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  1. those bounties need a cleaner drop table (Cetus does too but it is not as bad) remove the relics and add the arc-gun mods to the profit taker as a drop chance and have in drop the gravimag components like it was a boss frame. also they all dorp in groups 5 for the comon 4 for the uncomon 3 for the rare
  2. atmo system drop in packs of 3 or 4 it is not that hard but expect to do a quite a few runs for them. I would suggest alternating between the T2 vox bounty and the orb fight so that it never becomes monotonous. it will take some time to do but after that ranking up is a sinch especially with the exploiter fight dropping 24k standing a run right now. (you will want to save 8 for hildrin)
  3. If the fractures event is fust like Valis ghouls then I would consider he an easier farm than trinity, mesa, saryn, nidus, harrow.
  4. you can use plates but that test is easy. make sure that nothing touches a plate, and then just stand on the plate they make a noise when their are about to fall. also, plan a route through the test as this will save you time. one more thing I would suggest that you take an accurate large magazine weapon. personally, I used the stradavar in semi-auto or the latron wraith (20 rounds is all you need for that test) on mag where I added every enemy sense mod I had (this lets you know where the enemies are I would keep the full map out as well as it helps with navigation and enemy location). one more thing the catch moon/arca plasmor with a turbulence Zephyr should be able to do the test no problem.
  5. had a similar (just with the Valk prime chassi) problem however I bought the part from another player instead of fighting RNG. do remember that trade is an option and that the nami skyla is not that expensive on PC it is only 10p or about 2 sets of primed junk. I would recommend Warframe.market
  6. no that is a real concern on some weapons now with the high-status chance it is less of a problem. however, it is the reason that I don't use HM builds on my rubico for HM to get the full effect you want a viral proc at the same time the rubico does not have a reliable proc rate for viral and has enough damage and fire rate to not need HM. However, my statement was to why fire rate is important not as the weather the Prisma grinlok shoot's to slowly. to make my statement clearer lets take a weapon with 100% status chance and an RPM of 1 and compare it to a gun with a fire rate of 10 and a status chance of 10% that equates to both guns have an equal status rate. that is why the Baza despite its low base status can use a status build. as it has an insane firer rate. it is also why despite is low fire rate that the Lanka can be used as a status weapon in some instances. additionally, corosive wants a high-status application rate while Viral and slash only need an application rate of about 1 every 8 or so seconds. this combined with the slash based damage and decent modded crit chance make the weapon stats wise part of the upper B or lower A tire weapons. however I have not used it yet and will need to make a full build to know the quality of said weapon.
  7. but aplication rate is. with a low application rate, you increase the likelihood that one of the 2 needed procs wheres out
  8. have you used the back combo? that one is wide fast horizontal slashes, similar can be said for the block combo. I will agree it pales in comparison to the grace of the other combos but it is far stronger and easyer to use. (expecily the old quick melee RIP.)
  9. now you just start a full melee. I do the same thing (I have a spam macro set on it as well) but you will likely want to use a different stance depending on how you use melee. if you melee a lot I would suggest twirling spire otherwise use whatever.
  10. un till the fourth attack the reason I suggest twirling is because it has better flow than the other melee stances but overall yes the new melee system is a bit of a nerf to poler arms.
  11. ^this^ information is power and players that have knowledge of the market are less likely to be scammed
  12. the old quick melee and the first 3 attacks of shimmering blights and bleeding willow's spam combo are the same the problem is the fourth attack on both is a hard stop. I am recommending twirling spire because the combos flow into each other. now if all you do is use it to break crates then that is fine but if you want to use melee nither shimmering blight nor bleeding willow are very good for that.
  13. this gives it the spam combo form twirling spire. depends on the combo you use the block and back combos aren't stabs but the spam and walk are
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