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  1. You can use the minimap. So you dont really need that.
  2. Sure no one has the obligation to protect the ship if everyone rushes out. But this problem isnt even only (forgot that only) a thing at anomaly. How often are there 3 people out and taking over crewships insteat killing them, while one is piloting (and not talking about joining while the RJ is parked and the host, solo atm, is in AW to kill everything) and need to do everything. Shoot the baddies, repair the ship, repell boarders and flying because everone else simply want to do things outside. But that aside and the fact that DE now enforces a mode where coop is important after getting rid of the Raids so many players dont know how to play coop properly. What I meant is maybe there are people joining random Veil for first time. Never done the anomaly and seeing everyone just rushing in. How the hell are these people even supposed to know there is a safe parkinglot for RJ in the first place? 😄
  3. Let me think. Maybe because there are also casual player which dont try to get anything within the first few minutes its aviable and want to figure things out in a fun way not a grindy way? Or just doing this the first time and since the "pros" dont even think about explaining stuff and just ranting if other do it "wrong" they dont know?
  4. Tested a bit more. Double jump triggers aimglide through auto block. Which is absolutlely bs. Sorry I don't phrase it in another way but I can't. Aimglide is if I aim during midair not if some automated mechanism decide to activate itself. Especially in combination with the Contagion which makes every Zaw (especially the crit zaws) equipped with it a guaranteed selfkill weapon. Since the shot just need to trigger autoblock a msec before you use melee and boom dead.
  5. That's not all. Used my Zaw with it a bit more today and since the autoblock is there it triggers the exodia. So you jump get shot at you can't attack without nearly guaranteed to kill yourself. That's pretty frustating. Unless I actively press the right mouse or what ever aiming is it shouldnt activate at all since I dont Aim Glide which is the trigger said by DE itself in the description.
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