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  1. New Wukong feels completely worthless to me, he goes from "Almost never played." to "Never played." As predicted the AI on his 1 makes it poor, he's basically only halfway decent with a few specific snipers and shotguns, and I question his survivability in high end content, though I've admittedly not tested. His 2 is fine, I guess, slightly more useful than before, but nothing to write home about. They removed his one iconic ability, the set and forget invincibility, for a "oh S#&$ button", which is a thousand times less usable and feels worse, on lower end content, nothing survives to hit you, on higher end content, it doesn't do enough damage to be worthwhile, and you'd be better off just using operator to survive and move elsewhere. His 4's combos are awkward, I like the removal of charge attacks and timing delay combos honestly, however the combo directional input choices seem off, and the combos themselves seem poor, his damage is very meh on armored targets, though I didn't forma and mod to fullest extent, it seems underwhelming compared to many others. Even at 280% range with primed reach his reach isn't amazing like it used to be with enough combo. All in all, the few things that made him stand out are gone, replaced with situational, weak abilities.
  2. Ooooh, I'm so sorry, the correct answer was Fulmin, a kitgun with Pax Charge, and Redeemer Prime, you were so close!
  3. My personal list would be mods that give: Zoom Ammo Mutation Max Ammo Silence Holster Speed Movement Speed While Aiming Magazine Reloaded While Holstered Scan on Fatal Strike (Astral Autopsy) Self-Damage Reduction (Cautious Shot would actually see some use then, and by extension, some weapons.) Energy on Kill (Sharpshooter) SOME weapon specific mods that don't directly increase damage. (Tether Grenades, Adhesive Blas, Kinetic Ricochett) The Mods I'm on the fence about but I think would probably be fine: Status Duration Recoil Reduction AoE increase Explode on Kill (Combustion Beam, Acid Shells) Range increase Accuracy (Such as Narrow Barrel) Spread (Tainted Shell, not Vicious spread as that directly adds damage) Syndicate Mods without direct damage increase (Neutralizing Justice, Avenging Truth, Disarming Purity) Life Strike Reflex Coil Healing Return Guardian Derision And I'm sure there's more, one really could create a list from "all the mods that see little to no use" from DE's usage statistics that we know they keep, those mods would probably be a safe way to build such a list. Yes, technically this is "power creep", but there will always be power creep whenever a new mod comes out that trumps an old mod in builds, and if they never come out with such mods, there will be no feeling of progression in the game, and it will die, which is the much worse outcome.
  4. As to the build, no, that build is all about spamming Shuriken, his 1 ability, you just hit it over and over and over and everything dies that's reasonably low level. And I have no idea what you mean by dealing less damage over time.
  5. The map is super pretty, and I'd love it as part of a level, or PVP, but for the index, it spaces out the spawns too much, has too many walls and blocking visibility, it's really really hard to keep up kill speeds there like it is in the older two maps... I would love to see that map moved to PVP (Where it's not about kill speed but ratio) or ESO (where we're using giant aoe abilities anyway) or something like that but yeah, keep it away from the index.
  6. I agree that most of those who hate spin2win also hate Warframes with high clear potential. But about the "don't need to join a squad part", this depends on the situation. Unless I'm mistaken, more players = more enemies = more affinity, so often people who are trying to maximize efficiency do in fact need to join a squad to maximize their efficiency. I frequently play Saryn on Hydron for instance, usually to level a friend's weapons quickly, most of the people I random queue with are like, "Yay a carry.", though you do get the occasional complainer. I personally would say the onus is on the person who "doesn't want to play with certain playstyles" to opt out of random queue, rather than anyone with a specific playstyle choice.
  7. Here's the main thing, you said "Corpus level 10-15", at that level your build is basically meaningless, whatever you shoot with a half-way modded gun will die in one shot anyway, so your weapon damage doesn't matter, you're only going to get the enemy's hp in damage on the end screen, if the others with higher damage were using guns, they were just getting there faster, if they were using Warframe abilities to kill large areas (which it's very easy to do at low levels) it's to be expected, here are some suggestions 1.) I wouldn't worry about it, let other people murder things and just collect your loot in group missions. 2.) If you really want to compete, try using a frame that kills in a large area, Saryn, Equinox, Volt, Frost, Banshee. 3.) Tailor your frame's build to specific mission types you do often, for example Ash, on low level content, can murder everything very efficiently with shurikens, just hit 1 a lot.
  8. You know I was going to say I didn't find it so bad, but then I realized I farmed all mine with Desecrate + Pilfering Swarm + Nidus + Trin, with drop chance and resource booster, with that nerf, and lacking those things it might be rough.
  9. As a new player you need approximately 100 nitain to build the items that require them. As a vet you need approximately 400 more nitain to aura forma all the warframes. As a vet who had a decent chunk sitting around before nightwave, and bought a lot of nitain during the wolf nightwave, I still ran out, I have tons of aura forma sitting around with no real way to work towards being able to build them, I'm at 10/40 and stuck, I've hit a wall, and it's super annoying.
  10. Nothing in common except you use void damage to knock down his shields multiple times then shoot his Synovia. It doesn't have a lot in common, but there's definitely some there, and focus shards allow you to break the daily cap, and aren't reliant on specific lenses.
  11. This nerf effectively kills the strangledome augment outside of solo, Chesa Kubrow (not that many used it anyway), and pretty much ends Hydroid's usefulness, yes, you can still use him for afk farming, but how many times did mobs get murdered outside of the tentacle zone, now one just brings more Nekroses, always. Not to mention it makes some farms even more unreasonable. (I'm looking at you, Hema.)
  12. For the record, even a 9k HP inaros with tons of armor gets 1-shot by the one attack it always seems to do after cutscenes, and dies to the laser, it kills me on Nezha through Warding Halo or Iron Skin on Rhino, the only Warframe I've found that actually seems to live through it is Nyx with her Absorb up, but the mobility you lose makes it not worth it, I do the fight with Zephyr purely to move around the map easily, and it's not a problem at all, you just eat the occasional 1shot and move on with your life.
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