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  1. You ain't alone I am mostly trading away most of my rivens, primed mods, relics now whenever I decide to stay in and not just log in and log out. Too many bugs and ever increasing grind turning me off now. I could suggest you try out other games like risk of rain 2. Steam and epic winter sale is arriving so looking forward to getting alot of games at cheap discounts. Let's not forget cyberpunk 2077, baldurs gate 3 and hitman 3 either.
  2. Yeah DE is trying to make content like railjack and necromech cause it seems they are running out of ideas for frames and weapons, with many abilities overlapping with one another. Even weapon functionality now only variants. Problem is that because these aren't integrated then they lose their value apart from mastery rank. It's why I touch less and less of the new content because you Have arbitary things like railjack, necramechs added. And if it does get integrated into base game like archwing then it takes too long well into over an year territory.
  3. this would require serious balancing which even companies like bungie, valve and blizzard have had problems with. DE is infamous with their balancing and I would rather they not muck up the old stuff and keep focusing on the new.
  4. This is the golden goose right here. People should address this first and then power creep.
  5. I don't see what the problem is tbh. Its just line of sight now. You should complain more about the geometry and hit detection.
  6. There is this thing called vibrations, extremely high frequency can cause your skin to rupture and bleed.
  7. This is the 1st time I am agreeing with you lol. His 1st is still garbage and would be better subsumed tbh
  8. Pretty sure this will just kill steel path even more. Now there is no incentive of daily login more like monthly login for umbra forma. Feels more like a replacement for nightwave seeing how slow those are.
  9. Someone clearly didn't read the part where it said it's available now for 3 days before coming back later in 2 months lol 😂
  10. Dude tons of games coming out during winter sale and new games like hitman 3, cyberpunk 2077, baldurs gate 3. Don't force yourself on this game. I ain't even doing the new content, just logging in and out for primed sure footed atm.
  11. that's your subjective opinion. just because you are one of the few yes men doesn't mean that the huge majority of players are tired of the direction DE is going. sure you can keep going the way you like but don't expect DE's warframe to last forever, not with the direction DE is heading it now. so enjoy your stay as much as you like, don't like the roof cave in on you though.
  12. Those some people aren't enough to sustain it just like raids. Besides I doubt DE will work on a dead mod. Conclave sucked in 2017. It sucks even now in 2020.
  13. I suggest that you form groups using recruit. Public is the wild wild west. Keepv working your amp up and you will eventually run 3x3 solo with volt like I used you. Wukong is mainly used because newbs like a strong tanky frame with his 1 helping alleviate aggro. Plus you can build up from clan dojo alone so many newbies use it and go into tridolon hunts thinking it's similar to rest of boss encounters which it's not. I don't think tying it to mr will do anything since there are high mr leeches and ppl at mr 10 who had already ran dozens of tridolons like I used to before I retired.
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