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  1. I understand your point of view. I just disagree. As I said, we have fundamental differences in our views. Such micro management in a fast paced game would be a hindrance and more likely to overload a player. Especially if you need to combo abilities to get the most of them. Even frames with synergies are not reliant on combos to make them useful. Making the driving force behind the design that very same viewpoint would serve only to overcomplicate Equinox You want more changes to her kit. I believe that would be detrimental. We each see what the other is pointing out but just have completely different views
  2. I disagree. I also don't feel a complete redesign from the ground up is necessary. The incentive to switch forms is situational. Do you need more damage or more support? That's plenty of incentive. The problem is that switching forms isn't great because the abilities don't play well between their builds, rather than their function. To your point regarding Rage and Pacify, you could use Rest. Enemies aren't doing damage as they are asleep but take increased damage. Removing the "wake on 1/2 health" issue would make this strategy more useful. My suggestions would address that but bringing the builds of both forms more in line. Then it's just a matter of situational dependence. I feel that your suggestions would involve far too much micro management. That said, it would appear we have fundamental differences in our views on the matter in which we're unlikely to see eye to eye
  3. No offense taken, I appreciate the cheeky candor for sure 😄 I didn't miss any of your post. I just don't agree with your reasoning is all. It's certainly nothing personal, I just don't feel you've presented adequate evidence for why the mods should be altered or additional Umbral mods added other than "because I want the strength boost" To me that just isn't a good enough reason
  4. I don't think big changes are necessary. And I'm very much against changing her 1st ability to a passive. I don't want to be switching forms every time I dodge or use an ability. I'll try to keep this short and concise: PASSIVE: Currently pointless. +2 energy/health per orb is negligible at best. I would either buff it to full value or double health gained from orbs in night form and energy gained from orbs in day form. METAMORPHOSIS: Speed up the transition between forms. Make the buffs permanent. Apply the opposing decaying buff when switching form (e.g. Day > Night form: Night has permanent armor/shield bonus with decaying damage/speed bonus and vice versa). Other than that I think the ability is fine. When built for duration/strength these buffs can be pretty valuable, especially for Night REST/RAGE: Honestly I don't have much for this one. Aside from boosting damage done to enemies (especially for her 4th) Rage is kind of meh. Rest is nice but 50% health threshold to wake up seems low. Granted it's easily to kill enemies well before that but my companion sometimes targets different enemies and then wakes them up while I'm mopping up the rest PACIFY/PROVOKE: Really I would only change Provoke. Make it all one zone, not three, with the maximum amount. Make the energy drain only when being hit by enemies, not just because they're in the area. Or keep the current drain but apply a stacking damage reduction buff based on how many enemies are in the single area. Reducing damage dealt by enemies is not nearly effective as applying damage reduction. Draining for enemies not even hitting you is just rude. And then further handicapping it by making so you have to be close to them to get the highest DR just poor design MEND/MAIM: Make the augment a part of the ability, as it should be. Players shouldn't be punished by losing all their build up charge just for changing forms. Mend shouldn't be a single burst heal either. Either you keep charging/firing in short bursts to keep health/shields up which is a waste of energy and a lot of maintenance, or you build up a huge charge that is mostly wasted. Plus you have to have allies in your affinity range for them to be hit. Instead, make Maim a heal over time that drains the accumulated charge in bursts. This can be effected by Strength for how much charge is used (calculated by percent or base amount), Duration for how often Mend pulses (low duration = more pulses, then using more charge over time). With this version of the ability the shields on kill wouldn't be necessary as sufficient pulses of healing would give allies shields anyway. A heal over time would be more diverse and fit many builds better than the current function ADDENDUM: keep 3 and 4 active when switching forms but raise the cost of Metamorphosis. This would just mean we don't have to spend the extra precious few seconds activating that ability again but we wouldn't be getting the ability for free either These changes would preserve Equinox's current kit but open the utility of the abilities. More importantly, being able to switch forms without having to active 3 abilities after each time would actually be in line with Equinox's intended design, according to her description. Equinox is supposed to be able to fluidly change between forms and apply damage or support. There is a huge lack of fluidity in the current design. Currently she is clunky and high maintenance. Worse, you can only build for one form or the other to really get any viable benefits and averaging between the two significantly dampens both. When one form is performing at 98% and the other only 2% or building for both means at best a 50-50 split but at a loss of 48% of value to either/both it doesn't really provide much incentive to switch Keep what she has already. Just make some changes to allow the frame to actually deal both damage and support and to do so fluidly
  5. DISCLAIMER: this is just purely for visual representation of an idea I proposed before. I personally do not think Shields need to be changed, I am merely addressing how they could be made more valuable. I'm aware there are builds and mods and abilities and operators and blah blah blah that render shields either irrelevant (which is an issue) or boost them enough to be useful. I just like doing the math. So do not misunderstand and assume that I am advocating for shields being changed. This is just an objective analysis So here is a basic breakdown of my proposition by applying damage reduction to shields (overshields not included) as a function of EHP (max DR of 50%). I just selected a handful of frames with variable stats because an analysis on all frames would take forever GREEN = highest value YELLOW = second highest (Ash has two of the same) BLUE = third highest Analysis was done at base value for ehp and with either Redirection, Steel Fiber, Vitality, or combinations therein applied. The analysis also shows the values before DR to shields and after. What's most interesting is that with this DR in effect, the EHP across frames normalizes most around building for Redirection and Steel Fiber. This closes the gap on low EHP frames. Second most interesting is the huge boost to Zephyr when building for Vitality and Redirection, almost closing the gap with Rhino and Valkyr. Of course none of this takes into account warframe abilities that effect EHP or additional mods and how they effect it Of course the max DR of 50% could be lowered, thereby bringing the outliers down from current tank frames (though mainly Zephyr will be affected by this) Either way, please feel free to review the table presented. If nothing else it might give you an idea of where your builds for at least these five frames can be altered under the current scope of things
  6. An easier way to make shields more effective would be to give them a damage reduction based on shield value as % of EHP (max cap of 50% DR). While this would slightly boost tanky frames it would provide a much better boost to medium-low EHP frames. The biggest effect would be frames with insanely low EHP and high shields (namely, Zephyr). But when capped at 50% DR they won't eclipse high EHP frames. I've spent extensive time on the math and it would be a huge boost to low surviving frames while not dethroning the tank frames. Just don't allow the DR to apply to overshields and it would be fine. This means that overshields would be a psuedo-shield gate without having a fluctuating DR value. In fact, doing so would make it more effective for those frames with low armor/high shields to build for shields over total EHP as well EDIT: if applied to enemies as well it could make magnetic a much more useful damage type. Also, just playing devil's advocate. I'm aware that there are plenty of options that make shields redundant and that adaptation exists. I would like to see shields be more effective but I don't think it's necessary. Just contributing to the topic at hand which is "how", not "if, why, or should"
  7. Don't get me wrong, more passives need updating. But Equinox also needs some other changes to. However I feel her passive is probably the weakest part of her kit
  8. First, that is a pejorative remark and absolutely false. Second, no my statement does not automatically back your point. For example, Gladiator Aegis gives a meager +45% armor. No one is using that mod by itself for the armor bonus. So not using it is sacrificing the net benefit of the set. And using it is sacrificing a mod slot for the net benefit of the set. Why aren't you asking for them to change that? This is one of many examples where not all mods are useful with all frames. That includes sets. Your Zephyr is incompatible with Steel Fiber due to the low armor. But this post isn't about that because there's no ancillary benefit. If you want the ancillary benefit then make the same choice that every other set mod and non-set mod gives you: is this applicable to my fame/build/weapon choice and is it worth using if not? You just want to get the benefit the way you want it. Spreading the set bonus among multiple items in other sets is acceptable because the primary stat of the mod isn't increasing with each additional mod. Even if you did that with these mods and capped at 3 you're basically saying "we should be able to get the full effect without having to use them all" In case there's any confusion: "Not all mods are going to be useful with all frames" should be read as "Not all mods are going to be useful with all frames and that is due to differences in frame design, not the mods". Just like you wouldn't put a tow kit on a golf cart and then complain that they need to make more accessible tow kits. You'd put it on something other than a golf cart and go about your day
  9. Like I said, we fundamentally disagree on this. The enemies are no more invulnerable than if they walked into another room in which you would have to chase them down. Beyond that I can't really say anything else that will sway you and I don't feel you've provided any info that factually disproves my point of view. We just simply have a difference of opinion and neither seems able to sway the other. It's expected in a game with so many different frames and builds and weapons, etc
  10. Again, those issues are because the rift is static. If you collapse the Cataclysm then the enemies are free to act as before (not counting rift surged). it's not "forcibly denying gameplay" any more than drawing enemies away to another room would. You have to enter the room to fight the enemies. You have to enter the rift to fight the enemies. Mobile Cataclysm means single areas are not going to get locked down. Forcibly denying gameplay implies that you are literal incapable of doing anything which is categorically false. You can enter cataclysm, banish, or use warframe abilities That said, it seems we have a fundamental difference of opinion and are at an impasse to see the other's view. I appreciate your feedback and viewpoint however
  11. In short I feel Equinox needs a few tweaks to make her kit most synergistic, namely with herself (selves?) But most important is that her passive needs to be changed. Getting 2 hp/energy per orb is basically useless. Either making it a full Equilibrium effect or change her passive to double the hp/energy gained. At least make the passive useful
  12. The major point of disruption it causes now though is that it's static. Rather than locking down a single area and disrupting flow of combat by holding enemies in place it just washes through and causes enemies to stutter rather than halt. I think having it move around might improve the relationship a bit
  13. Interesting. You're onto something here. I also feel the augment for banish needs to be updated so that Limbo gets healed when he casts it
  14. More accessible in what regards? Not all mods are going to be useful with all frames. Some clearly benefit more than others while some mods serve no purpose on other frames. Why stop with just these set mods? They're designed as they're supposed to be. A trade-off for increased stats. I get the feeling your version of making them "more accessible" is to reap the reward without the sacrifice
  15. OP, I think the point that you've identified applies to all mod sets. Unfortunately it's also part of the entire design. This is not unique to Umbral/Sacrificial sets. The only difference here is that Umbral/Sacrificial give boosts to the mods individual stats as well, making the trade off more noticeable. However you have to keep in mind that this sort of trade off has always been in the game. Do you maximize your frame/weapon and sacrifice some stats for the good of others, potentially losing out another useful mod? Or do you optimize instead, relying on a combination that yields a better net worth? By design the Umbral/Sacrificial sets are the epitome of that conundrum, even down to the polarity. Having an Umbral polarity on a frame/weapon imposes a build limit because only a handful of mods are applicable. And yet the gain is better. All mods are not equally valuable to a frame/weapon and wanting a specific set to change just so it can be would defeat the purpose of their design. Essentially you're asking for the ability to get a max set bonus without having to use a max set. This is no different than saying the Vigilante set should be able to have max set bonus with only 3 instead of 5. There's no way to balance that benefit without severely hindering the individual performance of the mods
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