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  1. nah melee was always on another tire the just tuned it so that melee was better balanced against its self rifles need a buff and half of the kuva weapons are over tuned
  2. pyrol is common but all of the good stuff needs it.
  3. dont for get an Oberon to make the kills even faster
  4. it has AOE and balanced stats have you even used it not only that it does similar damage to the gratler or ayanga but has the sustained fire of the imperator
  5. my bad they should just add language to it then
  6. the rare one it is supposed to deal finish damage and stun enemies evidently it does not.
  7. you will want to keep one of each any way all of the cats are good and 2 of the dogs are good while the third is buged
  8. one issue the mualson is not an HMG but falls into the same class as the gratler and the kuva aynga it is an Auto cannon and a light one at that that does not mean that it is weak it is not it just is not an HMG if you compare it to the weapons of the same class it has less AOE and lower burst traded for better sustain and a nuke for an alt even its stats are more closely aliened to the autocanons which all have balanced stats and a fire rate some where between the gratler and the ayanga
  9. yep at rank 30 they are worth 10 tokens each (also for general standing mother tokens are more than enough
  10. a chat warning would be nice but my issue is the tool that wants to leave but stays in the squad and forces the team to leave with them
  11. if this was the case i would have them be far more expensive than the standard augment mod is from the syndicates
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