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  1. he has a damage buff IE good damage same goes for chroma while he is not a DPS he should not be
  2. it is an estimate and they are every 3 mounts often coensideing with the start of seasons (kina) I am expecting late September or early October because monkey boy came out in the first week of July and there is always a new prime for Christmas (I do concede that October is more likely)
  3. yep they sell the female frames over the holidays
  4. rhino has good damage better than most frames and he also has a good CC. Vauban has a useless 1 and 2 and an under tuned 3 & 4 Rhino has a ok but usefull (with augment) 1 an good defensive 2, and an ecsalent 3 and 4
  5. the next prime will come some time around September
  6. how do they get a plasmor up to LV 150 it drops of at level 80-90
  7. you can get stuff from simars that makes it cheaper and easy at MR 17 I can get 3 a day form him
  8. it is called ground effect and is used to make fast and efficient craft that can travel over most terains but they also have all of the same problems as a ground and airial vehicle so they kinda suck but have a nieshe
  9. it is more of a gound effect system than a true hover craft but yes
  10. I know the stats advantages and such as well as the odd quirk that the weapon has when modded with toxin (the viral proc is intermittent and coraspons to the stats chance) but I was talking about taking down nulifiers and the more erratic movement of the corpus forces. being harder to use the lens against than the grineer who at normal levels are one shot by it with a corrosive build unless they are a nox, manic, or have alloy armor. also runing radiation only works if you have the something to deal with the shields thanks to shields having an defense boost against that damage type.
  11. how high? also every weapon is better at killing corpus thanks to their lack of armor. it lacks the status needed to make a gas build good but I can see that it drops off at higher levels I find that it does better against grineer (I play sub LV 100 thanks to my lower power weapons) than the corpus tanks to the low fire rate and nulifiers
  12. if you are a competent player you don't need more armor or damage out put. if rhino is under tuned then Vauban definitely is I know that his kit is strong but it is lacking in comparison to other frames with similar parts in their kit hence why he needs buffs. Rhino is very good at the moment for all non endurance content (you know the entire game) unlike a cretin french man
  13. I like seeing good vubans in no kill modes like excavation and mobile defence
  14. how so? I find it quite good at grineer killing.
  15. well the new mode incentives CC to an extent but the way vuban works he is not as badly hurt by nuliiers as some frames are but he is still screwed over by ability immunity a frame damage immunity and CC resistance would be better similar to how ability resistance works on bosses
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