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  1. I agree. There's a bunch of problem with the current unvaulting : - There's too many prime frame : 2 unvault per year of 2/3 frames on a 25ish roaster: that's ways too few. Put the number of rotation at 5 years to get everything. - Some people like me are only interested by the prime accesories (as I have all the prime weapon/warframe) that's mean that I'm out of luck to get any of those. I think DE shall rework the unvault at this point, like unvault 6 frame instead of 2 every 6 months or something else.
  2. I would prefer a choice between 3 mission with different type(not 3 defences) per hour, when you get your first reward in it: it's done no more choice.
  3. So as the title suggest Arbitration tends to have a LOT of survival and very few other type of mission is that normal ?
  4. Yup we devolved in that. See for myself I hate Hyldrin character design and 4th ability. I'm gonna make a thread to have her reworked and changed to fit my taste.
  5. Another one on Pacific Earth /rescue grineer ship tileset. I got the bug every time (4 time) some as host some as client. It always happen on one of the last door toward the extract. From an host perspective : the door is open no issue. The others player will bump into an invisible wall From the client perspective : the door is just shut but then can see the host going through it.
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