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  1. I would love to see Granum version of Amprex, Lanka and Lenz since they don't have any variants yet, compared to some weapons which already have a Vandal variants.
  2. Top 3 worst for my playstyle: 1- Nyx 2-Vauban 3-Loki
  3. Alright just 84 Hotfixes left to make this actually good, thank you very much anyway.
  4. Considering the bundle its going to have: 1 Warframe Skin + 2 Warframe Animations + 1 Full Operator Armor + 1 Landing Craft Skin + Ui Theme and Sound, i assume it will be around 375p - 450p, if they don't separate those bundles like they did with Excalibur Zato Skin for Warframe and Operator.
  5. Just for extra bit of challenge overall but rewardwise it's useless imo.
  6. Hey you guys are making too much sense here, if you keep up like this there won't be enough constructive feedback left for when Necramechs actually be deployable on all missions :)
  7. Great they finally removed Stamina on Railjack now they only need to remove it from Necramech's and finally i will be happy lol
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