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  1. Several more issues to report. I know DE has abandoned this chat but I still have to post it somewhere and the last time I attempted to make a secondary bug report my post was relocated here so it could be ignored once again. 1) I am constantly having issues when the chat window is open if I attempt to accept an invite by pressing X it opens the virtual keyboard instead but when i press B to exit the keyboard it cancels the mission invite. 2) When exiting a mission often the cursor is stuck on the screen and will not allow me to perform any actions. 3) When selecting relic rewards often I am unable to select the relic reward I want. The screen bugs out and the selection box slides to the right. 4) When trying to upgrade mods I often cant select the mod I want to rank up. the cursor jumps to the lower left of the mod just off the edge of the mod preventing me from selecting the mod. 5) not sure if this is related to the update or not but often matchmaking is just downright broken, preventing me from joining a party or kicking me out of an existing party halfway through a mission. More to come for sure but that is all that has been bothering me for the time being.
  2. Can we PLEEEEEEASE get a second Teshin statue. I tuned into streams during the first run before I found out that you were going to do this run again for console and I just want a second Teshin statue to stick near my Baro shrine.
  3. Agreed although I did not see anything in the quest that would have required any change to the interface. There is that one point and click portion (that I won't get into for spoiler reasons and I don't want to have to put a tag on my posts) but it is camera locked and should be (because i am not involved with development and cant say anything definitive) independent of the rest of the typical UI interface. Either way, all we can do is make presumptions since they have not released any information on the reasons behind the UI change. They have only said this is how it is, get used to it, we won't revert anything. How much differently do you think console players would have taken to this update if they had said during their last live stream we are making this UI change because it is necessary for the next quest and we need feedback to make improvements to the interface so we can improve on what must be changed. If they did that you wouldn't see 78 pages of console players complaining about the interface. Of course, you would get a few that still complain but you wouldn't get the people who go off on tangents of how horrible DE is as a company and everything they do sucks. You would get more criticism of the interface how it functions and what people want to see improved. Unfortunately, the people who just want to complain about everything DE does is driving out the constructive criticism and burying it beneath all the BS. This may also be one of the reasons no member from DE has responded to this forum since day one yet it is still alive and fuming.
  4. @TwoWolves This was ambition, not greed. If they said here's the new Venus map and next quest in line followed by BTW it will only cost you 5 dollars to access Venus and 3.50 to run the new quest when it comes out, that would be greed, but they didn't. They said like always these updates are free. What you suggested in your A Better Revenue Stream For DE is more corporate greed than anything else that exists in the game. Charging for updates and preventing progression unless you pay for the ability to progress is greed beyond compare. you would alienate your player base and have people on mass quit the game stagnating the revenue pool. It wouldn't be the "I can't afford that! I'm only 13 years old!" players that leave. It would be the if I'm going to pay 40 GD dollars for a content pack I'm going to spend my money on something else that would also leave. and for a currently free to play game you would see tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of players leave on mass crippling the company and shutting down the game. I'll post a more detailed response on that forum later this afternoon once I've had time to truly review and ponder the recommendations you put forth. They made a poor decision that was detrimental to the player experience for console players with the UI update but they had already planned to release information on the quest that would be following the sacrifice that if released before update 23 would horribly spoil the ending of the sacrifice. They rushed the release and didn't do as far as I can tell ANY QC testing on the UI change and yet they knew it was going to be a nightmare and would receive a TON of backlash from the player base. Should they have postponed the sacrifice update? No. Not unless the sacrifice was as broken as the UI update. Should they have postponed the UI update? Definitely. Is wanting to show off what you have planned for the future corporate greed? Only if those future plans come with a price tag. Is charging money for small updates or map packs corporate greed? Yes, it is the definition of corporate greed. squeezing every last dime out of your players only making updates because you can make a quick 40 bucks is the definition of greed.
  5. @TwoWolves You can't claim corporate greed for the shart show that was the sacrifice release and the UI change that came before it for one reason... There was no charge for this update. If they charged 20 bucks for the update and it was this poorly thought out and tested I would agree with you but it was a free update that was released weeks(for PC) and days(for console) before Tennocon. Tennocon tickets were already sold prior to either update so they couldn't be grabbing at your wallet to force you to buy Tennocon tickets with either of these updates. Now if you want to claim anything negative against DE you would have a valid argument claiming incompetence and alienation against their console player base since DE has consistently ignored any and all requests made by the console players focusing on making sure their PC players have a decent UI experience while completely disregarding the cries for help from of their console players but you cant claim corporate greed. At some point, DE has to make money to pay their employees. They could either charge for updates(which is the epitome of corporate greed), incorporate loot crates(which is a predatory tactic used by EA and others to cause their players to become addicted to paying more for the game than the game is worth), put all weapons behind a required paywall and make the game pay to win (which everyone complains about any game being at some point), or they could continue putting their cosmetics behind a voluntary paywall where instead of charging direct money for they charge a tradable in-game currency so even if you don't want to spend cash you can still get the cosmetics. The only thing I have ever seen in the game that seems like a cash grab is prime access and DE even gives you a way to not spend money to get the items in the prime access packs (save a few cosmetics that just allow you to show off that you supported the game at some point). People constantly complain that DE just wants your money but face it if DE didn't take anyone's money there wouldn't be a DE and we wouldn't be able to play Warframe. They monetize their game in the fairest way possible relying on what is essentially donations from people who want to support the game and promote an in-game economy if you don't want to support the game then don't you have that choice and DE doesn't hold that choice against you in any way. DE needs to make a LOT of improvements in their RND and QC departments for console not in the way they monetize their work.
  6. DE doesn't even need to shut down the game in order to make these improvements. They just need to make it their priority and stop making their weekly PC patches for a while. If they spend half the time focusing on the console experience as they do PC then we would understand why this virtual mouse is abhorrent on console. But don't wait on a reply from DE on this. they know they forked things up here and refuse to acknowledge their mistake. I liked the sacrifice quest and the look (not the function in a lot of areas) of the newest interface but with the current virtual mouse system, It was like putting lipstick on a pig. It's prettier sure but it's still slow, fat, and smells like manure.
  7. First off the new quest was awesome. Unfortunately, I haven't had enough time to really dig into the update too much because of work and tennocon prep but the updated UI is still not good. Its better for sure and a great step in the right direction but that doesn't mean its good. All the features I was able to test actually work now but everything is still slow and clunky. Again the new quest was amazing and I can't wait to see where the story goes from here but that UI though. It's not good guys, it's not good.
  8. NO YOU ARE WRONG!!! You have to be wrong... please be wrong... *sobs quietly in corner*
  9. Breath... In... Out... In... Out... Today is the first full workday Microsoft has had to review and approve the cert. It will come when it comes. Trust me when I say we are all anxiously waiting for the update. I would argue us console players have had to endure the hype train more than the PC players. They get the update as soon as it launches while we wait several weeks having to listen to all the PC players raving about the quest and actively avoiding any mention of the quest on all social media platforms. Be patient and hope for a tomorrow release.
  10. I tried starting another thread talking about this issue to hopefully get a response from DE and was wondering why I hadn't gotten any replies from anyone. Found out my post had been almost immediately moved from the main forum hub back to this thread. They announced update 23 has just gone to cert hopefully they actually tried fixing things on that update and didn't just ignore us again.
  11. So the cert process is more or less a make sure the game isn't harmful to the Xbox ecosystem not the game functions properly sort of deal.
  12. Best of luck getting the cert passed. Can't wait to play the new quest and try out Umbra. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ DE TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  13. DE has gone dark on this forum as well as the mega thread they started. Asking them when they are going to fix anything is useless since they are avoiding this forum like we are plague victims. I can almost guarantee you there won't be an update or fix for this until after tennocon. They say they are planning on releasing the sacrifice to console before tennocon so that will be their focus. They will ignore how horrible this interface is until after then. My only hope is they actually listen to us console players at some point but their current actions say otherwise. Heck, there are almost 90 pages between the mega thread and the action plan with no response since they released the initial hotfix.
  14. Another bug to report. there are no longer trails left behind by items on the ground. You can no longer mark mods or loot that you picked up. My team has so far lost out on forma, scimitar parts, and resource boosters because of this. I am not the fastest typer on Xbox so I usually just mark and run now I have to mark a general spot duck into a hidey-hole and type a message while hoping my team looks at chat and doesn't rush the exit.
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