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  1. 4 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:
    • New Aura Mods:
      • Aerodynamic: 6 seconds added to Aim Glide/Wall Latch time, decreases damage taken while Airborne by 24%*
      • Swift Momentum: 30% faster Charge Attack speed, 6 seconds added to  Melee Combo time*
      • Shepherd: Increases Companion Armor by 180 and Companion Health by 300*
      • Combat Discipline: Allies gain 20 Health when they make a kill, but the aura bearer loses 10 Health when the bearer makes a kill.*
      • Melee Guidance: Reduces Melee Combo timer on Self by 6 seconds, increases Melee Combo timer for Allies by 12 seconds*
    • New Arcanes:
      • Arcane Primary Charger: On Melee Kill: 20% chance that Primary Weapon damage is increased by 200% for 8 seconds*
      • Arcane Blade Charger:  On Primary Weapon Kill: 20% chance that Melee damage is increased by 200% for 8 seconds*
      • Arcane Pistoleer: On Pistol Headshot Kill: 30% chance to gain 100% ammo efficiency for 4 seconds*
      • Arcane Bodyguard: On Six Melee Kills Within 30 seconds: Heal companion by 600*
      • Arcane Tanker: On Heavy Weapon Summon: Gain 1200 armor for 16 seconds*
      • Per usual rules, an equipped maximum rank Arcane will also grant an extra Arcane Revive
        • Note: You may notice that the new Arcanes have default icons - we will be updating these in the near future with unique imagery.
      • Added 3 x Vitus Essence bundle to the Arbitrations drop table.

    can you make good mods/arcanes or anything useful
    I didn't find this mods/arcanes useful at all
    I am happy you guys make Vitus essence easier to farm but endo farm is more harder 😞

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  2. I am tired play with a guy with a hundred reason from public matchmaking and recruit chat player

    I just try to find a guy who willing accompany me everytime I going to eidolon

    I always do 4x3 and 5x3 but 1 guy always prevent do that

    I do all roles from Harrow,volt, trinity and chroma with 250+ Hydrolyst or Harry caps

    I am experienced play Harrow,trinity and Chroma but not good at volt but still know how placement shield 

    I am online evening (GMT +7) 1 p.m to 7 p.m if weekend it can be I spend a day hunt eidolon

    If you want contact me just add me in-game and add some note about you (roles,online time)

    I prefer South East Asia Player to prevent laggy cause I am from South East Asia


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