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  1. limbo doesn't work fine now, at lvl 150 sentients walk into a 40 sec stasis field and stay locked for 5 sec and that goes for the ones even outside the bubble having never entered it in the first place. by DE's logic every i do mean every enemy affecting power should be nerfed on sentients.
  2. why is this S#&$ here in the feedback section of all places lol. it should be in the trading post
  3. Funny not one single person mentioned umbra. He was made for this event yet people still insist on bringing aimbot mesa.
  4. Plz no more railjack it's just an annoying chore now. Buggier than even raids
  5. death to tridolons like raids. i am starting a petition!
  6. remove the megathread tag, its for devs only
  7. you don't think many already have or are at the brink of leaving? by your opinion, DE will go down in 6 months if majority of the vets and new players go away, leaving the devs a dry well of income to make any changes
  8. Lore, sustainability of game modes, lesser grind for rewards, more bosses, various events and storylines. I could give a rats ass about railjack and kuva lich. Just give something that tries to tie everything up.
  9. Say that to the same people who lost raids for tridolons
  10. Arcanes are what was wrong with those 200+ runs . Now I don't ever need to farm arcanes or pay 1k for them lol.
  11. And that's your problem right there. you actually believe warframe has a challenge curve when it's just doing the same thing over over expecting things to change. I did the same with my 3-5 hr solo endurance runs in mot but eventually realized that it was just shallow, exploiting mechanics and with nothing to show in the end.
  12. What's the difference between doing 5x3 and 6x3? Is there any point to it?
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