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  1. You have to angle your whipclaw upwards, ground geometry is super insane, and even then, even before the nerf her hitbox accuracy was already unreliable, far worse now, but in a few zones, it's still really good, Stofler's top level comes to mind, if a map like that comes out that happens to have good rewards, Khora, or whatever protects Khora will get nerfed, calling it now.
  2. It was literally one of the worst ways to go about nerfing her. (Not that she needed to be nerfed, she was fine and very underplayed before a specific farm became popular because of it's rewards that she happened to be well-suited for.) The specific manner of nerf is such a terrible choice because in an open area, there's literally no change in her theoretical maximum power level, but in Corridorframe (which is most of the game) it makes her super annoying and inconvenient to use to the point of not using it. But I'm calling it now, they're going to have to nerf her (or Limbo) again when so
  3. This is what happens when people see things they don't use get nerfed and don't speak up until it his their babies, DE's nerfs have almost always been over reactionary and ham-fisted, the last nerf I can think of that I mostly agreed with was Chroma's Vex Armor, where they just toned it down from crazy levels to still very strong (And they should've buffed his other abilities at the same time.), but almost everything else from AOE falloff to weapon and frame nerfs have been really murdered statistically or terribly mishandled and feel terrible to use. Few people really reacted strongly at a
  4. There are quite a few problems with that statement, extension of courses doesn't introduce new obstacles, such as Nullifiers/etc, would be more of the same, and in the same vein, rather than a new, particularly reviled obstacle, such as you claim exist in Warframe "because of buffs". And also that trend in golf isn't exactly universally agreed on as a good idea, quite the opposite, in fact there's a good chance it's ending. https://www.golf-monthly.co.uk/features/the-game/really-need-lengthen-golf-courses-113139 https://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/news/usga-ra-distance-report-big-changes/
  5. This makes no sense despite the number of likes it got, this is the equivalent of asking one's parents for a bike to make it more enjoyable/easier to ride to school, and so the parents acquiesce, but then decide that they don't want it TOO easy for them to get to school after the fact, so they go to the trouble of adding speed bumps every 10 feet, this is a terrible decision, but it's not the fault of the kid who's asking for the bike.
  6. To be fair, plenty of people are still running Ophelia, and tons of other survivals across the star chart, Interception is faster Essence/Time generally in my experience, but not by all that much, and survival camping is 1000x more chill, also for what it's worth the cubby hole change changes next to nothing, you can literally stand behind the pipe that they put in and do the exact same thing, there are tons and tons of camps that give the enemies 0 chances to interact as long as you're not literally asleep enough to forget to put up one of the many CC tools at our disposal. (Generally yes the
  7. Figured I'd start with the first three if people are interested in hearing more I'll keep going, these are just some of the changes I'd make. Ash - Shuriken: With Seeking Shuriken equipped, make the homing prioritize enemies that currently have an armor value. Smokescreen: Increase invisibility base time from 2/4/6/8 to 4/8/12/16. Bladestorm: Remove the marking system, instead make it a channeled toggle that continually attacks targets in range at the cost of energy until toggled off, this does make it harder to choose your targets, but the awkwardness in the marking system is why mos
  8. In what world are your enemies living long enough for the Kavat to strip their armor? They're a joke before that unless you're doing long survival missions, in which case your pets are dead by the time they're relevant. I mod purely for pet survivability and they still die far too often, even when my pet has like 16k HP due to Inaros, by the time armor stripping is relevant, the pet is dead, and their minimal contribution to damage is just laughable, waiting on ability cooldowns to kill one mob at a time when you're murdering swaths of them... this is all a very silly conversation.
  9. I'm by no means a whale, I've probably only spent something like 75$ over the course of my gameplay, I have no qualms about this being unfair, and plenty of people asked for it, my friends included, there are plenty of things to complain about in Deimos, but I don't feel like this should really be one of them... I'd much rather Scintillant droprates be raised, the token system really needs an overhaul, forcing us to do broken conservation really feels bad, etc, so many times you're buying things with rep to advance rep... lots of steps back with this system, but they have to monetize somehow,
  10. Scintillant is completely unreasonable as a resource.... the supposedly "common" drop never drops, and as a rare, from rank 1... lets just say I have 10 of the weapon blueprints that are supposedly "rare", but 0 scintillant, after farming way more of all the bounties that supposedly drop scintillant.
  11. Except you literally just said the point of the nerf was something else, which is what I was pointing out was false, obviously repeating a thing doesn't make it true, however, historically speaking.... well, you're very likely to be in the wrong on this prediction.
  12. No, the "point of the nerf" was to make both them, and many other options reasonable choices, but as people keep telling you, there is no nerf value where this will actually occur.
  13. Though I appreciate the sentiment, I'm not so sure it does, the devs have often historically shown they've often best responded to one passionate response, (For example the no universal universal medallions guy, or the tiny selection of people asking them not to nerf Hema requirements) than statistics, or anything else for that matter.
  14. Rolling Guard is still way better than Reave, the primary use case for Rolling Guard is granting you temporary invinciblity WHILE you're going to channel a cast, or don't want to get interrupted while meleeing for a sec etc, also works through nulli bubbles, if you just want invincible mobility, that's what spoiler mode is for. Molt completely eclipses decoy by granting movement speed, removing debuffs, optional regen with mod, having way more shields and health, dealing damage when it explodes, stacking up bonus health during it's invulnerability duration, and it's stats are affected
  15. For what it's worth, I completely disagree, 😜 I'm a veteran who likes the idea of a lower MR requirement but very much cares and doesn't want the abilities nerfed.
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