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  1. So everyone saw or heard about coming update Hearth of Deimos on August 25. There is a thing where killing your warframe you can transfer its abilities to another warframe. So I have question, does these warframes needs to be 30level or its ok even tho its fresh from the oven?
  2. I went solo with octavia, was easy. :d Edit I see alot people say some bosses are just too strong, but I think they just don't know what frames and weapons to use, because I finished all steelpath solo, not bragging just saying anyone can do it just need good build and don't sleep, put some energy in ur work.
  3. 5£ for bugged sword skin. :d
  4. Not much to say, this skin is stucked in my hands while I'm in orbiter or in mission with primary weapon in hands, tried lot of things, couldn't find way to remove it.. Please fix it, I can't pet my cat while I'm holding huge sword in my hand. ;(
  5. @Traumtulpe I think you're right, even tho macro didn't worked for me it could be flagged as "AFK Farming" aka "Botting". Long survival run + macro(even tho closed after 15sec) + Octavia, doesn't sound good does it.
  6. I guess opinion is opinion good or bad all are welcome.
  7. I wasn't expected to do so long,we were like memeing, oh lets do till hit level gap, and bam 5hours latter.. we could have gone longer but infested with gass went crazy. :D My finger does hurt but its not that bad it's been very long time then I crushed him, so now its just annoying. I didn't use cheats or edited any game files, so no clue what triggered the ban.
  8. @Magus_Tahir thanks man, I appreciate that. 🙂
  9. Hey! Just asking for opinion. Yesterday I was doing some arbitration survival with op frame "Octavia" and I was trying to setup autoclicker or something like that to spam ctrl, because I have one broken finger and spam one button for over 5hours is pain. I did try to use autoclicker made by "AutomaticSolution Software" It doesn't integrates into game, just a normal software doesn't look fishy or anything, but it didn't work for me, it had only autoclicker for mouse so after 15sec I turned it off. Today I tried to login and I see perma ban notice. Like bruh, really? I already contacted support about that, but probably it will take long time to respond. You guys know mallet can do insane damage then enemies are over 6000lvl and maybe damage output triggered the ban? Could it be?
  10. For some reason I see double [Dark Split-Sword] attachments.
  11. people dieing at early start in arbitration. 😄
  12. Not sure if its bug or update, but those yellow things on the ground where infested moa spits/shoots now does insane damage even at low levels. Video: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/684601222459949086/721223043103457300/Warframe_2020-06-13_05-38-53.mp4
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