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  1. Im realy afraid that DE made this Helminth system as a excuse to stop or slow down the warframe's reworks, and the fact the Rebecca said on a recent Dev stream that the team or at least some people responsible for changes like this were on vacation was realy was too much coincidental to me...
  2. In my opinion a lot of them need a rework of revisit for a better functionality in comparision to newer frames but a few of them are in realy more needy for a balancing, for exemple: Inaros since his 2 and 3 turn out to be bad at longer missions and are way to slow and clunky, Chroma which 1 and 4 are nearly useless in most cases as he is already too energy consuming on his kit, Hydroid since most of his abilities don't seem to synergise with each other or are way too much left behind/out dated statwise and obviously Excalibur since his 1 and 3 are literaly useless even while using their augme
  3. Im still thinking about which ablitity i choose for replacing the Radial Javelin, either Chroma's Elemental Ward or Mirage's Eclipse sounds promosing for my play style, but Nova's Null star also doesn't sound half bad.
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