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  1. New war update railjack update almost 2 year still nothing de stop trying to do to much when you cant them updates to hard for yll to do. Almost 2 years and nothing just stop tellin players about stuff thats 3 years way makes de look bad . Make the content then tell us not tell us bout content yall haven't started yet thats dumb really if yall didn't show railjack we wouldn't be wait get it keep it to yourself till you have some for us to update
  2. Console the stepkids of warframe new blood on its way to pc and console still haven't gotten arbitration update e till doing 10 waves just to get rewards dont seem fair but de aing said nothing on when console arbitrations will be updated to match pc arbitrations oh no they just say pc get ready for the new blood update and oh console sorry nothing for you at this time game been out for to long for us console players to get done like this where is the arbitration update for console stop doing console any kind of way and gives us that old update pc been had before you update pc yet again and leave us console players in limbo
  3. And tennogen i just give up on that for xbox we still on 14 sadly
  4. No fix to the nightwave penta augment mod for xbox that thing takes your crit dhance and status chance away from the penta soooo when will ghat get fix update that
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