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  1. Primarily this is used to bump crit on the warframe weapons. The decay should be delayed for a few seconds after leaving void mode/using transference. You lose about 2% just transitioning back to your warframe. Just a minor QOL tweak
  2. I'm not sure if you quoted me because you agree, disagree, or are just adding additional commentary lol. But I certainly don't disagree that melee attacks for AI, specter included, could use an improvement. As for modding companions I'm not sure of the relevance to my statement. Mods and gambit-system style conditions/behaviors would be entirely separate. Same as you modding your weapons but using certain ones under certain conditions (i.e. you wouldn't use a shotgun at sniper range so you can either close to engage or use a ranged weapon. You would set preference to behaviors for the AI as well). Please note the proposed system doesn't have to be any more complicated than the gambit system was. I'm not saying set every individual trigger explicitly. Just weight the preferences for various behaviors including weapon/ability use. Yes AI targeting can still be improved but the two ideas for improvement are not mutually exclusive
  3. I think with Specters you should be able to set behaviors similar to the gambit system in FF12. Sure that might be considered OP if you're excellent at optimizing them but being able to set specified behaviors under certain conditions would give us a real reason to use the specters. Make full use of the weapons and abilities when you summon them. Maybe put them on a time limit or cool down if they're too powerful that way but it would be helpful. Alternative idea, allow Operators to temporarily possess a specter via void dash. Again, place the specters on a cooldown or something I'm aware a lot of people will dislike the idea and that's fine. I just want to see some versatility to the system and have more control over the AI
  4. Mesa has one of the best defensive abilities in game. Her DPS is insane. She can target a large portion of enemies. Her first ability is a huge boost to crit based single shot weapons. So much of your post is qualitatively false. The real weakness of her 1 is that it only truly benefits single shot crit weapons and doesn't add much to any other weapon type. Your suggested fix is not a decent idea and does not make the ability good or address the problems it has
  5. @Kontrollo check you out with that min-max planning! So good to see players that don't just follow the meta design
  6. Facts though. It's a fun little sentinel but it only works properly about 0.03% of the time. And unless you don't have a weapon/attack precept on it, the little bugger goes and ruins stealth play anyway
  7. Not sure if this was mentioned yet but Limbo's Stasis works on targets under Nyx's mind control. Not sure if it's host related, intentional, or something missed as Nyx wasn't receiving a whole lot of attention when Stasis was put in the game. I love Limbo and his kit very much. It would be a nice synergy for Nyx to have a powered up enemy running through Stasis-Cataclysm to mop up fools
  8. Can we get more information on how Mind Control damage absorption works to power the enemy up? For example, is it only Nyx who can power the enemy up? Will other frames' abilities have an effect on this (Octavia adding additional damage to Nyx, targeting weak points created by Banshee's Sonar, Crit damage enhanced by mods/Harrow, etc. etc.) While this may lead to overpowered Mind Controlled enemies, I would think this should be allowed as it will involve coordination with other Tenno. Also, will the mind controlled enemy benefit from Gara's shield buff, Oberon's armor buff/healing, Equinox's Mend? I think if this ability is truly open to all of these features (and the myriad that are too numerous to mention) then it would make Nyx a true force to reckon with and a welcome addition to well coordinated teams. Oh and can the duration be refreshed at the cost of additional energy but without an additional absorption period?
  9. While your opinion is certainly valid, there are many such as myself who find Revenant and the Phantasma to be quite good. Sorry to hear you disagree but I'm sure the community would be happy to offer some build advice that might make the frame/weapon more appealing to you. As for consoles being behind on updates vs PC, that isn't a fault of DE. That is on the consoles. Approval for updates is a drawn-out process for consoles. PC, however, can be easily and openly patched. There's a trade-off however in that PC updates tend to be more buggy and used as a test bed before applying to console with more reviewed versions of updates for the consoles. The delay on updates is because of consoles
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