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  1. Meanwhile. This is still an issue that I will keep bringing up until it gets fixed.
  2. Hmmmm... Fixing all of this would be appreciated.
  3. You all are acting like stuck up brats. Calm thy tits and wait. I saw someone saying that they've been promising this quest for 3 years..... No? One at the very least. They showed the first teaser last TennoCon.
  4. I'm lowkey hoping it will come on Friday... thats the day where most if not all games do their grand updates... Though I'm happy I won't need to leave my Twitch open on some WF partners stream to get the drops today. That pain can be left on the Weekend possibly.
  5. The ones I'll definitely be using is the Orokin one (1st in the bottom left corner), and what i would assume is the Stalker one (Next to to the Orokin one)
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