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  1. Personally I want to see Dual Zoren, Karyst Prime, Strun Prime, Daikyu Prime or Attica Prime
  2. you don't see anything to fix? Lordy lord
  3. Corinth Acri-Critadax + 75.6% Status Chance + 87.5% Critical Damage + 84.1% Critical Chance -58.2% Ammo Maximum trading for a rubico riven equal in value. OR a Bronco Riven with Multishot and Status chance reply here or PM for link
  4. reply or PM me ingame cookieknife Corinth Acri-Critadex +75.6% Status Chance +86.5% Critical Damage +81.1 Critical Chance -58.2 Ammo Max 1400p
  5. Yo buff Phaedra! It's still useless in space!! Oh my god
  6. Buying max Arcane Avenger please reply or message in game
  7. Can we please make titania's archwing an auxillary slot?? I understand it's for her warframe's theme, but it's so annoying to see!
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