have no variety, I mean that it doesn't make much of a difference how you play. There's no incentive to play sneakily since the rewards will be the same, you'll just be spending more time on one mission. Of course, you could challenge yourself for a different experience, but it still drags on. Some said that you could say this about a lot of different games, and that's true. Mario games have a simplistic formula, and Souls g
  4. I felt like I should share this on here, just to see if others feel the same way. Note: I don't dislike Warframe as a concept, I like the story and universe it presents, and the movement capabilities are amazing. What I take issue with is mostly the lack of variety in anything. What I mean by this is it feels like all of the content is the same thing, just changed a tiny bit. You jump around and shoot things. That's every mission. Even the missions where you rescue prisoners give you no incentive to actually escort them, you can just run to extraction (though to be fair, escort missi
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