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  1. Slow updates its just sad there should be no slow updates console has to wait to long for a update then de be on some new stuff for pc ,like tennogen 16 we still on 14 something wrong wit that picture
  2. So yes on having a riven for every weapon de its all on yall now
  3. Ok we get new weapon i like that but i need more riven slots i have 89 riven if i dont keep one slot open then i cant get anymore.Thats a problem the rivens i have i love had to sell some cause of no slots.I want a riven for every weapon i own and i should be about to have that not cause theres only 90 slot so i have to sell one to get a new one and now theres arch gun rivens so DE you folks could make it so we can at least have a riven for every weapon cause getting a riven for every weapon is really the end game sooooo make it so you are able to hold at least one riven for every weapon and any extra riven counts to the 90 slots you have.I want rivens for every weapon with out having to sell one just to free up space cause i cant get a arch gun riven without killin one of my other rivens i put so much time into
  4. I have played this game for awhile and know i have realize that they could careless bout console its always a problem with tennogen yup we still stuck at 14 pc gets skins yes we still have no atlas deluxe they just update pc every time i look around but console we have to wait months to catch up de hasntrealize they should just stop updating pc and let console catch up but noooo they just keep with the pc updates there on tennogen 16 we still on 14 what is the deal i know people are goin to take de side and thats the problem long as yall keep let them slide with these trash console updates they will keep letting it go on like know there focus on pc to give them a new update while console sits and wait like a unwanted step child
  5. And tennogen i just give up on that for xbox we still on 14 sadly
  6. No fix to the nightwave penta augment mod for xbox that thing takes your crit dhance and status chance away from the penta soooo when will ghat get fix update that
  7. nidus skin thats all i want de do whatever wit melee give me the skin thx
  8. whrere is xbox nidus skin its not fair we have to wait all this time xbox is late on every no new tennogen why de
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