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  1. TECHNICALLY, all the exilus weapon mods increase DPS, though yes some is a super minor amount, and you can debate how "direct" their effect is on DPS, but that's a bit hard to pin down, exactly what constitutes direct in this context. Reload Whlie Holstered: Swap weapons instead of reload: Less time Reloading, more DPS. +/- Zoom: When used correctly, less time spent acquiring your target, more DPS. Ammo Capacity/Mutation: Allows you to take more shots due to less ammo efficiency concerns, more DPS. Flight Speed: Either easier to hit targets, more DPS, or on the weapons it increases range before falloff, higher DPS at range. Holster Speed: Less time switching weapons, more time firing, more DPS. Accuracy: Less missed shots, more DPS. -Recoil: Less missed shots, more DPS. Silence: Enemies move less at times, therefore less missed shots, more DPS. Kinetic Ricochet/Fomorian Accellerant: Projectiles travelling further turns misses into hits sometimes, more DPS. Tether Grenades/Adhesive Blast: Sometimes catch enemies in blast that would'n't have been caught, more DPS. Exilus Weapon Mods all increase DPS, the question is how much they increase DPS, versus the other mods, I'd personally allow depleted reload, as it's a super niche mod that won't suddenly make the Vectis an all star but is nice there, and doesn't see a ton of use otherwise. Also SOME exilus mods certainly did see use before the exilus slot, though they were generally niche, Ammo Mutation saw a reasonable amount of use, though on only a few weapons, Ricochet mods were pretty much universally used on the couple underperforming weapons they were usable on, Flight Speed and -Recoil saw some very limited use on a few weapons, and Silence was sometimes used on Ivara's setups.
  2. Just wanted to chime in with a thanks to DE for finally releasing this, should've come a long time ago, but happy it finally got here.
  3. Yeah just wanted to mirror some other sentiments, I'd been really down on Warframe towards the end of last year, I could live with the bugs, but the massive amounts of RNG on Lich and Railjack weapons without a clear path to reaching a "finish point", was really sapping my will to play. The recent lich update, and now the UI changes really speak to them starting to listen to their playerbase again, which is amazing and really picks me up and renews my love for the game.
  4. Rank it up for the MR, then just forget it exists like all the other self damage weapons unless DE makes a change. Edit: At least you can meme around with them with a Revenant Memer skin or Nyx 4 Augment build, unless they nerf the self-damage immunity on those.
  5. On some weapons I prefer holding melee attack down to heavy attack, toggling may not be "in the cards", how about a seperate keybind then, one for Attack/HoldHeavy or Attack Only, this would effectively be the same thing, but perhaps evade whatever the issue is for not wanting a toggle? I think enough of the community really care about having it one way or the other to justify such a thing.
  6. What do you mean? Almost everything I've seen anyone post is overwhelmed and super happy about the way we can see a potential weapon, way better than most of us expected, it's great!
  7. The ability to see which weapon you get is pretty nice, but the ability to infuse weapons together to increase your maximum value even if it's lower, IS PERFECTION, It's what I wanted from the start, this is enough to make me start doing liches again, it's lovely and perfect and saves the entire thing for me, thanks so much for listening DE! Now lets do the same thing with rail jack equipement >.> And if you're feeling spicy some sort of direct progression element for rivens too <.<
  8. Just my two cents on what's been said in this thread, also MR28 here, this game's community is one of the best I've been in, we have our bad apples, but seems on average FAR better than most of the other games I've played. And I'm also for the removal of self damage, movement is super sporadic in this game, the ability for your other allies/pets as well as enemies to suddenly pop in front of your face makes it super punishing and annoying to use, for the most part I just don't use self damage weapons, unless I'm specifically using a Warframe to negate self damage (Nyx 4, Revenant 2), and even then it's just to play with something different from what I usually do, and self damage just seems all that much sillier, as far as being afraid that the removal of self damage "encourages a different playstyle", so what? There's already plenty of equally (or usually, more) effective weapons without self damage, we just use those instead most of the time these days.
  9. That's unfortunate, but it's still better than the alternative of not fixing them... by light years and light years, we should be happy for this change and hope they make more changes to reduce the RNG, and plenty of other fixes for RJ hopefully along the way.
  10. Railjack Armor Changes: Nice in theory, but not nice when you add up the removal of Warframe buffs, and Cryophon nerfs, just makes Archguns even more the go to, even with the change to procs, if the intent as you say was to make Railjack weapons more effective on their own, you missed the mark. Avionics Drops: Good, yay, these avionics shouldn't feel so rare. Rush Repair Drones Removal/Drop Change: The problem with Repair Drones wasn't that they existed as a way to shortcut, it's that the economy feels SO BAD that it felt the only reasonable way to interact with the system was to purchase repair drones, you could've left them in, what players really wanted was the wreckage repair economy to significantly change, so one could use repair drones but wouldn't feel FORCED into it. Full material recovery from scrapping/lower asterite/titanium costs/higher droprates would've solved this issue and still allowed you to collect some platinum reasonably, instead, now we're just all forced into the extremely unfulfilling grind, and the legendary droprate of the drone is just kinda insulting. Doubled Wreckage Chance: This is a bandaid on a gunshot wound, double droprate is nice, but the amount of RNG involved in obtaining what we're actually after is so astronomical even doubling it is not NEARLY enough, some further reduction is definitely in order, my personal preference would've been to leave the original droprate, but remove any RNG whatsoever from the stat values of the items. (In other words, Vidar reactor would always have 100/100, and the only randomness would've been which "ship bonus" it recieved.) As things are now, you're looking at a 4% droprate, 1% of max value avionics, so a .04% chance of a Max Avionics Vidar reactor... and that's before taking Flux or the other bonus into account, it's just insane..... Auto marking Avionics and Salvage: This is nice, would rather them just be auto picked up, but this works too I suppose. Double Asterite: See the Rush Repair Drone section, this is a start, but far from what's actually called for. Squad Overlay Now Visible While Piloting/Gunning: This is really nice, love the Icons too, now can we add a way to mark things outside the railjack while piloting/gunning? Intrinsics can't be gained while they're maxed: Why? This is just insulting, I'm maxed on all intrinsics, now I have 0 incentive to play (other than to test changes) until command comes out, why would anyone actually implement this? Bugfixes: Always appreciated. Wisp Animations: Nice! Didn't expect this, still need to implement it for aiming but I love it!
  11. This seems highly hypocritical, posting "That's one opinion." multiple times does not contribute anything to the discussion except to try to undermine a statement by implying that it holds less worth due to it being "one opinion of many" or "simply personal preference" this whole forum is here to collate personal preferences and act on the popular ones. I would hope that I would contribute to this discussion by pointing out that "That's one opinion." isn't helpful, instead, stating the manner in which you perceive it, aka "Your opinion." would be far moreso.
  12. What is popular is subjective, measuring popularity isn't, DE has stated that in general, they want to do what the majority wants, aka "We listen.", but yes, it has been stated t hat it will be addressed, but dismissing any opinion because "It's an opinion." isn't helpful, popular opinions are mostly what the feedback forum is here to collect and act on.
  13. I'm aware the megathread exists, however my post was large enough that it seemed to justify it's own space for replies rather than derailing the thread, but thanks for the bump, I guess?
  14. I disagree with the "Hema and Sibear" grind, because those were huge grinds for underwhelming weapons, however, something akin to the Endo and Focus grinds, I'm all about, I'd much rather these things than the RNG fest that is the current grind.
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