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  1. Founders with both Excaliber Prime and Lato Prime can get 9k extra mastery, so 5873 for them.
  2. This. I got up to 55m and between that and daily sorties and occasional Profit-Taker runs, I still have 45m right now. And we'll likely have another double credit weekend some time in March, so maybe I'll get to 100 million credits.
  3. In a way, yes. The sigil bonuses also apply to the base rep rewards from Syndicate missions, which bypass the cap if you get to the cap before doing the missions. Otherwise all the rep gained, including any extra from sigils or mission bonus, subtracts from the daily cap amount.
  4. Unless you really want the status chance, the Dmg + CD is going to add much more damage than +CC. On the other hand, -44% magazine size actually sucks a fair bit and -infested damage is a pretty unimpactful negative. So I'd probably go with +SC, +CC, -Infested even though I think it's close. Edit: I confused ammo max and magazine size. -Ammo max is also an unimpactful negative. Just go for the damage.
  5. Farm for Harrow and you'll get Ash along the way.
  6. 2 minutes is a long time. If I keep anyone waiting for even a minute, I fully expect for them to ignore my invitation. Also, the situation is not clear. You were the seller, and he was the buyer? Was there any communication between you two besides the dojo invite? Normally, if I try to buy from someone who is in a mission, they reply to me and ask if I can wait. If I don't get any sort of response from them in a reasonable time (30s or so) I move on to the next seller, and also assume that there is no point in communicating with them if I do find another seller. Then again, I also don't invite sellers to my dojo unbidden. That's just weird and presumptuous.
  7. Tripping the alarm only affects the objective xp bonus for hacking the data vault. Also if you trip the alarm in all 3 vaults, you'll have an additional exterminate objective to complete.
  8. Were you dying to the dropship? The dropship turrets are always insanely powerful, even more so than Ambulas, and will respawn if you kill them. I always try to stay out of their range or hidden behind a box.
  9. You still gain Mastery points even if you're leveling weapons/frames/other stuff while deadlocked on a mastery test from failing it. When you finally pass the test, you'll find that you're already part of the way to the next Mastery Rank.
  10. Oh, huh. For some reason I thought all the Kitguns had the same crit/SC rate entirely dependent on the loader. I stand corrected. I still would not regard crit as required on a Rattleguts riven as it is an automatic weapon with decent fire rate. 95% crit is still really good. +DMG, +MS, +CC, and +CD are all top-tier desired stats for a crit Rattleguts build, with stuff like Fire Rate and elemental damage types being a tier below (FR is still great IMO because I love Pax Charge). Also, all damage stats have diminishing returns on themselves (eg. the second +100% of a stat adds less percentage wise to the total damage than the first 100%). It's just that +DMG has it the worst because additive damage buffs from abilities are a thing, Chroma's Vex Armor being the primary example of it.
  11. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Archwing#Arch-Gun Generally speaking, from Archwing missions and enemies. Some mods also drop from various Cetus Bounties or Incursions. Profit Taker bounties also drop some Archwing mods. Relevantly: Electrified Barrel is best obtained from Incursion Rotation C (tier 4/5 bounty level). Combustion Rounds drops mostly from Dregs, which are common Grineer AW enemies. Magma Chamber and Charged Bullets (and the other 60/60 mods) are dropped by Profit-Taker itself. Rubedo Barrel, Parallax Scope, Automatic Trigger, and Hollowed Bullets are fairly common and cheap mods as they either have pretty high drop rates or drop from Corpus AW enemies (with Salacia being the goto mission for leveling AW stuff, and Corpus AW missions being way friendlier for killing stuff). The other 120% elemental mods are also frequent drops. None of the other Archgun mods are really relevant, or are too RNG and expensive to acquire (like Sabot Rounds, Dual Rounds).
  12. There are 22 Prime frames. 7 are not vaulted, 5 are currently or recently unvaulted or recently vaulted (in the past 3 months), and 10 are not recently available. Assuming an average price of 100p for not vaulted or recently/currently available (possibly a little high) and 250p (possibly a little low, but Trinity Prime is pretty cheap and should drag it down) for vaulted frames, it's around 3700p to purchase all prime frames. So 3k-4k is probably an accurate price range for it. Edit: there are actually 23, but one is Excalibur Prime; so only 22 are purchasable.
  13. Health Conversion is a great mod for Nekros as he constantly generates health orbs that you can pick up for extra armor. A fairly standard tank Nekros build is something like: Health Conversion, Vitality, Equilibrium, Shield of Shadows. Then you have a bunch of options depending on what route you want to go. Despoil makes sure you can always pick up health orbs. Power Strength and Duration make your shadows stronger and extend their life respectively. Synth Fiber can be tossed on your sentinel for a way to always pick up health orbs. High(er) Duration and Efficiency are good if you choose to not use Despoil; Efficiency is normally a dump stat when you do use it. Natural Talent greatly speeds up the casting of Shield of Shadows, which is otherwise very slow. I would not recommend using Flow as Nekros is not a heavy ability-usage frame and does not run Quick Thinking -- the only things you do are keep up 3 and 4, and then used 1 or 2 when you need to get yourself off of full energy. Aura-wise I would always recommend CP. Nekros should have little need of trickle energy regen with all the energy orb drops, and if you somehow get drained of energy and end up in a pinch, it will be much faster to drop a pizza.
  14. You can get Rattleguts to 100% crit chance with just Primed Pistol Gambit if you go for a crit-heavy Splat or Killstream build with lower SC. +Dmg is a great stat and +Fire Rate is a decent stat, so that's a decent Riven. You are unlikely to get a better roll without a significant Kuva invested that you probably can't afford yet. And if 7k is too much of an investment at the moment for you, it's perfectly acceptable to leave it 1 or 2 ranks short of max, which is a significantly lower cost with the majority of the benefits.
  15. You can learn to work around it. There's always areas where it can shoot anything incoming just fine. Eris infested tilesets are the worst because all the infested growths clog the hallways and add random geometry, but fortunately infested themselves run straight at you and are super easy to kill. The ability to kill 3 or 4 enemies in one shot makes for the additional movement to take good angles on your shots so that you don't clip environmental geometry. I've never not been able to make it work in a map. You can even look at how easily the projectile dissipates as a plus. The fact that aiming just wrong through a door will cause it to clip the door frame means that if you do aim right, it will murder anything and everything in the doorway. So just aim in the center of the door and let loose. Edit: and if you're trying to shoot someone in cover, you always want to aim further out than you would with other guns. So if they're crouching behind a railing, aim higher so it doesn't clip the railing and instead clips their head.
  16. So I went and tested my Catchmoon build against 160 Corrupted Heavy Gunners, swapping out Primed Heated Charge with the toxin 90% mod for Corrosive. With a +CC, +Dmg riven and Corrosive Projection, it took 12-13 shots to kill one enemy. And when I say "one", I really mean 4 or 5, because that's how many it can hit at a time. My Rattleguts build (with Riven) took about 2/3 a clip to kill one. Granted, it's a crit build and not suited for stripping armor, but if you really want to strip armor, you should be running more CP. 3 or 4 CP and Catchmoon will probably one-shot all level 160 enemies. But seriously, all you naysayers are completely ignoring the fact that Catchmoon has a wide projectile with infinite enemy punch through. Yes, if you try to use Catchmoon on POE you'll have a worse time with the longer engage distances. Yes, it's effing annoying when you hit a random tree branch or protruding steel beam and the projectile vanishes. Yes, if you try to solo a high level endless mission for a few hours it will start sucking just like every other non-status weapon. But the Catchmoon is fantastic in 99% of the content if you can get used to its quirks. Well, maybe not against high-level non-Fortuna Corpus content where nullifier bubbles are everywhere.
  17. What? I kill level 100 grineer in an elemental enhancement sortie in one shot (two or three for Heavy Gunners) with my standard Catchmoon build that I didn't bother taking the elemental mods off. Plus Catchmoon has innate infinite punch through (until it hits some random piece of geometry that stops it dead in its tracks), so it's amazing for Arbitrations to shoot down drones through a mass of bodies. Admittedly, my Catchmoon riven has a better roll than my Rattleguts riven, but I'm not giving up the infinite punch through. And if you have issues with armor you can just run more CP.
  18. With the same general build as the Corvas (except with Shell Rush), I found that the Velocitus does not one-shot the limbs if it doesn't crit due to its innate Magnetic damage being bad against alloy armor. Add on the charge time on the shot and the fact that you're still vulnerable to knockdowns while charging and I can kill all 4 limbs and the body with the Corvas in the same time it took to kill two limbs with the Velocitus, even with one-shots. This is because with the Corvas, you can easily stand underneath the Profit-Taker and shoot everything from one spot while if you tried to do that with the Velocitus, you're likely to get knocked down during the charge and kill nothing.
  19. Admittedly I didn't do the hard math before my previous post. But to remedy that: A maximized Rubico riven gives +117.6% CD, +88.2% MS, +146.9% CC, and/or +88.2% elemental damage (from https://semlar.com/rivencalc/rubico prime/431). CD, MS, and CC benefits are straight forward to measure as they are straight multipliers on all damage. +88.2% MS is an increase of 46% over the standard 190% MS (Split Chamber). +146.9% CC is an increase of 55.82, or +58% from 95% CC to 150% CC. +117.6% CD brings the CD multiplier from 8.1x (Vital Sense + 50% scope bonus) to 11.63, or an increase of 43.6%. Now for elemental damage, that's more complicated. You can set a ceiling on the benefit by writing off all the mismatching damage. For instance in this case when adding heat or electric, assume that the only damage on the weapon is the +180% radiation damage from Hellfire + Stormbringer. Adding 88.2% brings it up to +268.2% radiation damage, which is an increase of 49%. However, this is strictly for the increase in radiation damage, so when you factor in the other damage types, the actual damage increase will be lower, and if you add more sources of radiation damage (eg. from 60/60 heat or electric mods) the percentage benefit decreases even further. Add on the fact that an optimal Rubico Prime will be running Primed Cryo Rounds and you end up with heat or electric almost certainly adding less overall damage than +CD on your riven (and both heat and electric is significantly worse than MS/CD/CC). What? I've never heard of that. WTF is the benefit of two Enemy Radars? The only time you ever have to hunt for Voms is for the very first lure for the Teralyst, and if you can't find enough Voms with a single radar (or even none), then I don't know what to say. If you want to argue that forma'ing for Primed Cryo Rounds is too expensive and not worth it for the damage gain, that's fine and I would even be inclined to agree after going through it myself. But having it is absolutely the optimal build.
  20. Velocitus and Fluctus are both bad arch-guns to use. The recommended ones are Imperator Vandal or Corvas. A properly modded (max radiation damage) Corvas (no forma required) one-shots (uncharged) everything with a high-strength Chroma build. You want radiation damage on your archgun as the Profit Taker has alloy armor, which is weak to radiation. For primary and secondary weapons, you want to have well covered at least 6 different types of damage between them: generally one physical, one two-element combination, and one single-element on each. Both should be crit focused as Profit-Taker is immune to all status procs. I run a Supra Vandal (Puncture, Radiation, Cold) and Catchmoon (Impact, Magnetic, Heat). Kitguns are amazing because they can reach 100%+ crit with a single primed CC mod. Melee I just run a slide-crit build to clear out enemies as it's difficult to use melee to hit Profit-Taker. I have heard of people using Redeemer Prime to add Blast damage coverage though.
  21. 227 is the meta amp now, since the Cetus Brace is a straight upgrade from the Lohrin for Eidolon hunting. For anything else: build whatever you want. Though keep in mind mixing a crit focused prism/scaffold with a non-crit focused other part is probably not ideal. Also other common-sense stuff like Cetus Brace is ideal if you want to make a crit-focused amp, Lohrin for hybrid, and definitely not Cetus for low crit amps. Also if you mix two short-range (eg. 77X) parts you'll only ever be able to hit short range, but maybe that's what you want. But most of the time you'll probably end up like me and just use 227 all the time because switching amps is annoying. Finally, a useful website for previewing builds for modular weapons like amps: https://semlar.com/ampcalc/222
  22. Hystrix doesn't work that way. It changes the elemental proc, but does not change the weapon damage in any way (except that Fire/Electric do more damage). The Hystrix does 100% IPS damage.
  23. No. They don't actually do that much damage and are incredibly clunky.
  24. Yes, that's a standard Rubico build for Chroma and Eidolons. Primed Cryo is a damage upgrade, so you should get it eventually though it is not such a huge difference that you need to fork out plat to buy it instead of just waiting for Baro to carry it. A god tier Rubico riven is +CC, +CD, +MS, -Zoom. +Heat or +Electric is also great for Rubico for eidolon hunting, and -Infested or -Corpus are also acceptable negatives. For arcanes, aside from Arcane Nullifier (if you don't trust the Harrow or don't run with a Harrow), I would say Arcane Avenger and/or Arcane Momentum. Arcane Rage is not that useful because most of the fight is shooting the limbs and not the head, and you don't want to waste your magazine on shooting an invulnerable head just to maybe proc Rage. A max ranked Cryo (and even more so for max Primed Cryo) adds more damage than Hammer Shot for the Rubico Prime. Radiation damage is worth 40% more than cold (1.75:1.25 against Alloy), so max Cryo adds the equivalent of 90/180/1.4 = ~35% radiation damage. Hammer Shot changes the CD multiplier from 8.1 to 9.9 (remember the 50% scope bonus), which is only a 22% increase. Now if you're using a Lanka, it has innate radiation damage so Cryo adds far less in comparison to the radiation damage on the weapon.
  25. Corvas is also a great Archwing weapon for taking out the legs. With a Chroma with 800%+ Vex Armor Fury bonus, it one-shots all the legs and body. You make them. Clan Dojo has a research project for Gravimags in the Tenno Lab. Complete the research, buy the reusable blueprint, then farm up the gyromag, atmo, and repeller systems to craft it. Or you can buy with plat.
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