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  2. I'm sorry but WHAT?! Helios's prime function is to scan things, he scans Cephalon Fragments, Somachord, Glass Fish and Frame Fighter pieces which all serve a similar if not identical purpose to the Fortuna Lore Fragments. If you want to make it so we have to seek out lore fragment variations, then you need to be fair and apply it to ALL non-enemy/item units. Or at least to the fish and Cephalon Fragments, you could get away with the Frame Fighter Fragments and the Somachord as they are non-game elements.
  3. The problem still is two-fold, even with Prowl in my experience. a) As I've said before - Wind Direction. We've had "Good Captures" when our Ivara was using Prowl and someone else used a tranq because the wind direction triggered an alert (but not flee) animation on a target. b) Tanqing multiple spawns/harder animals. While I understand this is a MMO, Conversation is a activity you need a coordinated team for and even then organizing everyone to shoot at the right time at the right animal is bloody hard. Using Rest and Rage and Sleep Arrow is needed if you are soloing hunting or need a back-up for your team. I think a good way of reverting the changes, but still rewarding the use of the tranq rifle (as a self-imposed limit) is to: 1) Change the achievement so it reads "Make ten perfect captures with only a tranq rifle", so that most everyone has a reason to use the rifle at least a few times before they use/get Ivara and Equinox. Heck I'd be fine with my achievement being removed and having to re-earn it with this condition. Or if changing achievements isn't desired/practical, instead make a new achievement, something like "Get a Perfect Capture with every conservation target species using only a tranq rifle." 2) Get an extra tag for a successful capture with a tranq rifle. Now you're encouraging two different dynamic play styles depending on what the groups wants/needs. Wanna gain rep? Well you can use Warframe Abilities to get those perfect captures easier. Wanna hunt for floofs, like myself? Well then you better get good with a rifle as that's the best way to get tags!
  4. I just noticed this but yay! At least the fur has been fixed finally!!
  5. No, our group just calls that the spawn point. Wind direction is where the wind is blowing from. As the Biz says "Stay downwind and hidden". Spawn location is seperate from our experience, which we have learnt that the calls help pinpoint that and we are getting good at that. But if you are upwind of an animal spawn it can smell you which downgrades the capture. it often has a little animation to identify if your not downwind, like the Bolerolas balling up or the Virminks tensing low. We've tried to locate the direction but the foliage and snow are very inconsistent and contradictory to try and identify wind direction. For a no-ability tranq you need good information on the animal's location (which we have) and the wind direction (which we don't really have).
  6. I'm not really all that happy with this tbh... With no consistent way of tracking wind direction and warframe visibility, restricting perfects mainly to tranq rifles at this point feels too restrictive on what is meant a side activity on the Valis. If it wasn't for our Ivara, we'd wouldn't have been able to do as much successful conservation as we have done. If clearer indicators of the wind direction are available in the near future (such as perhaps on a new tranq rifle that you can gain at Doer or Cove, as a Widget in the same vein as the scanners or as an extra for Oxylus) I could understand this change.
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