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  1. I can only speak for myself but yeah I have done some things like Sorties I never touched for months just to get the standing, so I can get some of the few wolf creds or in other words, the Umbra Forma. Luckly I dont need much from them but seeing it from some newer Players the old alert system was better. They cant do many of the things (why should a MR5 go hunting eidolons or doing sorties which he most likely wont have unlocked at this moment.) The Nitain is now even harder to get than before same goes for Auras. Sure you can work to a special reward you want but again the wolf creds are so heavily limited its no suitable system for new players. If I think of how much Nitain you need during your way to max MR all the 200 wolf creds will go for it I mean 65 nitian is nothing (you need at least 100 more) It would have been way more benefitting if they would have just improved the rate of important alerts. The auras way more often. Nitain more often. Or at least letting the Aura and Nitain alerts stay together with Nightwave. Or maybe giving you a steady cred income per 1k standing plus some bonus per rank. The current system of nightwave has many flaws and really need to be improved heavily to be consindered good and fair.
  2. Wait what? Wolf attacking you? I am rank 12 and yeah can remember seeing him one or maybe two times and only dropping crappy mods you arleady have a few thousands of. So yeah. I do this bs too for the free stuff and even do thinks I will only do for this (like playing sorties) but feeling more benefited than from old alerts? No not really.
  3. From what I saw in other games its bad for business to take the fun away from the players. They are tending more to leave insteat of buying. They buy if they like something even if the grind is fun people are more likely to pay to get it faster. But having no fun at all resulting in deinstallation, not comming back, not paying anymore, and well at the end the game is dead cause no players, no money to maintain. I am really curious about the stream later. I somehow feel that the chat wont be so nice this time.
  4. you mean if people get forced to use the crap called meta and arent allowed to play the way they want (which DE promised if you play their game) If you dont have a chroma and/or people in the group which do min/maxing. My first rund we hit the countdown to take it down or fail. we had no chroma in team, only 2 Volts (which were dying the whole time) one Rhino (which was busy to revive) and a Valkyr. Bosses should be able to be done with all frames and not just some. Eidolons are good to kill even without Trin, Chroma, Harrow and Volt with VS, UW and what else. It takes longer yes but not much. Looking at your comment it doesnt seem this way with the Orbs which is just bad in addition to this unnessesary nerfs.
  5. Hope the mysterious new 'Drops Monster' on prime time might be at least satisfying.
  6. under 0.1% dropchance for the things they put in front and were the reasons people really watched the streams? Thats the best clickbait I ever saw. Could provide some "raw" numbers of my drops which might not be 100% right, but wouldnt change really much. I know its a free drop and you cant say they need to give it too us but only 8 out of 10k viewers got it from a statistically view with over 60k people watched in spike? I think people are allowed to be sad up to being mad about this. Well congrats to the happy ~50 Person which might have gotten one or two frames and/or the riven.
  7. Pretty sure it wont. They can go out of it saying "well it was just a chance from the beginning"
  8. They said that later but before giving more information about it, they advertised with Riven, Khora and Nidus. Yes they said possible drops, but even after they gave mor information the adbanner for it was still Khora, Nidus and Riven. Now taking other drops in account like before, I bet most of the people thought it would be like the sacrifice drops. You get a window of few days to watch partners and get a guaranteed drop after 1 hour. Now making it "possible" to "for a chance" and "could" is some kind of a change. Since possible could mean "if you dont miss the time window for it" too. Plus in the End they dont do the streamers a favor, since they get much viewer but their community dont really profit of it cause they dont really get wachted. Only a small part really stays with some of the streamers, follows them and (most important for the streamers) subs them.
  9. yeah they again made total bullS#&$ with this drops. I am only interested in the frames. Thats not nice towards the streamers, which need to deal with the dropcollectors. They dont raise the followers and only a few really are good for the streamers.
  10. So much creds and fireworks. Its like Sorties you need to run 1.000 time to get something good. If it would have been like the thing with the diadem and teshin statue. Way better. Only one drop but guarantieed.
  11. Well first a degree is no sign of intelligence or life experience. Second to answer your question. I went to commercial college, worked in sales for CAD/CAM programms, (also needed to do the marketing for it), are studying BIS with controlling as additional part. So your wannabe education trump card doesnt work here 😛 (btw isnt EMBA the same like MBA just having Executive to sound more impressive? Oh yeah it was, its mostly the same. Sorry but in my country we say "you only study MBA if you dont know what else to study" 😄 ) They do it since years, with a still growing playerbase (About 8 million last 12 months), and you want to tell them its wrong since it damage the brand? You see why I call your saying bullS#&$ don't ya? Again the people dont have the subscription just for the loot. You take something in account which isnt true in most cases. (Didnt you learned that during your master's degree? I mean sientific working?) So no most them wont safe a cent if they dont do it. And again you say the money is only a small fraction I again ask you, can you proof that saying with business records from DE for it? Otherwise I still call that bullS#&$ and I already asked you for the proof you didnt bring. Your nice degree doenst change a thing that you don't give proof that it hurts (Which I already debunked by saying the base is growing which it wouldnt if the damage would be this high, like you want to do) or isn't worth it (again proof that you are wrong here is that they do it) 5.99 for a full and growing game is way to less. Show me one current full game released within the last months, with single and multiplayer options, still living and high playerbase which costs only 6 bucks. You wont find one. If you think that 6 bucks in plat is like buying the game you are totally wrong. Even early access games with so much content costs around 14 bucks at least. So no you didnt buy the game and its not enough to say that they owe you something. While you are not wrong that you do them a favour by playing it, its not so that they already gave you a game to access and play without paying a buck. You dont need subscription to play it either. So no they dont owe you a damn #*!%.
  12. Believe what you want but just because you repeat it, doesnt make it right. Learn a bit about economics, you dont do things which are not worth it, so it must be worth it. As long as you cant provide proofs that its not worth it which you cant since you arent working for DE and you arent able to see their books, all your screaming is just triggered anger. They add new frames, new weapons, give free streams where you can win things or get nice drops sometimes (even without Prime). What do you want more? If they really earn some bucks per Player (what they most likely do, cause if not they wont use this) and gain more paying customers with Twitch Prime sure they profit them more than you. But thats simple marketing. Wellcome to capitalistic world you live in. Did you buy plat (do you do it regular if yes?) if not you didnt even indirectly keept them alive. Yes I have Prime but not because of twitch loot but because of prime music, prime video and better delivery options while buying. So yes for me and many people like me (and that are many) its free since we pay for other services and just got it as a bonus. Plus they owe us nothing since they provide a game for is, which is completely free. They add new frames, new weapons, give free streams where you can win things or get nice drops sometimes (even without Prime). What do you want more? If they really earn some bucks per Player (what they most likely do, cause if not they wont use this) and gain more paying customers with Twitch Prime sure they profit them more than you. But thats simple marketing. Wellcome to capitalistic world you live in.
  13. Sorry but you don't have any clue about economics. And you are just repeating your opinion but not facts. I will try it one last time if you still don't understand it either you are just a very stubborn person or just plain stupid. It is free: reason is as simple as breathing. The offer can be claimed without payment. That you need a external premium service doesn't matter since its not part of the service offer and you don't pay for the service just for loot (again if you do you either don't care about the few bugs or just are plain stupid) It is needed: reason is very simple. People with Prem services are more likely to pay for things like plat cosmetics and Co. There are thousands of potential customer on twitch which maybe never would know about warframe if the drops wouldn't be a thing. DE most likely had made a big marketing analysis before doing so and therefore know it way better than just a spoiled, pissed brat which don't want others to get sth itself doesn't get cause of reasons. It's not shady: in fact Amazon has one of the most transparent business model of most web services. Netflix is less transparent not to mention Google or facebook. If you really believe that they give up control you should read some more terms of use. Twitch says itself all drops are made by the partners and that this partners are responsible if, which and how long the drops are available. If you still think not partnering up with a high range company would result in way better sales I have a tip for you. NEVER EVER found a company you are not smart enough and will fail badly out of stupidity.
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