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  1. 20k -> 40k Depending on tiers + combo
  2. Lunaro Training/Practice Mode Crashes when trying to launch
  3. 😞 Don't think DE will fix this anytime soon, I already posted about lunaro in bug report and one of the hotfix forums. With fortuna releasing soon, it might be even longer for lunaro to get fixed. I just hope they'll fix it one day.
  4. Active playerbase is still quite small, but it's the most active of the 4 PvP modes.
  5. Reread your first post slowly. It said nothing about conclave active playerbase but rather it needing changes/fixes.
  6. Lunaro was fine before the update. The mode itself doesn't even require maintainence to keep it as it is. However the last update bugged it out despite no change/fix being directed to the it besides the team flags. I have no clue on the issues/bugs on the other 3 modes. But lunaro was didn't need any fix before the update came.
  7. Lunaro needs fixes. -Player crashing when picking up ball after a goal -Checking is now doubled the distance and speed -Ball hits warframe when thrown directly in front and weird ball physics since Chimera
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