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  1. (Bug: disappearing HUD) Thought I would try playing Flexa solo mainly from the Railjack (rather than parking the thing and archwing'ing it). RJ/My state of tune: 8-6-8-6 Intrinisics. Level 3 everything, some good rolls. All Avionics slot maxed (120 capacity). Decent loadout. 45 minutes of slogging thru 70+ fighters and 6 crew ships -- yeah it was that slow as I was constantly dealing with critical breaches, running out of spray foam, chasing bullet sponge fighters and dealing with super tough boarders that can resist multiple headshots from Redeemer Prime (w/Riven) -- AND THEN the HUD disappears!! Yeah, guess the location of the red breach and no time or anything useful displayed. Cephalon does not provide meaningful help. Guess a couple and can't find the one that fails mission. Get nothing for it. Zero. Nada. Really am not loving this game mode right now. Game before I had to force quit because I got stuck in limbo at the end of the mission (Bug: get caught Omni'ing back to RJ at end of mission -- get stuck in various states of limbo). Love Warframe and think DE are a great studio but this is really super frustrating. And really; what is up with these damned Exo Grineer? They are tougher than bosses in the star chart. I'd rather have challenging AI that these Exos that just seem impervious to anything except the strongest of weapons. Or have some special way to handle them -- 'spiderman' them in place with the Omnitool slurry or retrieve a special anti-boarding weapon, maybe a pike-like electric lance (marine inspired) that skewers them to the bulkheads (another fun thing to have to collect resources for--you know you want it). The same old animations for knockdown on these super tank Exos just looks broken -- they can shrug off whole magazines of high caliber ammo then just fall down for a minute? This level of toughness in the game should be scary or at least intimidating -- these guys are just irritating.(Not to mention that if you playing a squidgy frame almost any of the Exo cartel can one shot to the revive screen... Mostly writing this because the release notes say 'HUD micro optimizations' -- perhaps it just shrunk so small I couldn't see it : ) And I realize that I probably am below average skill and should find a crew -- but I didn't want to subject other Tenno to my piloting prowess (or lack thereof). Sorry for repetition. It is cathartic to whine and moan, feel much better now.
  2. Largely redundant comments here but I am a big fan of the lich mechanics in general and some of the multi-lich missions in pub have been really fun with some great team work and unexpected difficulty. The excessively grindy process definitely puts you in a 'omg this is almost frustrating as hell' mode at times though. The RNG can be wicked: Used a ton of FASS and was hardly seeing RR3s -- and then had a no luck cracking them or snagging lucky rolls in intact pub runs. That was a real drag. Getting the first six unique Kuva weapons, even the trash Kraken, was pretty cool. The next four duplicates sucked. The transfer process is a nice feature but I have a fresh lich with (my 3rd) Chakkhur and it has 25% Toxin. My forma sink Chakkhur is sitting at 51% so I am probably going to take a break until there is some way to short cut the time to pointlessly grind away on this latest foe. Bribe them to go away? I'd pay kuva, credits, or plat for that matter. 10K Kuva to find another adversary. 25 plat? Sure. Add a cooldown of 12 or 24 hours till the next larvling is available so that it is still quicker to grind. I am trying to not to think about the probably of getting all the weapons; It is a lot of Liches (Chinese fruit?) I guess if we wait long enough they'll be an event drop or something. : ) I.really want get to MR28 but looks like I'll have to wait for the next content drop. (DE dev) keep adding voice/personality/traits and visuals! Overall really strong content. Thanks! Update: unbeliveable RNG. Decided to see how fast I could kill 'Mr. 4th duplicate in a row' and did it in 5 missions!!! One fail (L2 lich). Guessed first position on first encounter and guessed full sequence on second. Went and spawned a new lich and... Mr. 5th dupe (in a row) is staring back at me with his totally useless 25% Karak. Ironic huh? Urgh! "He won the lottery and died the next day"
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