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  1. 13 minutes ago, Blakrana said:

    Whilst it's a conceptual statement, I must admit I find myself just wondering what actual weight the word 'humanity' even has in setting. The Orokin Executors certainly aren't demonstrated as yet to have much concern or regard for humans or non-humas alike (such as Avantus literally condemning everyone besides her and Bilsa in the Eviscerator entry to the Infested). Yet they're aware of it enough to use it as a 'Not human, not worthy of respect/fair treatment' when it pleases them (IE the disdain for the Grineer, Lorists and Tenno respectively). Could play interestingly into some elaboration on New Loka, being the most Neo-Orokin of the Syndicates. Though that's certainly a different topic. Bonus points that the Humanity Sigil has seven spokes...which matches up curiously with the Seven Executors and Seven Principles. Coincidence, or Arc Number? Guess time might tell...

    Though I would like to reiterate one of my earlier thoughts that, if true that's how Orokin elites functioned, it puts some interesting significance on Margulis' sentence being Apostasy: If she ended up inventing Transference or the basis there of, for the Tenno just to potentially be part of society, it edges into the Orokin elites' power...which is seemingly both political and religious.

    Problem with that is the fact that he was entirely complicit in her execution: "Seven hands raised!" after all, with him being one of the seven Executors and, so far, one of the three explicitly named so far. (Avantus as mentioned above and Tuvul from the Crewman Synthesis entry)

    Trying to pin Margulis' fate on them, when they seem to have been practically dumped in stasis pods and left on Lua till that fateful encounter in the Rhino Prime Codex, would be just...petty blame shifting and denying his own responsibility in events. Granted. This probably would be fitting of the Orokin but so far, from what we've had of his actions in the Crewman Entry, I get the distinct feeling that Ballas is playing a very long game. Both the Sentient and the Tenno have had his involvement in their genesis, in a way.

    Hell. I'm still unsure why the Orokin didn't just dispose of the Tenno once they'd executed Margulis. I mean, what stopped them? Stopped "What they need to be is destroyed!" Ballas? 

    It's possible. After all, we just need to look at the Eviscerator Synthesis to see an Executor casually discussing her intentions of re-establishing the Congress of Executors, implying that it's after the Terminus incident (though how much of that is how Stalker recounts it remains to be seen). So either some slipped the net the Tenno made, or they were forced to their real bodies or something, if they are using a technology like Transference.

    Which leads to some interesting points, namely that the critical strike against the Orokin elite wasn't perfect. Avantus' survival alone (however short it was) shows that whatever the blow was, it was significant but not a true coup-de-grace as we may have thought before. Which leads to why the Tenno were still active for a time after the fall (Corrupted Ancient Synthesis with the term Betrayer already in use by Dax Menz yet an implied Excalibur saves them), not only as part of the efforts to contain and neutralise the rampant Infestation during the Great Plague (Mire) but perhaps to try and hunt down/confirm the deaths of the Executors and possibly related officials.

    One way or another...should the Orokin return it's not going to be pretty. Void Towers, Solar Rails...there's a lot of ways just one would be able to cripple the entire system.

    First of all let me just say....this reply.....PURE GENIUS!!!

    I totally agree with you on every point you made. However, I do want to clarify my statement about the Tenno "taking away" Margulis from Ballas. Even though Ballas was almost unemotional after the announcement of Margulis' death sentence, I still believe that he feels that the Tenno are responsible. Like you said, his petty blame on the Tenno would be something an Orokin would do, and that was the approach I was going for.

  2. 2 minutes ago, EmptyDevil said:

    The potential for the Orokin attempting to rise again seems possible. Here is the devstream where Mynki gave his ideas for the Orokin:

    "I figured they would eventually have gotten so detached from their own humanity, that they would probably have sequestered themselves into sort of impregnable pods, not unlike hibernation pods"

    9:23 to 10:53


    Based on that description, the projection mentioned in the Synthesis Imprints, and the one on the moons + the beings, i'd say there is a good chance some have survived. They are or would likely utilize Transference tech as well. This could make way for some interesting and unique Orokin enemies/characters.

    Thank you so much for finding it. Even though my original theory was off by a significant amount, I still think its possible.

  3. Let me just start off first by saying that this is NOT in any way, shape, or form, the definitive lore and future story of Warframe. This is merely the speculation of a lore-crazed player who happens to have a thought worth sharing. Now with the formalities out of the way, lets dive right into the return of the Orokin!

    Several months ago, DE aired a DevStream that showcased concept art of the Orokin moon (sorry that I can't provide the exact stream number). While talking about the moon, the Devs began to talk about a concept they had of the Orokin. If i remember correctly, they said something along the lines of....

    "We're playing around with the idea that the Orokin reached such a high level of technology and 'artificial divinity'(as I like to call it) that they did not physically interact with the physical world. Instead, a physical form of their conscience roamed around and interacted with the world while their bodies remained in some sort of stasis." 


    Now lets backtrack to a critical event that occurred within the game's history: The Fall of the Orokin. As described by the stalker in his codex entry and supported by synthesis imprints, the Tenno slaughtered high-ranking Orokin government official during a ceremony in their honor. This next part is pure speculation, but with the Orokin being the intelligent and sophisticated race they were, wouldn't they have some sort of fail safe protocol when the Empire is in critical condition. What if the Orokin had a plan of action where certain citizens or officials where hidden away in the event of existential crisis? 

     With the release of U18.5, we received an Orokin Moon tile set expansion, and within this expansion came the appearance of these ghost-like beings that wander the empty halls of the map. Could these "ghosts" be the consciences of the surviving Orokin who were a part of the fail safe protocol? When standing next to these ghosts we can hear whispering, they are seen doing animations where they look like they're interacting with the environment, and to top that all off they only appear in the Orokin Moon.

    With all of my speculation and theory crafting aside, let's ask the real questions. Are we witnessing the return of the Orokin? Why would they be showing up now? And if these aren't they Orokin, what are they?

    Don't be afraid to leave some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and your theories/opinions below.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling, and have a good day!


  4. There is a more common explanation, due to the A New Strange quest.


    Ordis, and several other "antique" Mark-II Cephalons, fought with the Tenno during the Sentient War.


    The Sentient, very capable of turning Orokin technology against itself, tried to corrupt the Cephalons and make them betray the Tenno. Most Cephalons either soccumbed or were destroyed (remember, Simaris is astonished to find a Mark-II Cephalon still functioning: all those he had met were "damaged beyond repair").


    Ordis receives the code but, in a desperate attempt, partitions his mind and blocks access to the corrupted code. He survives and, despite being damage, it's not "beyond repair".


    Later Cephalons, such as Simaris (him calling Ordis "antique" means that he is of a much younger generation) are created with anti-Sentient code in them.


    During the New Strange quest, however, just a single sentence uttered by the Sentient is enough to create huge distress. Simaris, who is also much more complex, is immune to the Sentient message and is able to immediately shield Ordis.


    This explains not only how and why Ordis was damaged to this extent and how and why he is the only antique Mark-II Cephalon to still run a Liset, but it also explains several sentences:


    - "I will never betray you, Operator" -> the Sentient hacking was meant to make Ordis betray. Ordis' loyalty is one of his most defining traits.


    - "Do you remember the Old War, Operator? Ordis seems to have.. misplaced those memories" -> he technically blocked them on purpose, with all of the corrupted code.


    - "My missing memories... what if Ordis did that?" -> he did.


    - "Do not lift the veil" -> the veil that covers the corrupted code and the hidden memories.


    - "Do not show the door" -> a metaphor for the way to his memories?


    - "Do not split the dream" -> of being whole. Of never having been corrupted.

    I love what you did here and this is a really good explanation. Anyone who has read my post should take your opinion into consideration.

  5. *A bit of a disclaimer* This is just speculation and interpretation, not cold hard fact. If you do not agree with what is being said in this thread, then either move on or leave some constructive criticism. 


    "Do not lift the veil. Do not show the door. Do not split the dream." - Ordis


    This quote that Ordis regularly says at random, while on the ship may provide knowledge of the Sentient and show that Ordis does contain some degree of information from the old ages, despite his broken memories.


    "Do not lift the veil." This could be Ordis saying "Do not uncover the sentient".


    "Do not show the door." This could be Ordis saying "Do not show the Sentient a way to escape, if it has been awakened."


    "Do not split the dream." This last quote is a bit harder to interpret. To me, this is Ordis warning us to not let the Sentient "mass produce" itself. In previous Dev streams and side vids, DE has hinted that the Sentient adapts to its current situation; that the beings we saw in the Tombs of the Sentient trailer are all possibly controlled by one or a hand full of beings. Allowing the Sentient to "split the dream" would be allowing it to split itself apart into these other bodies or machines; gaining a hive-mind-like control over thousands of entities.

    On the other hand the term "second dream" has been tossed around a bit in the game (POSSIBLE SPOILER ex. the natah quest.) So this could provide some completely different meaning.


    EDIT : "Operator.....in the Old War I remember there were lies, but i can remember what they were." - Ordis


    This quote highlights a number of topics. (MAJOR SPOILER)In the Natah quest it is revealed that the Sentients are still alive, the Lotus is one, and that she was tasked with killing the tenno. All of these are possible lies that Ordis may be referring to. The Orokin were lied to when they believed that they had defeated the sentients. We were lied to in believing that the Lotus was anything but a sentient. The Lotus/Natah lied to her father about killing the tenno.

    Other lies include: the Orokin public believing that the tenno were treated fairly, or that they even existed( as seen in Mag Prime's Codex entry.) 


    So with all of that aside please feel free to tell me what you guys think and if you guys can fill in any holes or gaps tell me how. ^_^ thanks.

  6. After the release of U15 ive been spending a lot of my time getting used to the new archwing gameplay. I currently only have the Odonata arching with all of its abilities unlocked. But the Odonata's 2nd power, Disarray, still confuses me. I know that it is used to confuse and remove homing projectiles from your tail, but I can never seem to use it right. I dont know when to use it and when I do ive already been hit by missiles. Is there some indicator of when you are being tracked and tagged by homing projectiles? Is timing a factor? 


    - Also feel free to post any other tips and tricks for any of the archwing abilities, both Odonata and Elytron.



  7. i dont think that anyone has thought about this about the archwing missions....

    the invasion and destruction of the corpus ship that you are on is not accounted for in-game. the lotus begins to tell you that "somethings not right." and stuff like that, meaning that she had no prior knowledge of the imminent destruction of the ship and the need for an archwing. So my question is does the mission select tell you beforehand that the mission you are about to begin will become an archwing mission, or is it a completely random occurrence?(if my question even makes any sense)

  8. Probably because we don't have an ETA, and the last hype threads that got pinned were pinned after the teaser site(s) went live.


    The thread is so long already (mainly because U15 announcement was quite some time ago) that chances are a new one will have to be made in order to contain the hype.


    Weird things start happening to the forums when a thread reaches critical mass, which happens around the 300-page mark or so.


    Like, really weird things.

    oh ok that makes sense. Thanks for the reasoning.

  9. This bug has been present in my account for a while but it never really bothered me because I never really use the Dragon Nikana. The problem is that certain colors in each of the 3 appearance configs for my dragon nikana are stuck and cannot be changed. Im not sure if I am the only one having this problem, but i briefly skimmed the forums and saw nothing of the sorts. 


    Thanks DE for all of the hard work you've poured into this crazy-awesome game and keep up the great work.



    Cant wait for U15 Bird Lifters

  10. I am not sure if I am the only one having this problem but i recently noticed that the Doppelgangers in Mirage's Hall of mirrors have the original Mirage look (colors and helmet) rather than the helmet and colors that i have chosen.

    It's a small bug and it doesn't affect my game play. Hopefully this can be fixed other wise my slight OCD might just drive me insane.

    Thank you for all of your hard work DE, I'm loving the update.

  11. Constructive criticism is good. Blind hate is bad.


    I love the UI, though I do have a few misgivings about it. But there are those that totally dislike it, and their voices should be heard too - as long as said voices aren't spewing profanities, insults, and asinine threats.

    well said

  12. I have been a loyal player of this beautiful game since U9 and i have watched i grow and develop into the crazy-awesome 3rd person shooter it is today. I have seen the game's ups and downs and the community reacting in negative and positive ways. But the criticism towards U14 has become too much. DE has worked their butts off to give us the most anticipated and ground-breaking update yet and now that its here all i see is complaining and harsh criticism. Yes i have witnessed the chaos for myself upon the release of U14 and i have had my fair share of problems, but not once have i turned my frustration to the game's developers. Why can't people be understanding? With a change this big problems are bound to happen and it is our job as a community to be as respectful as we can when it comes to facing and reporting these problems. Yes you can criticize but do it in a way that won't leave the hard workers of DE feeling like they've failed us.


    I'm not trying to start anything but please take note of what I say. Give the respect DE deserves because their hard work doesn't deserve any of the harsh negativity that i have seen over the past couple of days.

  13. i was able to finish the first part of the prologue but apon returning to my new ship my game froze and logged me out.

    now every time i try to log in a number of problems occur...

    - game freezes


    - i get logged out and i cant get back in


    - the last warframe i had used before installing U14 has the equipment that Vor places on your shoulder and thigh instead of on the warframe i chose in the prologue (not sure if thats whats supposed to happen)


    - ordis and the lotus talk sometimes and other times there is no audio


    i have tried restarting my computer and modem many times and the same problems still occur. Despite all of the problems right now i can see the passion and care that has been put into the update and i cant wait to start playing agin.



    Thank you for all of the hard work DE and i hope U14 will be bug and glitch free soon

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