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  1. The melee nerfs feel bad, but effectively the only thing they will change is making the weapons that were "good enough because all melee weapons are good" not feel good enough anymore, and the best weapons will stay usable, once again having the opposite effect of their stated goal, it will only narrow the meta in terms of melee. The gun buffs will make guns better, but the move to making so many buffs "On kill" mechanics feels really ill-advised, it will work fine in most mission types, but for certain types, where it's often quite important, your "on kill" buffs just won't be active, when
  2. I have doubts that invigorations will lead to a world where people "require" them like so many people seem to think will happen, what content in this game has that much organization? Maybe if raids actually make a comeback, or there was a reason to actually care about eidolons again, but until then, that seems unlikely. That said, I still think they're a terrible idea. Why give up permanent resources for a temporary random buff, even if it's something that's nearly perfect, I'll just have a horrible feelsbad when the week long buff is over, not to mention often it encouraging me to rework m
  3. For the power fantasy, which is why it's so annoying when they make what I'm chasing feel bad again.
  4. I haven't noticed a specific pattern in terms of what mission types, it seems to happen frequently regardless of mission type when playing with my friend, however, if we queue from the dojo instead of orbiter, it doesn't seem to occur, hope this helps.
  5. Do you not see the irony of overreacting to people overreacting?
  6. This, I don't know how they managed to make the worst intrinsic in the game even worse. *Slowclap* To clarify, there's a lot to like here in this workshop, and only a few things I view as mistakes but, wow, this one is just realllllly far off the mark, I mean wow.
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