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  1. True, but there are some issues with that too, such as the differences in survivability from one frame to the next. Where some frames can stand in front of a hail of gunfire from a high level enemy and barely be tickled, others will die in one or two shots from that same enemy. If they made the enemies even stronger it could just push us further into a meta hole, similar to the tridolons where either you're one of a handful of frames or gtfo. If that could be addressed somehow, so that all frames are viable for the challenging content, I'd be satisfied.
  2. The point that DE can't make the broad, sweeping changes to damage and scaling that the game needs without people rioting, since they're ready to grab their torches and pitchforks at the drop of a hat. It might not be an attractive view to you as a player, but part of DE's job is to make sure that players have a reason to keep playing. If goals are met too fast, if players get what they want too easily, then they'll have what they wanted and start asking "now what should I do?" Maybe Hema's cost is too high, maybe Pilfering Swarm should be affected by power strength, but if they were changed then you might run out of goals to accomplish quickly. And DE has to decide if that's a line they should cross. And since people have that kind of a reaction to individual changes, how would they react if DE said they were nerfing half the Warframes and weapons in order to fix scaling? These forums would be erupting. It wouldn't matter if the overall game experience would be improved, too many people would be furious at their favorite frames or weapons getting nerfed, especially since most peoples favorites are the meta like the Arca Plasmor. At a certain point, there is just too much backlash for a change to be pushed through, even if it's for the betterment of the game. And usually, yes, that point is when it starts hurting financially. People won't want to pay money if they think their favorite gear might get the nerf bat.
  3. See? All I had to do was bring up Itzal, and already this topic is getting derailed. And that was just a single off-hand comment from one dev. Thanks for proving my point for me.
  4. "One shot or be one shot" is a real problem this game has. Issue is, in order to fix that they'd not only need to nerf enemy EHP and damage values, but a large number of our weapons and Warframe abilities that are made stupidly strong so that we can handle the scaling enemies. And once you say the word "nerf" towards player abilities or weapons, that's when everyone starts rioting. Just look at the Itzal situation.
  5. I run Prisma Shade with Ambush and that works well. It's true that its Ghost precept needs to be tweaked (it should be something like the invisibility stays active for 2 or 3 seconds after leaving line of sight of an enemy then drops unless you re-enter the line of sight so it doesn't quit working seemingly randomly) but I still get a big damage boost for a few seconds every ten seconds, and that's pretty helpful.
  6. Being able to default to my *spoiler* on returning to the orbiter.
  7. I saw that. I think this is a great step in letting people have more build variety. Definitely want to get my hands on that.
  8. We tried to go for the kuva, but it was getting so hectic that we didn't get many chances. It came down to if we had an oxygen tower and a core right next to us, we'd try to get it started quickly. Otherwise, we just held our ground and kept killing as quickly as we could. I don't know if it was the best idea, but it somehow worked out.
  9. Me and a friend managed to pull this off last night as a Khora and a Nekros. The last ten minutes is really the danger zone because of how bullet sponge-y the enemies become. I wound up dropping over 20 large energy restores just so I could keep up two Strangledomes constantly. Some helpful things we noticed though, use spectres if you have a decent one. The extra target with added DPS was really helpful. Likewise, if you have someone like Nekros that can call in more allies, that helps also. Many more targets. But really, all I can say is good luck. Even with both of us with abilities that increase drop rate, some times the air supply still got as low as 10%. You'll need RNG to be on your side a bit here.
  10. Pretty simple request, can we get an option in the arsenal to choose what stance Venari starts missions in? It's obviously not that difficult to change stance in mission, but it'd be a nice QOL feature if I didn't have to do it at the start of every stage.
  11. Very generous of you, thank you. I watched the whole stream (excited af for Railjack, btw) and I'm glad that you're going with a solution that almost guarantees that everyone that watched gets it, and then some. Hats off to you.
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