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  1. lol you can get 30000 standing with ivara alone on a single mission while invisible and scanning. no way would people waste time for 1000/2000 standing on eso when there are way way way better options.
  2. Lol they ain't giving another umbra. The only reason they gave Excalibur an umbra is because normal players can't get Excalibur prime
  3. Hey man doing youtube/twitch ain't easy. The influencers are only following the money and fanbase. What happens in the gamenis the devs problem not the content creators. If making youtube videos and livestreams were so easy then you would see tons more giving up office work.
  4. Laughs in 30 mins 6 gb update. Sorry lol.
  5. when are you planning to fix umbra's issues with the duration abilities? they reset on operator transference similar to his exalted blade which resets in and out of operator mode
  6. Looks at helminth system. I think that powercreep ship left for the void and is never coming back
  7. Of course, do everybody and yourself a favor. see that small icon beside your name? click on that to change from public to any other mode. Pretty simple solution really. I also hear there is button called abort mission too.
  8. I saw another similar thread detailing alot of the problems regarding excalibur umbra and transference, namely: 1) His exalted blade turning off when going in and out of operator mode. 2) His softlock with necramechs. 3) His transference resetting all the duration based buffs like war cry, furious javelin, etc. 4) Vazarin dash not working as intended with umbra. Is this being caused due to his spectre AI or is it an intended feature? A clearer confirmation would be nice here from the devs. I hope all these transference problems with umbra get fixed soon or at the leas
  9. this just killed my will the play umbra now. tested his furious javelin augment and it resets on transference too
  10. Same with war cry. It gets cancelled on transference.
  11. Subsumed war cry is bugged atm. It loses its effect during transference even when the timer shows that it's active.
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