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  1. Fun? Did you really used to discripe his tankiness as fun? He just had a S#&$ton of HP which took time to drain. That was all. Bulletsponges were and will never be fun. Its just a lazy way of artificial difficulty, which isnt difficulty at all. 🤔
  2. Like every PA you get them fully built, so only slots if you already have them. In other words. NO you cant sell them for "big" plat (they will drop in prices anyway. around 50% or more).
  3. considering that it can take you around 10 radshares to get a raredrop with a statistically chance of 34% getting (thos statistically you should get a rare after 3 runs in the middle which I can say its not the case for me. I need more like 5 to 6 runs in middle) 6% chance sounds like well like it already was? Even if its still going on for roughtly a month it should already a spawnrate of around 20% cause with this rate he never will spawn this often that you dont want to see hin anymore 😄 But well at least we now know how bad the spawnchances are.
  4. cool dislike this one really. Thats what I disliked on fortuna the most. This plus taking in account the not so good spawnrate of the fishes plus their (corious its only for the rare fishes) buggy hitboxes and overall likehood to swim in the ground and not water.
  5. Well I looked into many f2p games, pc and mobile, with and without subscription. Most of them mostly if they have a hype which you can say WF has since they have nearly 50 million users (more than the mobilegames which make over 500 bucks per month per player) perform very well only with prem cash. The special packs arent counted in most of the time. While its true that I cant look into their finances I cant be sure. But even that you dont see much, only steam (and there they are monthly within the top sellers thats tenno gen alone, No plat no PA, NO standalone) is the biggest reason I doub they are so damn short. Plus they dont need to remove the big pack. They just could sell syandana and armor für 10 bucks each. Well for me even this would be too expensive but still better than a pack for 50 where I dont want 75% of the things. And thats a way most people seem to think, resulting in lost costumers. I mean if every 2nd person (imaginal number) you ask say its to expensive thats 25 million lost costumers for a pack. That would be 250 million bucks I can tell you a reason why people in my friendlist which play warframe dont pay your amount of money. Cause they arent this happy with the game like you. They dont want to buy PA cause they think they are too overpriced. They dont pay for plat most of the time cause they arent happy with the way warframe goes. None of my friends like NW for example, hating the disappointment called the Wolf (Spawn and droprates). Another isnt happy with the overall way (he is founder master and bought plat nearly monthly and not the small packs. in other words he payed more than just for himself, me and my gf). He was disappointed of fortuna since its only a big reskin of poe. Big but mostly empty. The tasks arent interesting (conversation? Yeah was good to gain standing but after that? Not interesting anymore. K Drives? Pain to level, way to slow compared to AW and bugged to hell) and the overall experience isnt this good. Things we liked were removed (Raids, yeah they are supposed to come back but when?) or we would like to see taking hell of a time and depending on the experience the last year seem to be overhyped and ending in an disappointment too. (Railjack and again Raids, New War) As long as people still see it like you its working yes. But I get the feeling the disappointment in the playerbase has risen significantally within the last 5 years. Mostly the "old" players start to get more and more unsatisfied with they way DE goes.
  6. I get what you mean but I use a Tombfinger Riven myself and I never had realised a difference if not for this forumspost. The stats didnt went down this big that you saw a big difference (maybe 1% point or to which dont make this big of a difference) so your main problem is, that you KNOW that the weapon got nerfed. If you hadnt looked here you wouldnt feel it with at least 90% chance. Thats what I wanted to say with that. we talking mostly about already powerfull weapons. I doub many play (except for Eidolons or Orb but Archguns dont have Rivens as far as I know) play long enough to even reach this kind of level ingame (Like 1.5hr + in Mot or compareable rotations in highes possible startlevel) to really feel the impact of the riven. Plus as stated above most nerfs as much as we dislike them (like I for my tombfinger or TheNymerian for pyrana) until now they dont have a big impact. Its a few percent points which are lost and dont have this big impact itself. To your "most efficient way possible" no thats nothing the game is about or says you to do. Thats a self proclaimed aim from many people of the community (aka min/max people). The only thing this game is about, is to collect all the loot to build everything (aka looter shooter). At least ingame. The game itself aims to give the company as much money as possible but thats not what you meant 😄
  7. If you think that a simply reduced non mandatory, rng luck based mod is needed for a weapon I feel sorry for you ^^
  8. I use Pyrana in high level without riven. Its still a pretty good weapon.
  9. well still more arcane drops than before Eidolons. I mean as raids were a thing we could get 3 in numbers 3 arcanes per day only.
  10. Sommertime so its plus 8 😄 Well its everytime plus 8
  11. Tbh "large portion of their income" isnt the same as "large portion of what they need to maintain the game". I bet DE like many other f2p games with premium currency is doing very very very well. Even if warframe has no p2w system it has a pay to skip timegate system which works nearly as good as p2w. Selling every 3 months PAs which costs as much or even more than AAA games which are getting sold very good (like at least 50% of players if you look how much of these frames appear a few minutes after the release on hydron) plus unvault packs for around half the prices is more than most AAA company putting out games a year. So I highly doub they couldnt reduce the pack without much loosing of income(if they loos money at all this way). Cause the packs seem far away from equilibrium price and basic economics tells you you make most at this point. They try to catch people with the "shiny new product" thing and it works but not as much as a lower price would work. Cause economic also tells you that this is only a small per cent of the people falling for this. But since its working well there seems no need to put a lower price out to get more sells. Which also shows they dont seem to have a real problem with money. They get way more than they need so they dont need to care about peoply not willing/able to pay this much.
  12. shift+w+ctrl+e does the spin for me. In this case its no different to old system for me.
  13. Took out my Redeemer P again after this update and was shocked like hell. Thanks to auto block its nearly impossible to use the charge attack aka shoot cause autoblock interrupted the whole time. Can we pls at least get an option to deactivate the autoblock from the new meele for gunblades? And most likely thrown meeles since they will be affected in a negative way too.
  14. Pretty sure I killed tons of G3 and Zanuka with it. Most bosses too. It seems kinda random which enemies can or cant be killed (Like Coolant Ragnoits, the Ragnoit thing with the dinner table on top not, but the other Ragnoits all sure.)
  15. From what I saw in other games its bad for business to take the fun away from the players. They are tending more to leave insteat of buying. They buy if they like something even if the grind is fun people are more likely to pay to get it faster. But having no fun at all resulting in deinstallation, not comming back, not paying anymore, and well at the end the game is dead cause no players, no money to maintain. I am really curious about the stream later. I somehow feel that the chat wont be so nice this time.
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