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  1. Any word on an Atlas Re-re-visit? Titania/Nyx/Ember/Vauban REWORK WHEN
  2. Before fortuna came out, they said we were going to get companions 2.0. They've been silent on it for an ungodly amount of time. Either its canned or it's not coming for a while. Seeing how DE said we were going to have damage mods removed and mandatory mods removed, and never followed through with that, its hella possible they canned this plan.
  3. Link Health, Link Armor, Link Shields need to be passive.
  4. Not touching Hallowed Reckoning was a huge mistake. Not a good augment, either let it be effected by range, or give it invunerability.
  5. This tactical alert isn't fun or rewarding.
  6. Bring back being able to equip melee! having both quick swap to full melee and hold weapon swap to melee is not problematic! Block combos, aim gliding, and manual block are (near) impossible now!
  7. true. i also wish she could armor strip enemies, or something. i mean fire not melting metal? ok
  8. maybe she shouldn't take fire dmg? or maybe the procs from her abilities do no dmg at all for her? idk just a thought
  9. cant find, what augments got buffed?
  10. her passive = her on fire, like i said, if her abilities lit her on fire, her passive would be great.
  11. Her passive is great, ember being able to take fire damage isnt though. Why does a warframe that is onfire take fire dmg at all? If her powers could light her on fire her passive would be good. It's cool to abuse the passive but it has no use, giving it a use is cool but its not practical.
  12. Look at nidus' first abilitiy... Much more dmg capability than anything in her kit. She's all about offense that requires debuff but she doesn't have any at her disposal. She sacrifices defense of any kind for offense, but fails at offense. Try using ember against infested.. It's a combo that should work, but doesn't at all. They have resistance to her fire through ancients and eximus... She's okay at trash mobs but I fail to see her being of use without her augments. I really used to like ember back in the day, her concept is still cool, her powers look cool, but they don't do enough. I really dont think she's good for offense really, she falls off, I call her a CC warframe because every other wf based around dmg outclasses her.
  13. The way I used to use ember's passive was, -dmg + status duration Javlok riven, They removed self dmg on javlok's primary, so its now secura penta + napalm grenades + cautious shot. I've got 18 seconds with my riven and continuous misery. It's really nice, but her kit still lacks, I need 3 augments to find use, because she has no defense, not enough dmg, so its just a struggle of falling back on firequake and my allie's .
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