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  1. NO, you know what you were dealing with when DE told you that riven dispo will change every 3 months with each prime access. PSA to anyone else: buy high priced rivens at your own risk. DE will change riven dispo of popular weapons to keep the market in balance.
  2. hmm well i like warframes based on aesthetics first and the power later. that said the 3 frames i dislike quite a lot are: 1) saryn: she just needs to control her spore spread and the entire map dies leaving nothing for others. this is as bad as umbra afk since you only shoot a few enemies and get maximum kills and damage. plus visually in my opinion, she just sucks ass. 2)mesa: ugh every damn squad i have joined has that one mesa. i have grown tired of seeing her in every sort of mission, just peacemakering all the time. just one ability she uses all the time in my squad. even an umbra is better since they atleast cast blind while doing their swoosh swoosh swoosh lol. 3)volt: i have just had bad experience with volts, they don't speed you in missions when you need them to, they cast their speed buff at the wrong moment when traversing and more than half of them don't know how to place their shields during tridolon hunts.
  3. the devil's in the details. prime don't have sentient warframes walking around when we are in operator mode and umbra doesn't have the energy ball passive since he isn't technically a prime.
  4. yeah for me endgame is much needed. there used to raids for endgame which needed coordination but now it's just crap lvl 50-60 enemies in disruptions and arbritrations, pointlessly staying up 1-2 hours, inorder to get any decent challenge. hell i consider sorties lvl 80-100 as a good starting point for endgame, i can't for the life of me understand DE's obsession with starting missions at low levels. this is endgame we are talking about, only for the best, it doesn't have to be inclusive for everybody so earn that powercreep damnit. it's also why i hated when DE nerfed the fortuna enemies due to people's whining and powercreep is okay, hell every game has powercreep that just means bringing stronger enemies, better tactics and powers to combat tenno. They just need to remove this S#&$ty lower lvl cap and let us start from lvl 100. most people don't have 40-60 mins on their hands before things get interesting, just imagine combining the enemies from both fortuna and disruption mode, but starting at lvl 100 with sortie lvl rewards, scaling endo and scaling kuva. that's what endgame for me is. speaking of endgame, we also desperately need scaling rewards, 10k kuva for 2 hour survival is unacceptable. a very good endgame model i consider is the one in index, perfect scaling, challenge and even reward in the millions of credits if you know your stuff. you can even get john prodman's autograph after 1 hour index with lvl 250 enemies. so in short what i believe DE needs for endgame is higher starting lvl enemies, faster scaling and scaling rewards, otherwise the vets will continue leaving this game only to end up coming back for 1-2 weeks when a major update hits before going back into hibernation. these are my opinions. you can agree to disagree.
  5. Well most of the Coloring is fixed now but the some of the Attachment and energy Colors on warframe statues and spectres like umbra still goes back to default. Can you also check the umbra scarf clipping while you are fixing ?
  6. The scarf clips so bad through the chestpiece especially wolf Armor chestpiece. I have been able to mitigate it a bit using proto Armor which slims down his torso inorder to fit the scarf but it's still not enough since it continues clipping half the time
  7. Have you tried it on skiajati? Maybe it only works on nikana
  8. No you won't have to redo mastery test. Just hit hydron again to lvl stuff up and it should return back to mr 27
  9. all i got here is pompous fool who should stop posting 🤣
  10. congratulations on messing up the coloring of the emissives and energy colors. you messed up the pakal chest piece and nekros deluxe energy color.
  11. Wrong magus repair now heals umbra when in operator mode. I pair him with 120% status chance kohm riven and myself use magus lockdown+ magus repair and naramon tree to constantly stunlock enemies and heal umbra in my operator
  12. Why did you remove the manual block option? Can you please bring it back on the right mousestick? That's how I used to control my aim glides more accurately. Now there is this silly zoom aimglide which switches my melee out to primary/secondary whenever I try to aimglide. Frankly rather disorienting, thanks
  13. Well if you guys are removing channeling, will there be heavy finishers to replace channeled finisher? Or maybe increase the damage of finishers since channeling won't benefit them anylonger.
  14. 1) why did you guys wish to bring back slower heavy attacks? 2) why remove the ability to scale melee damage with quicker silent light attacks? that feels like a nerf to the stealth frames. 3) what happens to mods like blood rush, weeping wounds, body count and drifting contact now in melee 3.0? 4) can't you guys just make the combo counter decay like with the naramon tree perk? 5) what happens to warframe abilities like bladestorm which depend on combo counter proccing? will they be nerfed now or will their damage be increased? i really hope you guys increase the damage of warframe abilities which scale with combo counter, make it 3x the base damage since ash's ult will be pretty much useless over lvl 50 otherwise. Also i plead that you increase the base damage of melee weapons by 3 times if you are taking the normal scaling away from combo counters. 6) what changes are you guys bringing to the stances? right now it's smash e combo, e pause e combo or e+block combo. will each stance get their own unique heavy attacks? 7) what happens to channeling mods like dispatch overdrive, life strike, quickening? some builds really do use channeling to heal or for utility purposes. how will you replace the channeling mods now? 8)since you guys are combining channeling and blocking, will that mean it will cost energy to block? if not then i will be able to spam 100% damage reduction frontal block all the times yes?
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