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  1. We've already debated this to it's conclusion between us, I completely and utterly disagree with you, I feel like the way things were, the mistake was "ever using those weapons if they continued to one-shot yourself, removing allied collision would've been nice but not nearly enough to justify using the weapons. Once again you keep laying the blame at the feet of those that asked for positive change regardless of them not getting the change they asked for.
  2. Mostly agree with you, but the problem with the statement of "DE Listens to a few people." is that they weren't listening to anyone, they just asked for a removal of self-damage because one-shotting yourself constantly even with cautious shot was very anti-fun, instead of just removing it or reducing it to non-crazy levels (like amps) they nerfed falloff on all aoe weapons to the ground and gave them an annoying stagger mechanic, as you said even on weapons that didn't have self-damage in the first place, literally nobody asked for anything like this and pretty much everyone hates it.
  3. http://prntscr.com/ten3pz I don't think you're quite following what he's explaining, I'll try to make it clearer. Venka Prime, with this build (without a riven, longer with a riven) gets you a 33 second combo duration (longer if relentless combination procs, but that's your riven slot if you have one.) At 240 Combo you're at a 13x multiplier, once you stop hitting things with this weapon, you get 13x for 33 seconds. When your combo decays with Naramon after that 33 seconds, you lose 5 combo, putting you at 235 combo, putting you at 12x, 33 seconds later it decays to 230, you stay at 12x, 33 seconds later to 225, still at 12x, 33 seconds later to 220, still at 12x, 33 seconds later we go down to 215 which is 11x. So from the start we were at 13x for around 33 seconds depending on procs, then we stayed at the 12x multiplier for a total of 132 seconds with this rivenless build. A difference, for Baruuk for example, his restraint meter makes it to where you can only realistically stay in serene storm 50% of the time or so, yes sometimes you just pop out, hit a guy and pop back in (annoying enough but whatever), but also sometimes you sometimes are stuck without serene storm and need to use your other weapons while rebuilding restraint, with a setup like this (which is great for serene storm) your melee is complete trash in terms of normal damage. With the Xoris, okay, maybe it wasn't great but at least it was somewhat usable, while still providing the same effect to Baruuk's Serene storm, though I suppose you can still just shoot things in the face instead.
  4. That's ironic, the moment I first saw "infinite combo duration" I thought "Wow! They're finally giving us something to make it less annoying to use these frames!" I thought the Xoris was a deliberate nod to stat sticks and the fact that all these frames (except Khora) don't see much use due to the annoyance in playing them, but I made the mistake of thinking they had any idea what they were doing.
  5. Can you really not see how ridiculous that logic is? Think about this, you're basically saying every instance of public outrage or backlash is unjustified, over anything.
  6. The Steel Path looks like a very nice addition, thank you for that. The Xoris nerf is terrible, I wish you would reconsider.
  7. I think that the poster thinks this is impressive in some way? Though this particular video is definitely under performing normal melee setups. There are exalted melee setups that over perform normal melee (Namely Khora and Baruuk when properly setup, IMO Baruuk's setup is too annoying to be worth using without the Xoris, maybe even with because restraint is annoying enough even if you don't have to keep refreshing combo, and Khora's is already better without the Xoris frankly), but this is not one of them.
  8. That concept isn't unreasonable, I personally always preferred the idea of a "Build a bear" system, where you choose your rolls by hand, and then have to expend kuva to increase the stats to their maximum values, rather like endo, but I'd prefer your suggestion to what we have now by miles.
  9. At this rate all I expect out of DE anymore is nerfs killing any desire I have to play.
  10. What are you talking about? Ember, Chroma, Catchmoon, Maiming Strike, Many of the AoE weapons That got nerfed recently, Exodia Contagion (Though not specifically the pairing with Limbo), Covert Lethality, Magus Lockdown, and Loot Ability Stacking were all quite meta for a long time. Self-Damage Trinity, and specifically combining Contagion with Limbo were only ones I listed not in the meta, and the original statement was they didn't ever nerf anything that had been around for a long time, and I was just pointing out that that was a hilariously off base statement. I agree that Covert Lethality was overrated, but only because nothing in the game at the time called for it, and you'd be better off doing aoe damage, it would be more useful now potentially in the steel path, but, frankly nobody uses daggers now at all (At least after the Rakta Dark Dagger Nerf, but I didn't mention that because it was -kinda- the new hot thing at the time due to shield gating changes), so I'd call it a bad tradeoff. I definitely disagree with Maiming Strike, yes, it let us ignore melee systems we didn't like, guess what, we still do, we still use either all heavy attacks or the same 1-2 combos we like on a weapon, and nothing else, it's not very different from just using spin attacks, it's now just one less option, my personal "fix" would've just been to allow Maiming OR Bloodrush on a weapon, and not both. I do agree that Lockdown probably deserved a nerf of some sort, but I do feel they were too strict with it, never cared about the damage, but it was kinda the most theoretically worrisome in "infinite scaling through walls on any warframe" , but the amount of mines limitation is pretty rough, I don't even use it anymore, though I may give it a shot again with Steel Path, we'll see, my personal fix would've been to remove the damage altogether, and leave the rest.
  11. You mean like they did with with Ember, Chroma, Catchmoon, Self-Damage Trinity, Maiming Strike, AoE Weapons, Exodia Contagion Limbo, Covert Lethality, Magus Lockdown, Loot Ability Stacking (Though they partially reverted that one), how long does something have to be there for it to be considered "forever" before they nerf it, because I'm pretty sure plenty of that counts.
  12. DE: We respect player's time investment, that's why we won't allow Universal Medallions to be used on Conclave, or reduce the Hema's cost. Also DE: Oh you just formed the crap outta that weapon and the Warframes to go with it? Tough, YOINK, go work on something else.
  13. I for one don't mind waiting as long as they don't keep us on edge waiting all the time, simple statements like this of "not happening this week" or "happening this week" are great, and yeah I'd rather them take their time than rush something out, and I'd personally rather them go back and fix older issues (and newer content that still has issues) than push out new stuff. (Though obviously only up to a certain point, eventually new things do need to come out.)
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