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  1. Everytime I do a defense mission and I stay past wave 5 (both as host or otherwise) the game will crash and the hardware failure warframe webpage will open. I haven't had this happen ever before, and I can play everything else just fine. I have tried different warframes/weapons in the even those were causing the crash but nothing. Nothing else in the game is causing a crash and my PC is fine when this happens so I really can't figure out why its only happening with defense missions.
  2. i hate this update, grindy, bugged and subpar 😞
  3. Please make changes to conservation in Deimos, its an abysmal experience
  4. Can you guys please remove the Aerial Hunt from progression? Those have been bugged since fortuna and they are bugged now. I don't understand how you are aware of this and make us need 5 of them.
  5. Because it's not. Fortuna/PoE, you can go mining for 30min and get 1 week's worth of standing for anyone MR25+. Add a booster and you can get a month's worth in 1hr~. Conservation gave standing, which was a fun side-thing to do and extremely easy as some of them had multiple animals at a time. Fishing for materials? You would end up getting fish you won't need and turn into standing. Here you are locked to what you can buy at a given time, just because you can aquire Mother tokens from bounties doesn't make it easier as you will still need the other tokens. Which is just more
  6. My gosh, you guys made standing even worse. The whole thing about letting us earn standing even with cap, due to the tokens... such a lie. We could already do that with mining and fishing. Now you even made conservation/hunting annoying. I know you guys worked hard on this update but this is just horrible grinding
  7. Honestly my problem with the nerfs is you realize that those abilities will be the most chosen, regardless of the values you end up giving them, because the others are terrible. So instead of making the others better (or choose better ones!), you went and nerfed the only good ones. That's just terrible design. Sigh.
  8. Making some abilities weaker versions while others are the same ones just because the others are terrible is dumb. At the end of the day it doesn't matter because the reason people are willing to pick the ones you nerfed is because some frames don't even have 1 skill to use. You guys just derailed the hype for the system with these changes.
  9. Earth areas (non PoE) that get "sunlight" are just too bright for me. Can't play there anymore
  10. Some doors VFX seem to be missing and you can literally fall off the map through them
  11. so how does resonator work without mandachord?
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