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  1. corallein

    profit taker weapon loadout

    I run (with Chroma Prime): Supra Vandal: Puncture, Radiation, Cold (plus minor amount of slash) Catchmoon: Impact, Magnetic, Heat Melee: Slide crit polearm zaw to kill adds Corvas: Max radiation to one-shot everything after the shields The weapons are set up that way because Cold is the Primed mod for rifles and Heat the Primed mod for secondaries, so that maximizes the third element damage on those and balances them out as much as possible. Also cold, magnetic, and impact get bonus shield damage. Also, I have decent rivens for Supra Vandal and Catchmoon, which is why those weapons.
  2. corallein

    Profit Taker Bounty Missions? Where are they?

    Facing Eudico, it's straight ahead a bit to the right. Requires Old Mate rep with Solaris United. Edit: You can also fast travel to Little Duck now, and it's in the same room.
  3. corallein

    Actual weapon meta for the Profit Taker fight?

    Chroma with Corvas can one-shot every limb -- no charge, no forma, only potato. Imperator Vandal is apparently also good, but I don't have one.
  4. corallein

    Riven mod challenge help

    You don't have to do it in a single wall latch; you just can't touch the ground (or any other horizontal surface).
  5. corallein

    Rubico riven with rad ele replace the ele mod?

    Just keep the Hellfire. Why would you want to replace it? Aren't you one or two-shotting the limbs anyway? If it's two, then at most maybe you should consider fire rate in Gunslinger or something and see if you can still kill it in two shots.
  6. At MR 12, almost everything is available. The stuff that isn't that I'd recommend are: Tigris Prime (MR 13), Opticor (MR 14), Tiberon Prime (14), Galatine Prime (13), Supra Vandal (14), and Vectis Prime (14). Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime are vaulted, so possibly unfarmable, but are still not too expensive to due to abundance of supply of their relics and parts (<50p for a set). But there's tons of good weapons in the game, and they all vary in situations in which they excel and also there's a ton of personal preference in them. So without more information, my recommendation would just be to look at and try stuff out. Also, primes are not necessarily better than other, non-primed weapons. For example, Dread is as good and usable as any of the prime bows, and Lenz is one of the best weapons in the entire game even if it functions completely differently than any other bow.
  7. Capturing an eidolon (I'm assuming Teralyst) does not inherently give any focus aside from what you get from normal affinity gains and focus lenses. And the fight gives very little affinity, so you'll barely be getting any focus that way. What it does give is a Brilliant Eidolon Shard which you can convert into 25k focus for the school of your choice (Operator > Focus > [Select school] > Focus Conversion). I do not know if you can use it for focus schools that you haven't unlocked yet. The other eidolons (Gantulyst and Hydrolyst) also drop Radiant Eidolon Shards, which are worth 40k focus.
  8. Yes, after all Virtuous Fury is a great arcane that increases your damage on Amp status procs. But the Shwaak Prism has a guaranteed impact proc anyway.
  9. The Certus Brace looks useful. 8% more crit for 10% less status chance than the Lohrin. All the prisms look like MR fodder, and the arcanes look bad. And Baruuk is also 6k MR, and he doesn't seem that bad to build -- Profit Taker with a resource booster is 12k rep per run.
  10. No, but you can keep building forma daily from the mobile app.
  11. corallein

    Discord nitro rewards.

    If you have a Steam install: Create a shortcut to the launcher, add "-cluster:public -registry:Discord" to the target/command-line. If you have a standalone install: Create a shortcut to the launcher, add "-registry:Discord" to the target/command-line.
  12. That's an entire 11 months ago! The change to exalted weapons to completely split out their modding was in May or June.
  13. corallein

    Mesa relics on Ostron/Fortuna bounties

    I got lucky and got 3 out of the 4 parts and the first or second runs for each of the relics. Then since I didn't get lucky with the last one (Systems, 0/3 on radshares), I just bought it with plat from selling multiple Chassis since Syndicate relic pack rng gave me 7 Axi H4s. So no, it's not that hard if you're willing to make use of trading. Even if I didn't get lucky, it wouldn't have been hard to get the other parts since the BP is an uncommon drop and the Neuroptics is on a rare on a Lith relic.
  14. corallein

    The Prophet Taker Phase 1, Fish for clues

    I used the Stunna and had no problems. Just tossed in Luminous Fish Dye and caught 3 scrubber/mirewinders. It just sounds like it's buggy.