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  1. That isn't bad, but it's still only about the same as a regular mod. Compare it to Point Strike which is +150% CC and Vital Sense at 120% CD. That riven is basically the two of them rolled into one and then divided by two, so it'd only really be useful if you can find room to fit all three of these crit mods (Point Strike, Vital Sense, and the riven), which is extremely difficult. So unless you're running a build for Chroma where you strip out Serration and Heavy Caliber (since they don't stack well with Vex Armor) and have plenty of mod slots for the riven, it's just an easily replaceable mod.
  2. Mastery Rank on weapons and frames restrict trading and crafting of the items, including the trading of the blueprints for MR locked primes. If you obtain a fully built weapon through other means (giveaways like Twitch Prime, quest rewards like the Broken War, and platinum purchases), then you can use the weapon regardless of your MR. If you were able to craft the Akmagnus at MR 3, it sounds like a bug as you should not be able to.
  3. You can always just spam ammo restores in the ultra-rare case where you're using a bullet hose that Carrier can't refill.
  4. Arcane Guardian, Arcane Grace for high Health frames, Barrier/Aegis for Hildryn, and resist arcanes are always useful for certain content (entering a Rad [Hazard] sortie? bring an Arcane Healing or two!)
  5. Ah. I never saw it mentioned in the patch notes, so I didn't it got reverted back. Good to know.
  6. Ignis rivens aren't worthless, but it takes a really good roll for one to be better than a regular mod. That isn't a really good roll, or even a good one as status duration and cold damage do not go together well. The Ballistica and Harpak rivens are fine. Ballistica has one great stat and two ok ones (I think, never really used the weapon so not sure how good fire rate and reload feel on it), and the Harpak has two great stats and one useless (max ammo is garbage). That's all above average as far as riven rolls go, but I don't use either weapon or have a good idea of how they are generally. Neither is likely to be worth much as I do not believe the weapons are popular.
  7. My question to you would be, why do you want to use your Warframe arcane slots to buff your primary/secondary? In most cases, the extra conditional buffs are unnecessary for a properly modded weapon to kill the majority of enemies. And if you're dealing with high enough level enemies that it is no longer the case, then oftentimes survivability is a larger concern. So to give a proper answer requires more information, including what frames you like using, what missions are a concern, and how you play. But I can tell you that the only weapon-buffing warframe arcanes I use is... none, actually, since Velocity got nerfed to no longer apply with Mesa's Peacemaker. And the only one I use that triggers from weapons is Consequence, cuz gotta go fast (and get stuck on terrain, thus negating the benefit of going fast).
  8. Nope, still works for me. Turned in one normal Red Veil Mark after using up all my daily rep and got 500.
  9. The only real basic rule of thumb is that variants of weapons are strictly better than the basic versions. This includes Primes, Vandals, Wraiths, Prismas, and the Syndicate weapons. Note that this doesn't mean that all variants are good weapons (*cough* Twin Vipers Wraith). As for Hek and Tigris, both are quite bad at dealing with crowds. Hek is slightly better due to the double magazine size and lack of duplex trigger, but a magazine size of 4 and a long reload time of 2.0s is still quite bad at killing lots of enemies.
  10. FYI: you can leave things completed in the Foundry indefinitely. At one point, I had over 30 completed weapons and frames unclaimed in the foundry and even more blueprints that were awaiting resources (mostly stuff that requires Cryotic, Nitain, or Argon). But yes, early progression will artificially time-gate you between build times and MR test daily restriction. It doesn't take that long to get past it, but if you want immediate gratification starting from MR 0, then you'll have to look elsewhere. Warframe has tons of other things to do though, of which the biggest at the start is just getting through the star chart. Game mechanics also tend to be poorly explained in-game (if at all), so I highly recommend making significant use of out-of-game resources (eg. the wikia) or asking questions in regional chat or other Warframe communities (eg. this forum, the subreddit).
  11. In today's Linea (Venus) | Extermination sortie, we got to the extraction with ~150/187 enemies killed while killing everything on the way. Then had to wait another 10 minutes for enemies to slowly spawn in to get 30 more kills.
  12. Duality is fine. This is a clear PEBKAC issue. If you search for just a little, you might find posts like:
  13. Regulators (and all other exalted weapons) don't show up until you hit level 10 for the first time on that specific frame. After that they'll remain available for modding even after forma'ing to rank 0.
  14. There's bounty matchmaking for it. Talk to Konzu at night, select the "Eidolon Teralyst" option, make sure you're on public matchmaking, and enter the plains.
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