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  1. Anyone having this problem? I even have a lure and I can't find any Common Avichaea.....
  2. I'm just saying it, locking content behind this boring bland CHORE of a minigame is a mistake. DE really could have done their open world right, but they're making their glaring mistakes mandatory chores now... Why can't we just hack and slash? Why do we need to pick up orbiter decorations to get passed content walls? Really no option to trade tokens or buy components? Can we just all acknowledge this game mode makes NO SENSE? I understand it's some half-baked attempt at giving the open worlds life, but why are robot space ninjas bringing home decorations
  3. 2/10, fortuna was a 3/10 they certainly lowered the bar for 2019. After POE i lost hope in DE. Love the base gameplay to death but they stopped adding to IT and keep trying to divert the players to more far shallow time sinks.
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