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  1. call me when new war release, pretty sure it will release after my grandchildren are born lol
  2. your opinion mate, not the one that many others share and atleast not DE yet.
  3. what a boring ass meme, i bet you must be from this lame ass place called reddit 😑
  4. no sustainable content in warframe, i have done it all. might come back 2-3 times for a few times per year before vanishing off to path of exiles and destiny 2
  5. hentaiframe and weedframe for a start
  6. destiny 2 is going f2p and is getting revived with shadowkeep. what has warframe to offer?
  7. i thought the redeemer shots never crit
  8. depends on the popularity of the frame
  9. by your logic, electricity produces heat so it should too remove armor.
  10. come play destiny 2 / borderlands 3. those are much better games than warframe. warframe will forever remain as big as an ocean and as deep as a puddle. no one in getting through the numb skull DE supporting white knights here, since most would just shoot your ideas down
  11. still figured the warframe community would be hostile towards destiny. enjoy your content drought for the next 6 months 😛
  12. my thoughts will come when DE releases new year around next year hopefully lol
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