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  1. Same happened today to me. Solo, near no spawns and if they spawned you couldnt catch them with neither of both deimos spears (They took dmg but just vaporized instead of getting caught.). Thast pretty messed up since I need it for both tokens plus Xaku frame (Edit: Meant weaponparts). (Missing some of the bladders or so) And I dont see to pay plat just to "workaround" a bug which shouldnt happen at all.
  2. he has under 6k hp and 600 Armor last Time I had such an Inaros ingame and I got a radproc with my mesa I shred him in seconds. And I dont even do minmaxing lol. But jokes aside. his kit of abilities is as useful as a mr1 in high level areas. Sure he can survie due to high hp pool and Armor, but I am not sure how helpful for a teamplay based game that is except maybe as a good reviver?
  3. Plus he confuses dropchance with resource booster. Just because the chance is higher, doesnt mean you really get this much more compared to the normal mode.
  4. I'm curious. What do you need that plat for? I got around 1k maybe 1.5k plat in 6 years and still have around 400 🙂
  5. IT will have the worst. De just stated in one of the latest hotfixes or deadlock that new will have 0.5 Dispo or they will stick with all new stay with 1.
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