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  1. As title states, the tetures look fine when advancing time, but no matter what moment time is paused to take a shot, it looks blurry. It is ruining good shots for me, and it wasn't happening before the recent updates. Not sure what is causing it. Examples:
  2. I use the Catchmoon because it's the only secondary I have currently that keeps me alive in Sorties and other high-tier missions. Sure, It's insanely powerful, but sometimes you need a powerful weapon as a last resort to survive. I've tried out quite a few other secondary weapons, and Catchmoon is one of the only ones I've used so far that has actually worked for me in a way that makes me want to keep it after ranking it up. It's my go-to for all sorties because it doesn't take me forever to wittle an enemy's health down, unlike others I've used. This nerf affects me quite a bit.
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