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  1. (XB1)No Porpoise

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    I think this is wise. Even if something went wrong, DE is on weekend now. Hopefully thousands of people aren’t just SoL
  2. (XB1)No Porpoise

    XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0

    W-what? Can't tell if irony.
  3. (XB1)No Porpoise

    XB1 Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.17.0

    It isn’t out. We don’t even have plague star yet. Khora and onslaught is two updates away
  4. (XB1)No Porpoise

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Hahahahaha What? How is Umbra not LITERALLY a compromise? Let me get this straight, you don't want Excalibur to get a universal prime. That's cool, I agree there. But you also want him to be excluded from the entirely new series of umbra frames too? And somehow everyone else is unwilling to compromise? I'm sorry you feel like people are "going after founders," but founders themselves aren't the problem. It is specifically your attitude towards the rest of the player base. I'm sorry you can't look closely enough at Umbra to see the NUMEROUS differences between the two frames. I hope, for the love of god, that when Umbra comes out, Prime gets a decent buff, but honestly, I don't think you care about the usability of it in the first place. You literally just don't want other people to have nice things and that is pretty lame of you. You have it in your head that the majority of the player base doesn't respect the founders. What you aren't realizing is that what you actually want is for the majority of the player base to respect you the way YOU want them to- i.e. if they want Umbra, that must mean that they are coming for your founder status. Believe it or not, respect of the founders has nothing to do with it at all. Most of the founders that I have met, thankfully, continued to care about the game at large afterwards, and not just themselves. Take a long hard look at yourself and ask what you are bringing to the table NOW. You know what? I hadn't even heard of Warframe 5 years ago. I wasn't around back then. I play on console, where there are no founders. Your "legacy" is pretty meaningless to me. I can respect the players that supported the game I now love when it was in its infancy, but I'm not going to deify them. Whatever you think you were promised (it wasn't that Excalibur would never receive a global upgrade), DE has promised a lot more people Umbra. To not deliver at this point because you feel like your exclusive bauble is threatened would be the farthest thing from "good for the community." If it were up to me, Excalibur Prime would receive a sizeable buff with the release of The Sacrifice and all founders would receive an alternate helmet and an exclusive armor set to compensate. If DE does more than just port Umbra from chinaframe, I think a lot of this disagreement could be put to rest. Perhaps Umbras could have reworked passive abilities to further separate them from Primes? Excal could get some minor stealth tools, Frost Umbra could be a quicker CC frame, Volt could be tankier, etc.
  5. (XB1)No Porpoise

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Umbra is absolutely not a recolor of prime. A non-founder cannot apply excal prime's helmet or skin to excal umbra. Excalibur umbra is, and I don't know if you are ignoring this on purpose, a completely separate warframe from which you can get 6000 more MR. It has a different helmet, different golden baubles, a scarf, and an entire questline.
  6. (XB1)No Porpoise

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    This is ridiculous to me. Excal Umbra isn't Excal Prime. They don't even look the same. The Prime is staying exclusive, and will almost certainly remain that way forever. Everyone else is getting Umbra specifically BECAUSE founders tend toward this sort of rhetoric of "I can only enjoy the game if others enjoy it less than me." To whine about Umbra is some serious next level entitlement.
  7. I’ve been reflecting on this update a lot over the last few days and I just wanted to let you guys know how warm and fuzzy this makes me feel. I live in Oklahoma, where our teachers are on strike because our state government cares more about private prisons and oil than it does about educating its children. We, the people, keep gathering in droves, begging for change, only for our legislators to turn a deaf ear or even mock our efforts. Meanwhile, here on these forums and in your livestreams, we have our voices heard. I don’t know if our humble thread actually influenced your decision to release more old tennogen, but as an Xbox player that has wanted the Frost Summit helmet from the start, I am over the (Orokin) moon will happiness. Tfw no Digital Extremes government Thanks again @[DE]Megan , @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Danielle and everyone else for giving us an awesome game and an awesome community!
  8. Frost summit helmet! Take my money!!!!
  9. (XB1)No Porpoise

    Favens Doodlebox. Limbo WIP.

    I actually agree with this sentiment. While Ash might make sense with a hood, grineer ash doesn't really. Especially when the unit that drops his parts is a grineer unit. Not drawing inspiration from the manic at least a little bit would be a missed opportunity imo. The last frame I can think of that might make sense with a hood would be Frost when you get around to redesigning his helmet.
  10. (XB1)No Porpoise

    Xbox One Prestige Collection Available Now!

    I bought this and did not recieve a jade liset skin. I have no option to select a skin for my liset and it isn't appearing anywhere in my inventory.
  11. (XB1)No Porpoise

    Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    Are there any plans to release another wave of steam exclusive tennogen to consoles? If not, could something like this happen if there were enough demand for it? How would the community go about showing said demand, if it were to exist?