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  1. they also don't get plat coupons they instead get Item coupons. the plus for them is when they get an update it is not a broken mess but they have to deal with bad economy longer than we do switch might be in a sweet spot where the worst of the economy problems are fixed before they get the patch.
  2. there is a lead indicator the photors also rely on tracking but if your are bouncing about dispersion covers for errors made due to vectoring photors are grate for the pilot because you don't need to turn as much to target the enemy none the less, different strokes for different folks
  3. I agree that cryos suck on the sides but the photor is hard to use if the pilot is over using the dodge as it will throw off your aim and without dispersion to help it is very hard to keep them on target
  4. fine but crew ships still take less time to kill than the 90 someting fighter I know that pub teams often foget to go kill them but the side gunners offer 2x more DPS than the pilot for the same cost
  5. that is why the photors are a poor choice for side gunners it is far easier for them to lead then the pilot and thanks to the dispersion of the auto cannons vectored maneuvers affect their aim less than with the photors which are nigh on impossible to use as side guns
  6. photors are a bad choice for side guns but good for the pilot I personally used the carcinax on the turrets and photors on the pilot they are far to percice for use on the side turets why don't you want them to be in the turrets that is where they are the most useful unless they are using the archwing cannon to kill the crew ships which is a small percentage of the game compared to fighter killing.
  7. this is the enharent problem you should be bringing you rail jack if you have it full specked out like you say but do upgrade the side turrets before the pilot guns because good side guns are needed to keep team mates on them
  8. you mean them requiring that you complete the mission to get intrinsics preventing the abuse of mechanics? that is less of a Nerf than a exploit fix
  9. plinx, bosted base damage and magsize Exergis, more shards, and 45% status chance Penta, more more crit chance, crit damage, and base damage lenz, boosted draw speed and quiver count an arch gun that is effectively a massive laser cannon (think even heavier version of the opticor vandal)
  10. not disagreeing there they need to fix the bug and give the big gun some better optics
  11. that is fine by me I play rail jack because I like to play rail jack that is a you problem I enjoy it
  12. do you mean that the intrinsic buffs are not worth it? or that the related rail jack grind is to large? because I fully disagree with you especially with how fast you can get intrinsics with out trying
  13. ohh that is is better than the sigma variant the carcinax has anoher use it is good for armor striping crew ships to make the big gun effective against them
  14. I use her for that passive to be honest I just wish that it did more than just made her floaty it should also extend the aim glide, jump height... she at the very least needs the Gauss QOL on her 1 and a replacement for her 2 (that and if her hover was better more players would use it.)
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